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Biography / trivia

*  Catherine Zeta Jones was born on 25 Sep 1969 in Swansea, Wales to Patricia, a seamstress and David James Jones, a businessman.

*  Jones has two brothers Stephen,her personal manager & Craig, a stuntman.

*  Jones attended Dumbarton House School in Swansea. She later joined ‘The Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick’ in West London for three year course.

*  She made her acting debut with “Annie” in 1981, she played the lead role in the play. Later she made her film debut with “Les 1001 nuits” in 1990. Her first blockbuster hit was The Mask of Zorro in 1998 and she earned “Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Female Newcomer” for her performance in the film. Her next film “Entrapment” alongside Sean Connery was a huge hit and she won “European Film Award for Best Actress” for her role.

*  Zeta Jones endorsed several products like cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden, phone company T-Mobile, car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, Di Modolo jewellery etc.

*  People magazine listed her in the list of “Most Beautiful People” in 1998. FHM also listed her in its “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005”.

*  She met actor Michael Douglas in 1998 and started to have a serious relationship after 1999, he is exactly 25 years older than her and they share same birthday. The couple got married were married on 18 Nov 2000 in New York City. The couple have a son Dylan Michael Douglas, born in 2000 and daughter Carys Zeta Douglas, born in 2003.

*  In 2011 she was reported to have been trying to quit smoking as Michael Douglas was undergoing treatment for throat cancer.



“I am strong-willed, which can be annoying sometimes. And from that I think people assume I have confidence and Hollywood glamour and all that stuff, when actually, in my personal life, sometimes I’m just a goofball.”

“I just feel that I look out for myself and I nurture my strength. I’m not inherently a ball-busting, strong woman. I think there’s a perception of me because some of the characters I’ve played are like that.”

Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1990 Les 1001 nuits Philippe de Broca Gérard Jugnot,Stéphane Freiss
2 1991 The Darling Buds of May David Giles David Jason,Pam Ferris
3 1992 Christopher Columbus John Glen Marlon Brando,Georges Corraface,Rachel Ward
4 1993 Splitting Heirs Robert Young Eric Idle,Rick Moranis
5 1994 The Cinder Path Simon Langton Lloyd Owen,Tom Bell
6 1994 The Return of the Native Jack Gold Clive Owen,Ray Stevenson
7 1995 Catherinethe Great Marvin J.Chomsky Paul McGann,Ian Richardson
8 1995 Blue Juice Carl Prechezer Sean Pertwee,Ewan McGregor
9 1996 The Phantom Simon Wincer Billy Zane,Kristy Swanson
10 1998 The Maskof Zorro Martin Campbell Antonio Banderas,Anthony Hopkins
11 1999 Entrapment Jon Amiel Sean Connery,Will Patton
12 1999 The Haunting Jan de Bont Liam Neeson,Owen Wilson
13 2000 High Fidelity Stephen Frears John Cusack,Iben Hjejle
14 2000 Traffic Steven Soderbergh Michael Douglas,Don Cheadle
15 2001 America’s Sweethearts Joe Roth Julia Roberts,Billy Crystal
16 2002 Chicago Rob Marshall Renée Zellweger,Richard Gere
17 2003 Intolerable Cruelty Joel Coen George Clooney,Geoffrey Rush
18 2004 The Terminal Steven Spielberg Tom Hanks,Stanley Tucci
19 2004 Ocean’s Twelve Steven Soderbergh George Clooney,Brad Pitt
20 2005 The Legend of Zorro Martin Campbell Antonio Banderas,Rufus Sewell
21 2007 No Reservations Scott Hicks Aaron Eckhart,Abigail Breslin
22 2007 Death Defying Acts Gillian Armstrong Guy Pearce,Saoirse Ronan
23 2009 The Rebound Bart Freundlich Justin Bartha,Jordan Carlos
24 2012 Playing the Field Gabriele Muccino Gerard Butler,Jessica Biel
25 2012 Lay the Favorite Stephen Frears Bruce Willis,Rebecca Hall
26 2012 Rock of Ages Adam Shankman Julianne Hough,Diego Boneta
27 2013 Broken City Allen Hughes Mark Wahlberg,Russell Crowe
28 2013 The Bitter Pill Steven Soderbergh Channing Tatum,Rooney Mara

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