Bollywood Actors Height – How Tall

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  1. tanu :

    Sir m 19 yrs old ma height is jst 5.5 plz suggest me sumthin to increase ma height by more 3 inches....

  2. Atish Lohar :

    Hi my name is Atish Lohar. I m 17 yrs in age and my recent height is 5'7''. I want to increase my height upto 5'11''. Pls give me some suggestion. Pls do mail me in my website. I will wait for your mail..

  3. Aasir :

    Sir... Ma name is aasir ma height is 5.6 i my age is 16 i want 6 feet give me suggestion plz

  4. sandeep :

    Hello sir, iam 5 feet 7 inches tall and 19 years old....i would appreciate your help if you could mail me how to increase my height by an inch or two.

  5. Kartik :

    hi sir, my height is 5 ft 6 inch and my age is 17 years. i want to increase my height to 5ft 7 inch. can i increase pls give suggestions

  6. Amir Farooqui :

    Hello... i m frm Lucknow and i m 17 yrs old and my height is 5ft 10 inc and i want to increase my height to 6ft 1inc PLEASE TELL ME..... PLEASE... PLEASE

  7. kaustav ranjan :

    hi sir my name is kaustav ranjan and my age is 20 and height 5'.9.5" and weight 60 kg i want 6 ft please give me suggestion naturally

  8. Saurabh :

    Hi sir is their any chances to increase height after 24yrs.please suggest me some ideas to increase height and mail me.i will wait for your reply.i hope you have received my email id.

  9. Saurabh :

    Hi sir is their any chances to increase height after 24yrs.please suggest me some ideas to increase height and mail me.i will wait for your reply

  10. krishna :

    hello sir,my height is 5.4and age is 17.but my height is not increasing with respect to x my age.please suggest me to increase my height minimam of 2 inch

  11. Arvind :

    Hi sir my height 5'8 but i want 6 feet plz suggest me how incress my height plzzz



  13. Avik :

    sir my age is 20 and my height is 5'5 plz give me suggestions about diet and exercises to increase height upto 5'7 atleast

  14. david barman :

    sir,now i am in age 18 and my height 5ft6in , please give me some tips for grow taller to 5ft 9in , its my mail id

  15. ricky zala :

    hello sir i m 16 yrs old n my height is 5'6 in i want to get height of abt 5'11 in pls help n reply me on my id

  16. Dara :

    my height is 7ft 4 inches plz give suggestion to increase more.

  17. @iamsba :

    Respected Sir, I am really worried regarding my height. I am currently of 17 years and my height is only 5'5". Sir, please suggest me something so that i may reach at least of 6', please sir, i remain in anticipation!! Please do mail me sir.

  18. Jyoti :

    Please give me a beeter suggetion to increase my height in my email id. i feel so bad when everybody laugh at me. My age is 20 n half.Please help me.

  19. Anjan :

    hi .. i m from Nepal and i am 18 years old my height iz 5.5 ft i want to increase my height to 5.8 can u give me some suggestion ..plzzz reply to this email ....

  20. Anjan :

    hi .. i m from Nepal and i am 18 years old my height iz 5.5 ft i want to increase my height to 5.8 can u give me some suggestion ..plzzz reply at

  21. abay :

    sir, i'm 17 years old and my height is 5 ft 7 inches, i really want to grow taller than this, atleast 5 ft 11 inches. can you give me some good suggestion to increase my height in the e-mail

  22. Akshay Jarande :

    i am 18y height 5.4 can increse my height after 18 ............. please give me a better answer in my e.mail id

  23. srimanta sasmal :

    Hi i am srimanta. i read M.A.(beng)my hight 5.10.

  24. rakesh :

    hi sir my height i s 6.6 n pl give me suggestion to make it 7 im 25 n intrested in wwf e mail ;

  25. vavadia vivek :

    Respected sir , sir m suffering from the same problem; m of 19+ n my height is just 5.5 and i fell shy when i stand with my group my dream height is 5.9 so pl give me sugg to reach to my destiny please [please sir.............

  26. Rohan :

    Hey!!!! My age is 21,n my height is 5.5 n want to increase upto 5.7.please give any suggestions.

  27. nik :

    my age is .18 my height is 5 feet 9inch i want increase my height

  28. prashant gaur :

    1.natural Get up early Do TADASAN 15 MINUTES Play sports like basketball Take light food before sleeping at nght' Nd in three four mnths u vil get increase 2-3 inches..

  29. Raja ram mohan ray :

    sir, my age is 23+ years and my height is about 5foot 6 inch. so give me a best solution to increase my height in mail id- mob no- 7205269628

  30. lakshya :

    hello sir, i am lakshya i am 18 years old and my height is approx 5.7 and i want to increase my height upto at least 5.10 sir, please give me some better suggestions to increase my height. your kindness.

  31. Jayant sharma, rewari :

    Hey, myself jayant. My age is 19+ and hieght is 5 ft 5 inch.. I am very frustrated towards my height.. My all friends are taller even my family members are much taller so kindly suggest some ways so i can increase my height as soon as possible

  32. my age is above 26 years nd my height is 5'4' please tell me ur suggestion :

    my age is

  33. Ahmad :

    hi...!! I m 17 yrx old and have a height of 5'9...!! I m a little upset...!! I want an increase of 3 inchex in my height....!! Plz five me a suggextion...!!

