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Name Gayatri Joshi
Nick Name GM
Date of Birth March 20, 1977
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Star Sign Pisces
Gayatri Joshi Height 5′ 7″
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Brown
Spouse Vikas Oberoi (27 August, 2005)
Schoool Days JB Vachha High School, Mumbai
College Days Sydenham College, Mumbai
Profession Model, Actress
First movie Swades [2004]

Biography / trivia

# Gayatri Joshi did a commmercial with Shahrukh for Santro even before doing swades.

# The actress expressed her wish to work in regional films like Marathi and South Indian films if it is with a good director and a good script.

# In Singapore a woman who was jailed for cheating a man in an internet marriage scam. She assumed another name and e-mailed pictures of Indian actress Gayatri Joshi, claiming they were of herself.

# She began her modeling career during her college days in 1996.

# She was one of the final five candidates in the 1999 Femina Miss India beauty pageant.

# Gayatri Joshi represented India at the 2000 Miss International event in Japan.

# She worked as an advertising model before coming to the film industry.

# Gayatri Joshi has a Commerce degree from Sydenham College, Mumbai.

# She appearanced in several music videos viz, Kaghaz Ki Kashti and Jhanjaria before working for films.

# According to the contract that Gayatri Joshi entered into during Swades she was not entitled to sign any new project until Swades hits the marquee.

# Gayatri Joshi married Vikas Oberoi in Mumbai on 27 August 2005.

# The actress gave birth to a baby boy on 1 September 2006.

# Her husband Vikas Oberoi is the scion of Oberoi Constructions Private Ltd.

# Her husband Vikas Oberoi is Akshay Kumar‘s best friend


“If I get a chance, I would love to do more movies with him. But the Swades experience in itself was great. It was a great experience working with him” (About Shahrukh Khan)

“The emotional scenes are more difficult than the other scenes”

“I have always been more interested in work than publicity. So that’s the reason why people saw more of my work and heard less of me.”

“I think modelling helped me to be comfortable in front of the camera but otherwise I have not had any acting courses.”

“I was a model and didn’t aspire to be an actress but then Swades happened and I changed my mind, as I wanted to be a part of it”

“I have always been highly influenced by my mother. It’s my mom because she is a strong person and I have learnt a lot from her.”

Filmography / all movies list

  • 2005 – Swades [ Shahrukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, Vishwa S. Badola, Kishori Ballal]

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  1. Hi GAYTRI mam, i watch a swades movie its an great movie nd ur acting is so so good. I am igarlly waiting to come u agin nd launch ur talent as well as ur beauty.. BEST LUCK Gaytri ji.. MOHAN K.:-)

  2. Mam …aapko dobara swades 2 mein kaam karna chahhiye,kyonki swades mein aapki salinta wale character ka jawab movie box office par pit to gayi kyonki log uss time is type ke movie ka chalan nhi tha.lkin asli bharat gaon mein basta hai ye toh is movie nein dikha diya……best of luck for ur future

  3. Hi…I am Pradip Antu From Pune and Your Acting in Swades Film was very very nice.You are very very Beautiful.
    I have seen this movie five times in two days.I miss u so much mam.

  4. Kaha jata hai ki kisi bhi insan ke pure jivan me kabhi na kabhi,Bhagwan uski kam se kam ek ikcha sun hi leta hai,mai nhi janta ki bhagwan meri kaun si ikcha sunege lekin phir mai he uper wale aapse ek binti karta hu,agar ho sake to aap mere marne se pehle meri ye ikcha jarur puri kar dena ki mujhe ek bar Gayatri joshi ji se jarur bat karva dena,mai bus unke swadesh movie ke feelings ke bare me janna chahta hu,Gayatri ji me chhupe geeta ko mehsus karna chahta hu,unse ek bar milna chahta hu.

  5. hiii gayatri ji, i like ur cute face and also ur acting. Aap sundarata ke sath bahut hi shalin lagti ho.once agaiin u have great look.

