Date of Birth of Malayalam Actors – Birthday

List of Malayalam Actors Date of Birth

Dileep / Dilip Birth Date 27th October 1968
Mammootty Birth Date 7th September 1953
Mohanlal Birth Date 21st May 1960
Prithiviraj Birth Date 16th October 1983
Sreenivasan Birth Date 4th April 1956
Suresh Gopi Birth Date 25th June 1959

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60 Responses

  1. saj :

    wat ever u said is absolutely wrong.....Bijukuttan is a versatile actor india evr produced....

  2. sabitha :

    Thanks to all of you .we are expect to more.

  3. sabitha :

    Congratulations for every hardworking for you .

  4. jaseena :

    I love mammokkaaa. Hi is an evergreen actor. He is the greatest living actor in Indian cinema

  5. ajicv :

    even after 53 years only super mega star action king Sureshgopi looks glamour and smart.he is the real hero.

  6. samar musthafa :

    I love both mohanlal and mammootty..both are great actors in malayalam film industry...they are dedicated a lot..mohanlal is a natural artist and mammootty is technical..both have their own talents and skills..they both are the boons of malayalam film industry...all the bloody fans criticising each actors remember that..hope they both wont retire and love to see both of them acting a hundred more years

  7. Rasheed :

    Sureshettaa your'is big actor the tiger of malayalam industry

  8. Aby Varghese :

    I agree that Mamooty is an evergreen actor and even though he is 60 the dedication and his persona is of a 30 year old.....but that is only confined to matured roles.......and if ur asking for an actor with personality,talent,(be it in any roles) dedication,freshness,dashing in anything that he does......a total has to be the King of Kings Laleyttan.......The rockstar.

  9. mammookka :

    mammookka is the best actor of malayalam his 60's,how awesome is his glamorus is he comparing with mohanlal of 53yrs.

  10. Fawaz :

    Super star Mammooka

  11. Arun anil :

    mammuka.........adipoli...... The universel hero.....

  12. rupa :

    now mohanlal is playing some what according to his age.mamootty uncle should also act according to his is very funny to hear him saying that 28 year old navya nair and 29 year old kavya madhavan is like his sister(62 year old mamootty's)

  13. janeesh :

    I love mammookaaaaaaa

  14. Anas ... :

    The grt legend lalettaaaaa ... m very proud of u ...

  15. sayeed musava :

    nedumudi venu is a best actor jagathi is a very best actor mammooty is great artist mohanlal is a good actor shankaradi kottarakkara and bhasi are the superb artists. sathyan and bahadur are greatest actors. saikumar prithwiraj and dillep also good.sreenivasan is an excellent actor.

  16. Love laletta :

    Universal star lalettan i love laletta

  17. Alfaris pm :

    Malayala cinimayile thararajakkanmare... Mammookka...Laletta i love you

  18. Ash :

    mamooty the gr8 kilavaneg.shuld stp acting..

  19. Jamsheer appanu :

    Hi mamooka. you are my fvrte actor (bilal jhon kurishingal)

  20. anoop :

    dileep popular star multistar king of variety prince of comedy

  21. Anas :

    Today is narian's Birthday. Happy birthday NARIAN. And I love Prithviraj. Prithveeee Umma...

  22. varun anirudhan :

    1: He is such an effortless actor so that he is able to do acting, acting and living 2: He is the finest actor 3: He is the flexible actor 4: He is the stylish actor 5: He is the actor who can act with even a single finger 6: He speaks with with his eyes 7: He is so simple to mingle with 8: He & his dialogues are so punching that our hairs will stand up...!!! 9: He is the top roll-model for every actors 10: HE = HE WHO IS HE??? EVERYONE KNOW HIM, LOVE HIM, RESPECT HIM,FANS AROUND HIM..... HE IS OUR LAALGI.... LAALETTAN....(THE GREAT AND GREATEST MOHAN LAL)

  23. tony :

    both r good

  24. salam :

    mammooka age i think 61..he is the emperor of Indian film industry... i like sreenu vasan also.......