  34. rehan :

    hello 16.5 years old n um 5.8"....plz give me sum suggestion to increase ma height atleast 5.11"

  35. rohit yadav :

    hello sir, my age is 21 & my height is 5'5". please give me appropriate suggestions to my email id...

  36. Anup :

    sir,my age is 20+,my height is 5’3″,i want to improve my height minmum 5’7”.please give me your suggetion my e-mail is: rplyyyyy..HAV A NICE DAY,SIR.

  37. Me abi :

    hello brother! M from Pakistan. M 25 years old and my height is 6feet 3inch. please give me a better suggestion to my e.mail id.

  38. sumit singh :

    i am 14.5 years old and my height is 5ft7inches.pls tell any remedy that my height goes to about 5ft11inches

  39. Karampal kaur, barnala, punjab, india :

    i m 16 n my height is 5.9 sometimes my own friends make fun of me bcoz of xtreme tallness but no 1 understands that i also have a heart and feelings n i also feel bad.i never say anything to them but when it gets too much i some times weep very much in bathroom. no 1 thinks abt me. but still they r my friends. plz give ur opinion abt this by writing comments on this site.

  40. ajit khare :

    namaste sir ,my age is approx 19 years but my height is about 5 feet4inch .please give me a better suggetion to increase my height in my e.mail id,,,plzzzzzzzzz

  41. raja :

    namaste sir, i am 23 years but my height is about 5' 6". ples give me a suggetion in my e.mail id.

  42. Jit :

    My age is 20 and height is 5.9' and i want my height 6' please give me tips to grow height naturally

  43. aakash :

    hello!! my height is 5'6" ..and im 18 years old..i desperately want 2 increase my height..plz mail me sum precious tips!! please mail me -

  44. pram khan :

    my hight is 5'10 age 22 . is it perfect hight

  45. hight 5'10 :

    is it good

  46. husnain :

    hay sir my height is 5.6 and my age is 18.i am over weight.i want 5.8 height...plzzzzzzzz help me

  47. imran :

    hi sir i am imran iam 5'6 my age is 21 how can i am 6feet pls help

  48. unknown :

    HEW GUYS!!!!!!! why do you complain? I am 24 & my height is just 5'. just 165 sm. I don't complain))))

  49. mithun :

    Dear Sir, i am 22 year old and my height is 5'6 so is there any way to increase my height pleas give suggestion on my email id

  50. Qais :

    i am 22 and my height is 5'6 is there any chance to increase my height...............if yes so what should i do .............????

  51. Adnan :

    I age is 19 and i am 5.5 now i want to increase my height to 5.8 i.e 3 inches....Please give me your valuable sugesstion...mail me at

  52. sajal suhane :

    sir, i am 19 and my height is 5'7 and i want to increase my height atleast upto 6feet so please give me a better suggestions to increase my height in my email id

  53. ramesh chand :

    sir, now m 19, i want to increase my height up to 6 ft ,now m 5''7 inch. . . . How can i increase. . . . Pleeeez pleeeeez suggest . . . .

  54. anshul :

    hey dear. i.m anshul age of 20 and my height is only a 5ft 4inch . so pls give me some suggesion.

  55. sabarish :

    gud morning sir,,,, my height is 5'4" nd my age is 18yrs....i want to increase my height upto 5'8" plz give me suggestions,,,,its my big rqst sir......

  56. shahbaz :

    sir, i m sixteen, i want to increase my height upto 6'1 , currently my height is around 5'7. please give me ur precious suggestions on my email address..

  57. anwar :

    dear sir i m at the age of 18 and my hieght is 5.9.i want to increse my hieght a litle.plz sugest me some i cn increse my hieght

  58. kb :

    hi sir im 16 5'7 but my brother is 15 and 5'11 how can i increse my hieght

  59. Duggal :

    Sir my age is 5'6 i am 20 is there any way to increase my height by 2 or 3 inches.sir plz mail me the solution in my email id

  60. walid :

    I AM 19 YRS OLD . MY HEIGHT IS 5.5′ …I WANT TO BE 5.8′ ..GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS. MY MAIL ID: plz...sir help me....i request u....

  61. Subhadeep Chowdhury :

    Hi I Am Subhadeep I am 24 Years Old.My Height Is 5.7".pls Give Me a Suggestion.How To Increse My height 3" Extra.

  62. santosh :

    Dear Sir, I m Santosh . And My Age Is 20 Years Old . Please Sir Give Me Some Suggection To Increase My Height . My Height Is 5.4 ft. Sir I Will Wait For Ur Rply

  63. santosh :

    Dear sir, I m Santosh and my age is 20 years Please give me some suggection to increase my height My height is 5.4 ft Please sir please give some suggection I m waiting for ur rply sir Thanxs & Regards, Santosh

  64. Rahul :

    Hi sir, my name is Rahul. I m 20 yrs old. My height is 5'11". I want to increase my height around 6'0" to 6'1". Pls give me the proper suggestion to make this possible. Pls mail me solution.

  65. neeraj singh :

    Sir m 22 years old and my height is 5′ 7 plz give me suggestions to increase my height plzzzzzzzzzz

  66. hemanth :

    sir, my age approx 18 years but my height is only 5feet 5 inches...plz give me a better suggetion to increase my height to my email id...

  67. Ragin :

    Avg height of an indian male is around 5 feet 6 inches(167 cm's).

