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Biography / trivia

*  Drew Blyth Barrymore was born on 22nd Feb 1975 Culver City, California, United States to John Drew Barrymore, an actor and Jaid Barrymore, an actress.

*  Barrymore’s parents got divorce when she was 9 years old.

*  Her family was full of actors, her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were also actors.

*  She started her career when she was just 11 months old and did a commercial for dog food. Her film debut was with “Altered States” in 1980 in a small role. She gained popularity after her first blockbuster hit “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” in 1982 directed by Steven Spielberg. Barrymore won “Young Artist Award for Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture” for her role in the film.

*  Unfortunately sudden stardom brought her a troubled childhood, she started smoking when she was just nine, drinking alcohol at 11 and cocaine addiction at 13.

*  She was in rehabilitation camps at the age of 13 and made a suicide attempt at the age of 14.

*  When she was 17 years old she posed nude for Interview magazine. Later in 1995 she posed nude for Playboy January issue.

*  Barrymore was engaged to Leland Hayward in 1991 but after few months it was called off. Later she lived with actor Jamie Walters in 1992–93.

*  She married Jeremy Thomas,a bar owner on 20th March 1994 and filed divorce petition in two months. In July 2001 Barrymore married actor Tom Green and got divorce in October 2002. After the divorce she dated drummer Fabrizio Moretti for five years. In 2007 She started dating actor Justin Long and in July 2008 they broke up.

*  In 2011 Barrymore started dating art consultant Will Kopelman and they got married on 2nd June 2012 in Montecito, California.


“It’s like the worst name on the planet. I hate it. And people say it all the time: ‘You’re a celebrity.’ No, I’m an actor. I’m a producer. I’m a director. I’m a toad. I’m roadkill. I’m anything but a celebrity.”

“You can’t live your life blaming your failures on your parents and what they did or didn’t do for you. You’re dealt the cards that you’re dealt. I realised it was a waste of time to be angry at my parents and feel sorry for myself.”

“I was very conscious, when ET came out. Your memory and ability to do everything that you need to do is sharpened, because you’re not a child just playing in the dirt. You’re expected to remember your lines, and get up at a certain time every day and go to work. I always loved it.”


Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1978 Suddenly, Love Stuart Margolin Cindy Williams,Paul Shenar
2 1980 Bogie Vincent Sherman Kevin O’Connor,Kathryn Harrold
3 1980 Altered States Ken Russell William Hurt,Blair Brown
4 1982 E.T Steven Spielberg Dee Wallace,Peter Coyote
5 1984 Firestarter Mark L. Lester David Keith,George C. Scott
6 1984 Irreconcilable Differences Charles Shyer Ryan O’Neal,Shelley Long
7 1985 Cat’s Eye Lewis Teague Alan King,Robert Hays
8 1986 Babes in Toyland Clive Donner Keanu Reeves,Richard Mulligan
9 1989 See You in the Morning Alan J. Pakula Jeff Bridges,Alice Krige
10 1989 Far From Home Meiert Avis Matt Frewer,Jennifer Tilly
11 1991 Motorama Barry Shils J C Michael
12 1992 2000 Malibu Road Joel Schumacher Jennifer Beals,Brian Bloom
13 1992 Sketch Artist Phedon Papamichael Jeff Fahey,Sean Young
14 1992 Waxwork II Anthony Hickox Zach Galligan,Alexander Godunov
15 1992 Poison Ivy Katt Shea Sara Gilbert,Tom Skerritt
16 1992 Guncrazy Tamra Davis James LeGros,Michael Ironside
17 1993 The Amy Fisher Story Andy Tennant A John Denison
18 1993 No Place to Hide Richard Danus Kris Kristofferson,Illana Diamant
19 1993 Doppelganger Avi Nesher George Newbern,Dennis Christopher
20 1993 Wayne’s World 2 Stephen Surjik Mike Myers,Dana Carvey
21 1994 Inside the Goldmine Josh Evans Alan Marshall,Josh Evans
22 1994 Bad Girls Jonathan Kaplan Madeleine Stowe,M S Masterson
23 1995 Boys on the Side Herbert Ross Whoopi Goldberg,Mary-Louise Parker
24 1995 Mad Love Antonia Bird Chris O’Donnell,Matthew Lillard
25 1995 Batman Forever Joel Schumacher Val Kilmer,Tommy Lee Jones
26 1996 Everyone SaysI Love You Woody Allen Alan Alda,Woody Allen
27 1996 Scream Wes Craven David Arquette,Neve Campbell
28 1996 Wishful Thinking Adam Park Jennifer Beals,Desiree Casado
29 1997 Best Men Tamra Davis Sean Patrick Flanery,Dean Cain
30 1998 The Wedding Singer Frank Coraci Adam Sandler,Christine Taylor
31 1998 Ever After Andy Tennant Anjelica Huston,Dougray Scott
32 1998 Home Fries Dean Parisot Luke Wilson,Catherine O’Hara
33 1999 Never Been Kissed Raja Gosnell David Arquette,Michael Vartan
34 2000 Skipped Parts Tamra Davis Jennifer Jason Leigh,Mischa Barton
35 2000 Charlie’s Angels McG Cameron Diaz,Lucy Liu
36 2001 Donnie Darko Richard Kelly Jake Gyllenhaal,Jena Malone
37 2001 Freddy Got Fingered Tom Green Tom Green,Rip Torn
38 2001 Riding in Cars with Boys Penny Marshall Steve Zahn,Brittany Murphy
39 2002 Confessions of aDangerous Mind George Clooney Sam Rockwell,George Clooney
40 2003 Charlie’s Angels:Full Throttle McG Cameron Diaz,Lucy Liu
41 2003 Duplex Danny DeVito Ben Stiller,Bob Weinstein
42 2004 50 First Dates Peter Segal Adam Sandler,Rob Schneider
43 2004 My Date With Drew Jon Gunn Brian Herzlinger,Eric Roberts
44 2005 Fever Pitch Farrelly brothers Jimmy Fallon,JoBeth Williams
45 2007 Music and Lyrics Marc Lawrence Hugh Grant,Brad Garrett
46 2007 Lucky You Curtis Hanson Eric Bana,Robert Duvall
47 2009 He’s Just NotThat Into You Ken Kwapis Ben Affleck,Jennifer Aniston
48 2009 Grey Gardens Michael Sucsy Jessica Lange,Jeanne Tripplehorn
49 2009 Everybody’s Fine Kirk Jones Robert De Niro,Kate Beckinsale
50 2009 Whip It Drew Barrymore Ellen Page,Alia Shawkat
51 2010 Going the Distance Nanette Burstein Justin Long,Charlie Day
52 2012 Big Miracle Ken Kwapis John Krasinski,Kristen Bell

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