  6. This movie can be seen 10 times but i do not forget this because this story can be tuch heart and real image of village life and performance is your so strong i do not explain.your beauty and teacher role is so empressive

  7. I just want to watch your soft ramantic movie in hindi
    and about swadesh i don’t have any
    new word to explain your performance thankyou for this natural acting

  8. I just want to watch your another Hindi and soft romantic movie nothing else and about the swadesh i have no word to explain your performance thank you

  9. I am fr Los angeles,ca. I watched swades 5 times. Miss Gitaji,u were great in that movie. I love the sequence of glances between u and Mohanji. From the very start when you were at bookstore and when u were infont of mohanji, mohanji’s jaw just drop when e saw you. I woud have too. u two, Gitaji & mohanji wete great in that movie. There were a lot of moral lesson to be learned in that movie. Are u guys gong to do swades 2. Thank u kindly for letting me into ur world.

  10. i thought that ur act with my fvrt. Actor seems like to be very realistic i really want it to be real one.but wht god had made with it…… And i am very happy to get such opportunity to giv u coment even thought u read or not…. But my heart has feel with the boundless joy with the hope that u hv read my coment(with my fvrt. Actress which i hv ever known)…. With the god grace may u leave long with joy and prosperity…… Ur countrymen brotherhood rohit from imphal…. And last i still hope for ur more film with shruk…. I thanks u to give this opportunity….bye….

  11. hi..Mrs.gayatri jee u r natural beauty.i saw swadesh 20-25 times bcoz of u.u acted so fine and ur acting was so natural with i would like to see at least once more on screen with srk.thanks a lot.ur’s best fan.

  12. hi gayatri joshi(I like the movie swadesh because the message given by the movie is very good)Thank,s to Yu&team of swdh I want to talk to y if possible
    have a happy life&gr8 future
    [phir likhenge chalte chalte]


  14. Hi…
    Mam, i am Ankit Raut from Maharashtra District Akola I great fan of you, your acting in Swades will osome, you really looking beautiful in Swades. Swades is my favaorate movie.
    I want to Talk with you…

  15. Hi Gayatri I have seen your Movie Swadesh at first at 26-07-12 But last 2 days i saw your movie 5 times earlier. your are looking very nice & superb. i am fall in yr from swadesh movie.i know y r married. gayatri you have a fine actress you have done more movies. pls. pls. contact with me, my mobile no. 8768389115

  16. I m kabeer from Pakistan I will consider myself fortunate enough if i ever receive a mail from your side I promise i will not bother you may bhagwan bless you and your family tathastu!

  17. I think am in love with you and your character what you have done in the movie , after watching this movie repeatedly…

  18. every time swadesh appear on t.v …i ..i..just leave football or any other games or other shows.Girl you were great thats why you are being commented even after so many years.i wish that gwarekor baaps would make sequoel of swadesh with you and srk.and would like to see same characters ,location,music…

  19. Hi gayatri joshi, Your performance in swodesh is really inspireable. Your character in this film is very toucy for me. I am from Nepal. Pokhara and I really fond of this movie. Thank you so much for your performance and please act on some others movie as well. I really want to see you in next film.
    Please take care

  20. y don’t u act in more films. Great performance in Swadesh. I found my dream girl characteristics in Geetha. U wil have a gud future in film industry..

  21. Saw Swades for the 9th time last night. Gayatri is the most amazing talent have seen in a long time! Leaving the industry, a great loss to her admirers

  22. hi i m payel,i m from west bangle.shahrukh nd Gayatri both of u done a good job in swadesh husband is a big fan of both of you and he saw the movie several times and i also like ur job in the movie.

  23. Hi…
    I have seen the movie swades twice earliar also. That time i found the movie was good. Both SHK and GAYATRI had done a wonderful job. But in the last 5 days i have seen the movie 70 times. I dont know why but there is something which is attracting me to see the movie again and again. Specially the songs
    Gayatri, you are superb actress and you must have done more movies.

  24. I am happy you didn’t do more movies after Swades. First impression is the last impression, and I do not want to loose it. You were the best. Nobody could have probably done better than you. New face, just perfect for the role. I do not want to say that you and Shah Rukh acted, it was just so natural.
    God bless you!