  68. ahasid :

    i am 25 years old and my height is 8 feet

  69. Kamarupa :

    Sir, my name is kamarupa 23 year old. My height 5.8 feet. I want increase my height .give me your ans shortly please



  71. Vijay partap singh :

    I am 27 year. Height= 5"6' i want to increase my height. Give me some sugetion on my e- mail id.=

  72. muquith :

    hi my name is Abdal im 20 years old and my height is 6ft11. please give me suggetion to not grow more

  73. Deepak :

    Hello sir my height is 5ft6" and my age is 20 almost complete so tell me suggested to increase my height tell me what i am take supplement to improve my height and which exercise is increase my height tell me sir plz plz plz ......

  74. prashant :

    i'm of 17 year n height is 5'4 so plz give me some suggestion to increase my height


    hi sir am 15 years old and my height is 5feet 6inch please give me some suggestion to increase my height.

  76. rishab :

    i am 14 years old and i am 5ft 7in. is there anything wrong with my height? Is it normal. 13-04-2011

  77. Savanth :

    Sir m 23 years old and my height is 5' 7 plz give me suggestions to increase my height

  78. ram charan :

    i'm 17 yrs old... i'm abt 5'9 can u mail me few tips so that i can increase abt 2-3 inches

  79. sajib :

    im 20 &my hight 5:4 im sooo upset for that pls give me some sug.

  80. Mahi :

    Sir, my age is apprx 21. Bt my height is 5'5". Pls gve a btr sgstn for increase my height.

  81. Kamlesh shah :

    sir, my age is 18 years but my height is only 5feet 5inch so give me a better suggetion to increase in my hieght .please give me a better answer in my e.mail id and contec me:7737912047, 9785224232

  82. amit :

    sir i m 21 years old my hight is 5'3". plz sir give me some suggesion to increas my high.

  83. Abhi sharma :

    My height is 5.11.5 nd i think it is perfect nd wht u think abt my height .i dnt want 2 increase my more height .abt my age it is18

  84. uzair :

    you all can grow taller just go to youtube and write "men's health magazine grow taller tips demonstration" and grow taller

  85. Sachin :

    Im 20 &5'5 ht give me a way to upgrade to 5'7

  86. ZEESHAN :

    Good morning sir.... My age is 20 and my height is 5fts 2inches as compare to all my friends iam so shorter....and i go to gym and do excercise regularly(to build body)..... Please suggest and thing to improve my height growth.....

  87. natraj :

    hello sir, my name is natraj my age is approx 21yrs my height is 5.9 i want to,plz give me some suggestions



  89. Sachin kohli :

    I m 19. 5 feet 6 in tall.pls give me suggestion to increase my height upto at least 5feet 8 in.

  90. faisal :

    Dear sir iam 19 and my height is 170 so how can i increase it till 180 if u have any tip please email me. ur kindness

  91. binod kumar :

    my height is 5'5 give some tips to increase my height some inces.

  92. joy :

    Doesn't matter hight . Because there is need another thing in our world so firstly we need grow up that thing not hight...don't think about it if ur hight is short then other bye..friend

  93. RAJESH :

    hi sir my height is 5'6. Give me suggestion how to increase it.

  94. priyank :

    sir,my age is 16 and my height is 5 feet 6 inch please give me some better suggestions to increase my height in my email id

  95. sir, dis is himanshu im 20 years old nd my height is 5feet 8 inches. pleasee gve me better suggestion hw 2 increse it. :

  96. Abhishek :

    Sir i'm 15 year old but my height is only 5 feet . Give me some suggetion to increase it please send suggetion via e-mail my id is

  97. amit singh :

    sir my hight is approx 5.4 ft & my age is 20 so give me better suggestion to increase it...

  98. omkar :

    sir my ht is around 5'5.5 want to make it at least 5'8........ em 18 years what to do...

  99. Pankaj :

    Is it possible after 24 we can increase our height.plz send me suggestion on my email id

  100. rahul :

    i m 17 years old and my hight is 6 ft n 2 inch. So plz plz plz me some sugge. 4 non grow 4 ma hight plz

  101. mitlesh jalandhar :

    , my age is approx 22 years but my height is about 5feet 6inch so give me a better suggetion to increase in my hieght .please give me a better answer in my e.mail id my contact no 9915919159, 9915915941 9465452098(ravinder kumar 7508036120

  102. rajesh :

    sir i have a different and huge prblms about height. Sir my height day by day is in increasing position. At present i m only 20 year old and my height is 6'4 . And i think more wil grow. Give a sugestn sir abt this.

  103. Rahul :

    Hey frendz my height is aprox. 6 ft nd my age is 16 plz give me sm suggestions to stop my growth or is it ok?

  104. saurabh kumar lalit :

    sir, my age is approx 18 years but my height is about 5feet 5inch so give me a better suggetion to increase in my hieght .please give me a better answer in my e.mail id

  105. saurabh kumar lalit :

    namaste sir ,my age is approx 18 years but my height is about 5 feet5inch .please give me a better suggetion to increase my height in my e.mail id

  106. kulwinder sandhu : iz mah account tips for height special

  107. Ashutosh kumar sahay :

    my nik name is ashu i like hrithik roushan my age 19 years old and my height is 5'7" I want increase 3 inches plssssss suggested me MY MO NUMBER 9955248627

  108. Deepak Ghute :

    I like akshay kumar body and hight .

  109. Aisha B :

    hi guyzzzz...m a die hard fan of ranbir kapoor..n my height is i wanna say dt good qualities lie in heart n nt in accept d way god created bcoz he has created evry1 unique in sme or d oder way...