  25. salam :

    i love mammutty and sreenuvasan

  26. shalini :

    their ages are: mammootty - 61 sreenivasan - 56 suresh gopi - 53 mohanlal - 52 dileep - 43 prithviraj - 29

  27. Bishar :

    Mammootty is no:1 actor in the world of world. mammootty is a king of king in acting. mammootty stylish man. And i like dulquar. I also like dileep. Dileep is a no.1 changin charactor that is beautyful

  28. kumar :

    Why this crazy lal's fans want to to increase mammookka's DOB even he turns 90age also he is the one & only one fresh & charming young face in malayalam film industry... we all loves our MAMMOOSSSS....

  29. madhu :

    i like prithviraj.i am one of the fan.i saw more than 20 prithviraj flims in malayalam.but i don't know how many flims he act in malayalam?

  30. sachu sajan :


  31. sujith :

    i love u dileep cheta, your performance in all the movies is amazing.. u r truely a gr8 actor.. hats- off to you .....

  32. sonakshi :

    i love uuu dilippppppp realy ur films r d amazing andddddddddddddddddddddddd super duper hero

  33. rajeesh :

    I have a good storry for prithviraj. call 09048060585

  34. Sreenu :

    Der is only 3 actors got 3 national awards in indian film history... Amitabh, kamal & one and only Mammukka... The Emperor of Indian Films...

  35. pls add :

    hai laletta i am a big fan of you lalettan is a great bigest actor of the malayalam movie HAPPY BIRTHDAY LALETTA I LOVE YOU eniyum uyarate eee kodumkattinte power

  36. Nimesh :

    MOHANLAL is the greatest living actor in Indian cinema

  37. Akshaya Lekshmi C S :

    plez.... add Nishan K P Nanaiah's date of birth.....

  38. rajesh pathanam :

    mohan lal is the legent of indian film industry,r u study to acting wana go and watch his movie how can imagine it, His acting. Live in cinima and we r life

  39. Unni :

    If there is a king in indian film industry that is mammootty only,,,,no other actors is not yet born to cross him

  40. Lakshmi :

    Iam mammookka fan he is best

  41. aryakrishna :

    prithvi my birthday is also on 16th oct.. same pinch no back pinch

  42. aryakrishna :

    prithvi ma birthdy is also on 16th oct.. sam pinch noe back pinch

  43. sibi :

    the king of malayalam film industry, the 1&only legend lalettaa........ ummmmmmmma iam a great fan of you laletta. happy birthday to you lalettaa...

  44. shilpa :


  45. sharu :


  46. sreejith.v.p :

    mohanlal is the backbone of malayalam film industry! I just cant imagine his retirment......

  47. cuckoo :

    Mammooty is the evergreen star of malayalam film industry....It doesn't matter what is his age....

  48. Vishal Sathyan :

    Yes, Mammootty is now 61. He was born on 07.09.1949. He is as old as Rajinikanth, but Rajinikanth looks atleast 10 years older. You are a blind man, who thinks that Mohanlal is now 100 years old. He is just 50, and just looks 2 years older than Mammootty.

  49. nadir :

    mammootty is evergreen actor and he is no.1 in malayalam filim

  50. Kishor :

    Mohanlal is an excellent actor and I love him

  51. Remya Sunil :

    Mammooty is a great actor - Many of his films are evergreen and fantastic !! One of the greatest ever in Indian cinema.So irrespective of his birth year, he is one of the best.

  52. crisna :

    please add me as a friend in face book

  53. crisna :

    when is salim kumars date of birth

  54. christeena :

    my favourite actor is dileep

  55. Chandana :

    I should be really sad abt suresh gopi's b'day becoz on the same day we have Michael jackson's death day i a big fan of Michael Jackson!!!!!

  56. Asarudheen :

    Add me as your friend on orkut,facebook,gtalk:

  57. Asarudheen :

    Please add more actor's date of brith

  58. Rima :

    Is mammotty's birth star is vishakham?? The answer is yes then mammootty's date of birth is 7th september 1951

  59. jose :

    though mammootty is 7 years older than mohanlal,it looks like mohanlal is 10 years older than mammootty

  60. blessen :

    well i don't think the birth date of mamootty is correct because he has already turned sixty

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