  25. Hi mam, How are you? I have seen movie SWADES several times, there is something which attracts me a lot, particularly the way you speaks, yours dialogue delivery is superb. You look very matured, intelligent and egoistic .I m a big fan of you. God bless u, have a nice family life.

  26. Hi Gayatri,
    I saw your movie Swades after 7 years of its release and watched it continuously for a month daily. No doubt you are awesome but I am so hurted by the truth that film industry would hardly get an actress liek you. You probably now aware that how perfect you act and how charming you look. You are my favourite.

  27. I really like your ‘Swadesh’ movie…You’ve very good acting qualities..i like u so much..
    and your smile is too Good..

  28. Hi…. I have no idea what to say??? First u r great actress, Beautiful lady …. Why u not back to acting.. We love you and wanna some new movie from you… Atleast sometime public…. God Bless You..
    plz come back ….

  29. Hi… GM, i lov 2 call joshi, it is d nice 4 u, u r realy amazing when i see u 4 d first tym in swades, urs character, behaviour,charming, smiling, body figur all i lov… Wish u liv long….


  31. gayatri i love you .. i saw swades just now ( july 2011) and iam big fan of u. all my friends say’s i love u .anwar sydney

  32. hello gayatri i see your movie swadesh first time in 2011 and than after i love your charecterse. and so, i love you .this love is note girl and boy love, but this love is me and your nationality. thank you

  33. hi Gayatri, now i am going to start a new project of film Swades its the second part of this film. yesterday first time i had saw this film, its really nice but public discard this but now i am trying to make its remake once again and i want that you again play lead roll in my this film as a actress.
    please accepetthis, your acting is realy very good and powerfull you r looing very nice in this film thats why i again want to sign u in this film.

  34. mam u r really very beautiful,my frnd n my whole group is big fan of u,n waiting 4 ur next movie.
    wel i knw nw u wl nt com in any other movie coz of ur family life.
    all d best mam 4 ur future.miss u

  35. hi!Gyatri your simple and high thinking aproch in swadesh came me so closed 2 you…perhaps i could meat you but i wanna see your more dominent 2 all other acctress in the film industries….luv you much

  36. Swades, It is an awesome movie and touching to heart… Hope you will get a change to do more heart touching movie. All the best…


  37. Hi….Dear Gayatri….you r so beautiful so gorgeous…..i have seen ur movie swades so many times…something in that movie which attracting me again n again…..&i think its u…..
    gayatri…I love u…..i am searching ur wallpapers everywhere…..i know u r married bt u look also nice now….plz contact me ,,,my contact no.7209741341

  38. hi gayatri , i watchd ur movie swades n since then i became a big fan of urself. Today i was searching ur movies except swades bt nw i came to knw that u hav got married a long time ago. I request to do some more films like swades. Wish u a happy life always.

  39. Hi Geeta(Gayatri Joshi)I always pray to god to get Good and decent wife like you and you are one of the decent actress i have ever seen in my life.You did a very good thing by getting married or else you would have also became as others for the sake of money.

  40. This is a cool blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding :) ml Williamson.

  41. Gayatri u r acting was good for swadesh film. pls i want to talk with you. pls send u r mobile no on my E-mail id &
    Happy Birthday in advance on 17 days below. so plz accept my wishes

    Bye Gayatri

  42. hi i m mohan u r so beautiful i love u plz i like u i want to talk to u . u are my dream girl i seen u in movie swadesh ur work is superb i m fall in ur love from swadesh movie. I like ur simple leaving high thinking atitude in that movie.I love u and i want u will do more movie.

  43. Hi…
    I have seen the movie swades twice earliar also. That time i found the movie was good. Both SHK and GAYATRI had done a wonderful job. But in the last 5 days i have seen the movie 7 times. I dont know why but there is something which is attracting me to see the movie again and again. Specially the songs
    Gayatri, you are superb actress and you must have done more movies..

  44. hi i m mukul.i m from bangalore ur work in swadesh was excellent.i think u r most beautiful girl in the world.i want to talk with u.

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