  110. Aisha B :

    hi guyzzzz...m a die-hard fan of ranbir height iz 5.7 inch..n wanna say dt height doesn't shw ur qualities, its d heart dt shws it all.... so accept d way god has created u coz he creates evrybdy special...

  111. Mohammad Moin :

    hey guys....height doesnt matter.... what matter is a good character.....after all an average indians height is 5'7" people getting that height must be satisfied...but for a impressive personality, you need to be 6' the way my height 6'1....enjoy yourself guys....take care....

  112. Ajay :

    Hey My Age Is More Than 17years But I’m Just 5.4″ Tall. Can U Give Me Some Effective Tips To Increase My Height Because I Need It Badly. Please Don’t Take It Just As A Joke Or Fun. I’m Very Very Worried Of My Height. So Pleazzzzzzzzz…….. I’m Waiting For Your Tips. My ID Is Please Contact Me As Early As Possible.. It’s A Jenuine Request..

  113. ajeet gupta :

    hello, i am of 20 years and my heigt is just 5'3 and i want to increase my height please give me any suggestion please i am from delhi ..09911564647 i am waiting for your reply

  114. SHAH HEMIN :

    I am 16 years old and my height is 6'5.i am so tall.

  115. manjil khan :

    i like sallu bhai.

  116. manjil khan :

    i m really greatful to.............

  117. Arslan :

    M 18 yr old n my height is 5'8inches n i wana increase by 3 inches but still noy bad.

  118. Deepak Ahirwar :

    My Height is 5`6.85" i.e around 167-167.50cm Without Heal n with heels it touch 5`8" i.e around 172 cm.Is That Ok For Goood personality Sir?

  119. Prithviraj :

    Hi,i m 21yr height is 5.2inc,is there any way to increase my height....

  120. Jon :

    I think 5ft 5' is a enough gud hgt so guyz dont worry abt dat if u r having talent u can get succeed in ur lyf...

  121. mj :

    hi.... i am 5'9 i think n i am 19 yrs old... please tell me how can i increase my height?????

  122. Rupoms :

    I Love Amir Khan.

  123. Rupoms :

    I like Amir khan then sharuk khan and slaman khan.

  124. niiks :

    hey this is niiks urf nikhil my hieght is 5"10 and i dnt think that height matter too alot .. go in bolywd line becz u have many eg.. like see the height of sallu hei is 5"7 see amir hei is 5"6 and these arre super actors of arre movies line... and ya u have a god body stucture.. and have good muscles and a clean up face without marks and it also be faire....

  125. gr8tst ranbir fan :

    ranbir.................i love u alot......asmy own brother or friends...........u r22222 taller...gud......i love u..

  126. Gokulnath :

    Hello Friends, These days Height matters the most. So Short people wants to become height. and they have inferiority complex while seeing the tall people. Do cycling and Skipping for that. But height comes from hereditary. Thats the main fact.. Myself 6'0 feet. 182.88 cm

  127. Pari PAtel :

    Can you also put the stars ages on here i really want to know shahid kapoors age i will keep on checking. I never knew shahid was 5f 7 i Thank you very much a shahid kapoor lover

  128. Faisal Habib :

    sometimes hight counts.I'm 5'9.5" bt it must b said tht it necessary to hv 6 as a mttr of fact is hight only depends on ur hormone tht contains in ur can increase ur hight by having foods which r contains rich protine nd as a same time u can use ring nd basketball can b played

  129. Nature :

    I would like to know the height of Kay Kay Menon, he seems to be equal or even taller than Big B

  130. sanjay :

    Hi i m sanjay i m 25 years old my height is 5.1" i want increas my height so pls give me right suggestion for increase my mail id is (

  131. sanjeev :

    i m 5'7" n i think h8 never matters...sachin n messi r exmples in sports.....n in films most importantly actors hv to face cameras so the actors whu can act matters..not their height.....

  132. Barbie :

    My hubby is 5’9″ and believe me big things come in small packages. He is the bomb !! Been married for 23years, the best.

  133. ranbir :

    helo evryone i think tall is gud but it doesnt matter that short is bad cuz we knw that short makes u last lasting than taller wen we get older our backbone get weak n it bend down so shrt heigt is better at age of old.If u want to make ur height tall than just do stretching n drnk mlk evrydy ma height is 175cm

  134. akhter hussain :

    im 25 years i want to increase my height what should i do please advice my height is 5"8 thankful

  135. maham khan rangy :

    love u ranbir nd he ix da bst

  136. da :

    hello Sahil hasan , become a fan of Amitabh and you'll get your height increased...

  137. jabby :

    m 6 ft. m realy happy now. but some body not like me.. y i dnt knw

  138. Bernard sayz... :

    All da above heights or more or less crect....!!! bt maximum ri8

  139. Piyush :

    Height is better persoanallity.i think best height 5'8 inch.salman khan height is perfect.

  140. kshitiz :

    Hey, i'm frm nepal and our average height is less then of indian,but i m happy,cuz my height is equal to sharuk khan (5.8) thanks

  141. Sankalp singh :

    they r stars yaar.. no matter how tall or short they r...

  142. sarmad :

    hey i saw height of actors i want to also want to tall like that plz help anyone to go my height around 6ft

  143. RAJ KUMAR :


  144. kreti :

    woooowww now we know ranbir is 6 ft 0 in. its fab.

