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Biography / trivia

* Duniya Vijay was born on 20th January 1974 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India to Rudrappa & Narayanamma in a poor family.

* His birth name is Vijay and after his blockbuster debut film “Duniya” he is well known as Duniya Vijay in the film industry. He is also called as “Black Cobra” by his fans.

* He was not bright at studies and he concentrated on sports right from the beginning.

* He dropped his education and started to work as a stuntman & a gym instructor to support his family. He had some friends in the industry and was able get some small insignificant roles in the films now and then.

* Duniya Vijay started his film career from the bottom of industry. He had no god father to help!! He started to appear as junior artist in several films most of them are just few seconds.

* He approached director Soori & Yograj Bhat for leading roles but he was advised to improve his acting skills before making a lead role. He appeared in Ranga SSLC, Jogi, Shree etc. He also worked for TV serials for some time.

* His biggest turning point in his career happened in 2007 with Soori’s directorial debut “Duniya”. The film was a blockbuster hit in the Kannada film industry. He played the lead role of village idiot who was misused by the underworld. His performance was very much appreciated by the film critics and he won “Karnataka State Film Award” for best actor. He also won Filmfare award for his role.

* His performance in “Duniya” was appreciated personally by his role model superstar Rajnikant.!!

* After his Duniya he delivered some flops. He later delivered hits like Chanda, Junglee, Kanteerava, Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam, Bheema Theeradalli etc.

* His blockbuster hit film “Bheema Theeradalli” created a Controversy over copy right. Noted Kannada write Ravi Belagere claimed that his novel was copied without his permission.

* Vijay is married & has three children.

* Loose Madha fame “Yogesh” is his nephew.


“Nobody is innocent. There are a lot of people trying to pull you down. Let them talk if I’m dishonest in my work. Why target my personal life? But if they’re happy speaking ill of me, let them.”

“Today whatever I have been, it is because of my director’s efforts. Because of their intelligence and efforts, I am getting good roles and films. I can never and I will never interfere in their work. I am like a director’s slippers and they can use me as they want.”


Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 2007 Duniya Soori Rashmi,Rangayana Raghu,Yogesh,Kishore
2 2007 Yuga Chandra Kavya,Sudha Belavadi,Mico Nagaraj,Mahadevu
3 2007 Chanda S. Narayan Shubha Punja,Jaadar,Komal,Sunder Raj,Shoba Raghavendra
4 2008 Avva Kavita Lankesh Shruti,Smita,Rangayana Raghu,Hanumakka,Arundathi Jathkar
5 2008 Slum Bala Sumana Kittur Shubha Poonja,Umashree,Girija Lokesh,Shashi Kumar
6 2009 Junglee Duniya Soori Andritha Ray,Adi Lokesh,Rangayana Raghu,Shobaraj
7 2009 Thaakath M. S. Ramesh Shuba Poonja,SrinivasaMurthy,Avinash,Rangayana Raghu,Shobaraj,Kashi
8 2009 Devru Sadhu Kokila Pragnya,Rockline Venkatesh,Sadhu Kokila,Ashish Vidhyarthi,Shobaraj
9 2010 Shankar IPS M. S. Ramesh Catherine Tresa,Ragini Dwivedi,Rangayana Raghu,Avinash
10 2010 Kari Chirathe Madesh K Sharmila Mandre,Yagna Shetty,Jai Jagadish,Sudha Belawadi,Rangayana Raghu
11 2010 Kanteerava Tushar Ranganath Shuba Poonja,Srinivasa Murthy,Yamuna,Rishika Singh
12 2011 Veera Bahu S. Mahendar Nidhi Subbaiah,M.N Lakshmi Devi,Rangayana Raghu,Vinaya Prasad
13 2011 Johny Mera NaamPreethi Mera Kaam Preetam Gubbi Ramya,Sadhu Kokila,Rangayana Raghu,Dattanna,Achyuth Kumar
14 2011 Jarasandha Shashank Pranitha,Roopadevi,Devaraj,Rangayana Raghu
15 2012 Bheema Theeradalli Om Prakash Rao Pranitha,Umashree,Doddanna,Sharath Lohitashwa,Shobaraj
16 2012 Rajinkanth Pradeep Raj Aindrita Ray
17 2012 Snehitharu Ram Narayan Darshan,Pranitha,Shrujan Lokesh,Vijay Raghavendra,Tharun Chandra
18 2012 Johnny Mera NaamPreethi Mera Kaam 2 Preetam Gubbi Ramya

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