  145. shibinlal T P :

    i belives 175cm is perfect

  146. anshad :

    I believe that hrithik height is perfect

  147. Vijay Sharma :

    Hey My Age Is More Than 17years But I'm Just 5.4" Tall. Can U Give Me Some Effective Tips To Increase My Height Because I Need It Badly. Please Don't Take It Just As A Joke Or Fun. I'm Very Very Worried Of My Height. So Pleazzzzzzzzz........ I'm Waiting For Your Tips. My ID Is Please Contact Me As Early As Possible.. It's A Jenuine Request..

  148. ramesh :

    i am 5 feet 11 inches tall but i want to become 6 feet .... my age is 18 years so plzz give me some tips to increase one inch more ...

  149. Hemant :

    hi akshay kumar I am big fan

  150. hemuntt :

    hooo ha i m taller than khan brigadr!! i m 5'11

  151. Shivanjani :

    salmaan is short? =O

  152. Arif :

    govinda 5.6 too short but nice actor

  153. Dodul Nadim :

    SRKhan is taller than Salman Khan. Amir Khan is probably the shortest of all Khans but he is unparallel, unique for his acting. I am his fan.

  154. Harshit thakur :

    I have published my comment earlier my frnd says that height is not much important but one's works are important nd with respect to all i say that ranbir kapoor is no less than 6 feet bcos we have seen him with katrina kaif nd he luks much taller than her and she is 5'9 by the way im still 6.05 as i mentioned earlier gd bye 2 all nd have fun

  155. rizwan khan :

    i'm satisfied MEGHNA'S cmt she says girls is 5"3&boy is 5"10 thn nt a grt cupl so in my opinion only diffrence b/w boy&girl should be 1 to 2 inches and may be equal thn make a grt chemistry b/w them.& also hight is nt matter only matter is hart.if any bddy increse our hight if&only if he/she belongs under 20/18 years old that is d'nt take any bad activity 4 exe..smoking,drink.....!and hight is also depend's father's jens.MY HIGHT IS 5"6.5 and i'm love whose girl which hight is also 5"6.5 bt i d'nt know she like me.(09935570684) .... baki bad me........

  156. @nky :

    salu should be tall

  157. Anup :

    hey iam anup my hight sixfeet and 85kilo weight iam very happy

  158. jintu kumar baishya :

    ma height is 6'0ft nd i luv ma height but i have to make ma gud personality like ranbir kapoor.bcoz ranbir is ma fav actor.

  159. rupesh :

    guys!!! only a good height doesnt matter u got have a great attitude and confidence way taller than ur height.... believe me ull earn a lot... am a model and am 6'1.5" tall bare foot but am doin well oz of my attitude... lol..

  160. firoz ahmed :

    i like suniel shetty personality i thought his hieght is 5"10 but he is 5"9.5 great i guessed approx right

  161. kalim :

    hi my hight is 5.11" i don't no is good ya bad

  162. hameed :

    hello every body: my height is 6/ft and i say i am taller then all of bollywood actor

  163. kinder144 :

    height is a very-important part of our body as well as success in life ...

  164. vivek mishra :

    my opinion is height& weight is not a good think of our life because tallent is most important activity of our life so everybody faced the hard community in the our life

  165. Vivek :

    I had seen Aishwarya Rai, Rakhi Sawant, Kareena Kapoor face to face in my room.

  166. krishna chowdhary :

    m 5'8.... n i cnt believe dat salman,sharukh n shahid r smaller dan me.....tooo strange yaar.!!!!!!

  167. faizan_jan :

    ranbir i like you.>

  168. Shamsa bloch :

  169. faizan_jan :


  170. danish :

    make a shake of milk, & eggs and drink continuosly till urs height will increase.......

  171. shrutika :

    i am d bigest fan of ranbir kapoor he roxx!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. leese :

    Hi , i am lee,my height is 5.8 inc and i wanna incrz it up to at-least 6 feet . please tell me how could i get that or what should i do to get my height,,please tell me in my mail..pleaseeeeeeee..

  173. kaushal singh :

    height is very inportent for man my height is 5.6 bt i m not happy i think my height should be 5.8. how it possible

  174. tanu :

    personally experiance hai, i hide name bcoz you may know me!!!!!!! best of luck ladte raho! kabhi loude bhi bada naap lena sabse bada aamir ka hi hoga!!!!

  175. rana banik :

    ha ha i'm taller than everyone....

  176. deepak :

    hi friends im 5ft'4in give me some advice to increase my hight 5'6in kk im a biggest fan of amir khan

  177. Harshit thakur :

    My height is 6.05 w/o shoes and i thnk it is nt satisfactory infact height shud be 6'3 vaise b Sbi ki itni 6 ft height to hni hi chahiye although it doesnt matter one's deeds r mor imprtant smhow i stil want 2 increase my height by 2.5 inches

  178. Dollarsandy :

    Everyone is smaller than me......Mine is 6'11''..... And im proud of that.......

  179. PINKU :


  180. monu :

    nw im very happy to see tht almost all famous actors are of same my hight !e 5'7

  181. Aziz :

    Health is wealth, keep in mind...

  182. Ankush :

    My height is 5'11 ft .but i want 6 there is any medicine to increase my height.pls tell age is 18 yrs.

  183. shyam :

    bobby deol looks terrific in the film soldier,he looks to be very tough,gud looking guy

  184. aditya :

    i think john has greatest personality of bollywood

  185. biranchi :

    hieght is not the matter

  186. anand :


  187. shishir :

    i am a crazy fan of shahrukh & want a height like him..but my height is 5'6" anyone there please tell me how to increase age is

  188. NIRMAL :


  189. tamit :

    i made a thorough observation for last 3-4 yrs & frm dffrnt sites...also noticed the heels of shoes of sum actrs whose actual height is confusing sumtimes. i found tht among all,only Aakash gurnani have made all the perfect predictions...ther wud b hardly .5 inch more or less dfrnc...most of thm r correct

  190. avinash kapri :

    hello friends i m avinash, my height only 5ft 5in bt i m not feel i m very shorter nd i am big fan of aamir khan

  191. V.s.b :

    The height will increase by theyself, u can't do anything,,just drink milk,and train hard ..

  192. PALS_IITM :

    I never thought salman sir, shahid are smaller than me

  193. ZEEN :

    i ment for men it is 5foot 10 inch..........

  194. ZEEN :


  195. wajahat syed :

    hmmm no one is more taller then me .i'm 6feet nd 4 inch he he.

  196. Ron Patel :

    i am 5'6 1/2 from what i see, i am taller than some of the big superstars...thats a great feeling!

  197. Keshav Dev Singh :

    You should mention up-coming actor Keshav Dev Singh, which is 5 ft 9 in / 175.26 cms...

  198. mohsin ali :

    meri height 5ft2inch age 16 year how can i increase my height plz help me.

  199. Abhilash :

    I totally agree with aakash gurnani :-)

  200. Munish :

    Really happy to know hrithik is 5'10. i think ranbir must b 5'11 or 6'. my height is 6' too. lastly, luv u aamir sir.... u r the best best best.

  201. Ahmad noori :

    I am a great fan of salman khan and i know the height does n,t matter in personality and i know 5,8 is good heigth

  202. rajesh maharana :

    my age is 19 and my height is 5.5 so pleese tell how can i increase my height.

  203. allu :

    iam 6'2 at 17 years. if i become more it will be bore for me? iwant to stop my height if it is bad and i want to make more height if it looks good? tell me good or not?

  204. ankur :

    the above infoemation is sumwot correct..i agree with it..... n tips 2 increase ur ..height 1.hang for about 10 -15 mins daily in the early mornings on a bar ... 2. take vitamin e n c as much u can frm fruits .. 3 drinks gallons of water n 4. do 1.. dont go fr pills they r harmful..:) enjoy.. n 5'10 is an very gud height n aperson till 6'3 looks awesum ... lesser than 5'7 n taller than 6'3 are bad.....sumwot,..njyy!!!

  205. tarun :

    i think amir height is 5.4inches

  206. waleed bilal :

    every hero is nice but i very like hrithik roshan i love u

  207. Rajeev goswami :

    Ranvir is the tallest cutest smartest and such agreat actor

  208. Einew :

    Height does't matter in ur Life. So many stars in the world are not much Taller.They became stars due to their talent And not due to their Height' Sachin Tendulakar, Maradoana, Aamir khan, Star pop singers like Lady Gaga,Shakira, Britney Spears n so many. If some one have short Height then don't loose ur confidence, you must try to built ur strong personality in ur life.Becoz other peoples looks that n not useless thing ie. Height. Be happy in ur life n Be sure with ur aim. Best of luck to face enemies in ur Life.

  209. reena :

    awwwwwww!yarr i cant believe abhi is taller than his daddy

  210. diwakar :

    i am 19 years old and my height is 5.4.i am really worried about my height.what shall i do to increase my height?will i be able to be5.11inch.please give me the advise i will really thank you.

  211. amit rathor bwm :

    i am just 5'7 & i want to increse my height like ranbir kapoor

  212. amit rathor bwm :

    i am not satisfied b'coz my height 5'7.5 & i want 5'10 plz wish for me for 5'10

  213. anuj :

    all is well

  214. B'Fan :

    Imran khan is gonna be the best actor in doubt...u guys will agree once u see IHLS trailors

  215. meghna :

    heyy why no replies?

  216. Vimal :

    I want to increase my height

  217. meghna :

    heyy guys wuld a 6ft guy & 5ft girl luk odd as couples???? comment on it pls....

  218. bobby khan :

    dear friends please tell me how can i grow my height i am 5'3 i like 5'6 or 5'10 i am very confuse regards bobby please mail me

  219. amal :

    in the movie pyar kiya tho darna kya,in a scene kajols sister saying to her that salman is 5.10.

  220. karan :

    friend itna padh liya? ab meri suno! mera manana hein ki hight bahut kuch hoti hein par sab kuch nahi. jab aapko koi ladki pasand aati hein aur vo facial attractive hoti h tab kya aap uski hite dekhte ho kya?god swear mere grandpa k home mein jo servent hei jiski hight 6'7" hein phir b woh servent hi h. agar hite sab kuch hoti toh woh servent nhi da way im 5'10".

  221. atif :

    it is surprize 4 me sanjay dutt is 6'00 ft i was thinking he is 6'3 ft and fardeen khan 5'7ft in my thinking but he is 6'00ft about hrithik i think 6'00 but he is 5'10 every thing is totally change in movies im 5'11 in sweden

  222. atif :

    it is surprize 4 me sanjay dutt is 6'00 ft i was thinking he is 6'3 ft and fardeen khan 5'7ft in my thinking but he is 6'00ft about hrithik i think 6'00 but he is 5'10 every thing is totally change in movies im 5'11

  223. Sita :

    Well now i knew dat why my sisters dont like Aamir Khan.

  224. sammar :

    fardeen iz 2gud amongst all i lve u fardeen soooo much

  225. Tamanna :

    Amit ji is extra taller he must be like SRK

  226. anil :

    i think ranbir kapoor is a best actor in our future.

  227. pradeep machani :

    i thought that all actors except sharukh are very tall but there are many as sharukh

  228. Ajuba :

    Height doesnt matter.A man is measured on his stature.A man of 5 "8" with strong stature and bone frame is far better than a tall one with lean legs.

  229. mukul bisht :

    oh god i don't believe this, amir is only 5'5 inch and salmaan khan is 5'7 inch.

  230. yasir dangerous :

    tm sub ki maa ki khuss maa chod dnga jis ne amir dada ko kuch bola gandoan behn chod ha sary

  231. Tapan Nayak :

    I don't believe , hrithik is having only 5'10 inch .He must have > than 5'10.Give the correct height information.

  232. sam khan :

    i have met with katrina kaif and imran han personally katrina iz about 5/7 and imran is 5/9

  233. Soheil :

    OMG I always thought I was a short guy but now I know I am taller than Aamir and Salman and same height as SRK! LOL :))

  234. Arush :

    Hey, i never knew shahid kapur has such chintu height...m 18 n my heigt is 5'10 but i want it to be atleast 6..pls tell me any way...

  235. rajat :

    i think amir khans height is 5"4 and shahrukh is 5"6 they dont reveal the truth in media

  236. payal :

    i have seen ranbir he is no less than 6'feet

  237. Rocky :

    I have seen Uday Chopra very close from me in Kolkata. I am 5'8" he is not more than 5'6".

  238. dr.ashish :

    height is more genetic you can't increase your height by medicines but if want to do it you can go for a surgery its call Limb Lengthening Surgery it is very painful and costly but it is the only solution you can increase your height 2-4 inches for more info just search it on net it is available in India also but remember be yourself god make you perfect don't bust your tissues your body is worthless. have a good life bye bye

  239. honey gairola :

    i m vr happy to read ds . shahid hight is 5'7.5 . my hight is 5'6 . i look like shahid wn i incres my hight 2 inc more

  240. sanchita :

    Ranbir Kapoor is so tall than me I am very very very much happy that I know all about RK 'I LOVE YOU RK VERY MUCH RK'!!!

  241. sabal :

    Well basically there is a postive and negative aspect to eveything . so that means you will certainly have some drawbacks either you are tall or short . so all you can do is be yourself and be happy with what you have . i am six feet and i am proud of it . really in life all that matters is what type of person you really are . tall or short we all are humans .

  242. Ahsan khan :

    i thing Aamir Khan Salman khan Shahrukh Khan shoter but best best acters in boolywood

  243. Bilal Khan :

    I think you all People are free to wasting your own time on bollywood actors, They are making money and you people waste your time.How short are Aamir Khan, Does a matter, The Bollywood king are who? you all no that.(shor) they are (Khans) Only Khans ....................I am Khan aswell Bilal khan AFG .........

  244. bikal shrestha :

    my height is 5.10

  245. sirajuddin saadaan :

    hey, what ever the height is acting of a superstar depends,we dont have to do anything with their heights,im a 17 yr old boy struggling to become tall as im only 5.7 ft i wanna grow tall so pls recomend me this is my cell num : 0096638061195

  246. amit soni :

    Height does't matter,works matter,Mahatma gandhi was just 5',Charlie chep. was just 5.1,sachin ten is 5.4,Hitler was 5.

  247. Anshu :

    height's 1 f da many things dat cn mak u attrctv...though tis nt da only thing... there r othr things also which r ovrratd...say skin colour n facial features... but IMAO...ryt attitude n da way u present urself score a way highr than 'only height'...

  248. deepak :

    height is neccesary to man ...i am 6" fit tall but some where people dnt like tall man but somewhere they like hum! i want to meet amitabh.................

  249. ChaandL :

    OMG, is Shahid really shorter than Shahrukh...!? pfff

  250. ashish :

    i think height did't matter personality is main i m 6.0 and my bro is 5.10 but he look 100 time good then me and lots of more peopel looks nothing in front of him my uncel is 6.3 but he looks like hell.

  251. rohan :


  252. chaitu :

    oh my god! and how tall they pretend to be

  253. viveke :

    yes the above mentioned info is perfect, in a campaign in bangalore I happened to meet Big B along with Javagal Srinath …Javagal Srinath is 6′3″ and Big B was way shorter than him so with tht reference we can get ride of Ht myths and believe Big B is only 6 ft at the max.But height doesnt win anything, be proud of wht u hv not envy wht others hv

  254. viveke :

    hi my hight 175.25 in....

  255. krushna diora :

    wow amirs hight is not that much but work is big and yaaa arjun look good in hight

  256. ViNeEt ShArMa :

    yo..!! man thiz website revealzz da real height of da celebzzz...i m reelyy satisfied... @..ViNeEt..@ myy height is 5'9..widout shoezz..

  257. subh : my discussed abt the hight of celebs..but am confused why such juzz 5.8 and thinks itzz ok..wht thr in height..??personality is the main thing..isn't it??

  258. karthik :

    yes the above mentioned info is perfect, in a campaign in bangalore I happened to meet Big B along with Javagal Srinath ...Javagal Srinath is 6'3" and Big B was way shorter than him so with tht reference we can get ride of Ht myths and believe Big B is only 6 ft at the max.But height doesnt win anything, be proud of wht u hv not envy wht others hv :)

  259. mohit :

    this site roxxx.....the observer is a vrry smart person.....all the actor's height specified vrry much true.....

  260. abiz :

    does height and built actually make any difference...... i have both .... but very few ppl find me handsome...... why can't god b kinder....

  261. saima :

    you guys are freaks hah... why bother about the heights .. let the stars be... my god you think to much...

  262. Vinod :

    Is Hrithik height 5''10 only?? I think he is 6''0 height.

  263. shabina rai :

    heyy!!!!!!!! iguess abisheik is d tallest actor. sharukh_5.7 he"s charismatic. salman_5.6 always rocks. aamir_5.5 juuuusssst perfect. akshay_5.11 quite funny{bt abhi koi achi movie to karo} saif_5.6.5 {saifeena banane k bad etna weiht kyun put on kar liya hai.} ranbir_5.10.5 u r damnn smart bt does not sound well.but i still luv u.

  264. tarq :

    i,m 17 year old which hight is perfect for 17 year please give an

  265. Arun singh :

    hi, Height does matter,Height speaks more than personality,My height is 5.11". U Can increase height ....latkna shuru karo...aaj se i think one should have look @ abhishek's height in bollywood and one can have look @ height of rajat bedi(bollywood's co-actor)

  266. ashu :

    how cum i increas my heigth…my heigth is 5′8…nd i want ki meri heigth 6 nd meri age hai 19….so plzz can u tell me ki mai apni heigth kaise badaun…..plzzzz….thanku… my no. +919210360911

  267. muhammad :


  268. big thinker :

    Hello friends I am cameraman and my height is exact 6'0 w/o shoes.In shooting i meet most of them like john abraham,hirithik roshan,abhishek bachan,amitabh bachan and arjun rampal. So in my opinion w/o shoes John abraham.5'10-5'11 Hirithik roshan.5'9-5'10 Abhishek bachan.5'11-6'0 Amitabh bachan.6'0-6'1 Arjun rampal.5'10-5'11 Believe me friends they are not giant but i am confused about abhishek bachan height sometimes he looks 3 inches taller than hirithik roshan and sometimes they look equal.If you think amitabh height is 6'2-6'5 you are wrong.My height is actual 6'0 w/o shoes and i see only amitabh looks 1 inch taller than me.So dont get confused. Samshad jilani.

  269. Webmaster :

    Hello everybody. I know everyone can't give same opinion about the heights. Even the actors don't reveal the truth. I made regular observations and also read all your comments and made some changes wherever needed. If you know the exact height kindly let me know. I will make due changes if needed. Thanking you. Webmaster

  270. Madhur :

    I Think Abishek Bachhan is Tallest Actor Than Other then John Abraham, Zayed Khan, Bobby Deol, Arjun Rampal, Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan , Govinda, Aamir Khan

  271. amit :

    well i just want to know abt john n ranbirs heigth.. exactly i don think john can reach that heigth without heels. n also ranbir says in movie dat he is like 6 but also shaheed said his heigth is abt 5 10 in kismat.. so watever actors shows is always sum above 3 inches why people don want to show der real personality

  272. roger :

    I HV WORKED WITH THESE STARS AS I M IN EVENT MANAGEMENT!!!!!! I M 6'3" tall!!!! INFACT I ALSO THOUGHT THAT THEY MIGHT B OF SHORT HEIGHTS AS THEY SHOW IN MOVIES !!! BUT TO MY SURPRISE THESE STARS WERE INCH OF 1\2 shorter than me!!!! w/o wearing any heels!! to my surprise sallu is 5'8" tall!!! but by adding heels he goes upto 5'10" but they don't lie about their heights!!!!

  273. symon :

    gobinda must not be 5ft8 inch. i think he would be 5ft6 inch..

  274. vishal :

    i m very big fan of aamir khan ...

  275. Far :

    John Abraham isn't 6"1 from any angle..he is shorter than 6"1 Abhishek Bachchan and 6' Amitabh..John is 5"11

  276. harjas :

    amitabh is smaller than abhishek .......

  277. Dev :

    In one of his interviews John said that he is 6 ft 1 inch, so from that we can believe that the above mentioned heights are all more or less correct!

  278. Cyrus :

    i believe .... Abhishek-6"1 Amitabh-6'(peak height 6"1) John-5"11 Aamir-5"5 SRK-5"7 Ranbir-5"10



  280. owais khan :

    we cant guse from movies because they do some trick in it as we see om shnti om depika equals sharokh another move sushsmita lokks equal to sharokh in janyman salan and akshy having same hights.may be sharokhs hight is 5.10 as he says in dar! am i right

  281. kartik :

    saif is atmost 5'7 ...i've seen him personally...

  282. SHAKIR :


  283. Priyam :

    well in the film bachna=ae=haseeno ranbir says he is 6 ft but now the truth is revealed he is only 5.10

  284. ? :

    Omg I never new that too! He is such a shortie and i thought Saif wuz the shortest!

  285. Sarah Kashyap :

    Ohh !! And I never knew that Aamir Khan is THIS short !!! Must say....all big things comes in small packages ! :-)

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