Celebrities Height – How Tall

List of Hollywood Male Celebrities Height

Al Pacino height 5 ft 7 in / 170.18 cms
Ben Stiller height 5 ft 6.5 in / 168.91 cms
Brad Pitt height 5 ft 11 in / 180.34 cms
Bruce Willis height 5 ft 11.5 in / 181.61 cms
Chris Brown height 6 ft 0 in / 182.88 cms
Christian Bale height 6 ft 0 in / 182.88  cms
Daniel Radcliffe height 5ft 5.5 in / 166.37 cms
Daniel Craig height 5 ft 10.5 in / 179.07 cms
George Clooney height 5 ft 11 in / 180.34 cms
Hulk Hogan height 6ft 4 in / 193.04 cms
Lil Wayne height 5 ft 5.5 in / 165.10 cms
Johnny Depp height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Justin Timberlake height 6 ft 1 in / 185.42 cms
Leonardo Dicaprio height 5 ft 11.5 in / 181.61 cms
Mark Wahlberg height 5 ft 8.5 in / 173.99 cms
Matt Damon height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Orlando Bloom height 5 ft 10.5 in / 179.07 cms
Prince height 5 ft 2 in / 157.48 cms
Prince Harry height 6 ft 3 in / 190.50 cms
Rodrigo Santoro height 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Rupert Grint height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Ryan Seacrest height 5 ft 8 in / 172.72 cms
Sylvester Stallone height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Vin Diesel height 6 ft 0 in / 182.88 cm

All the data published on this page are derived from actors official websites, fan websites of actors, social network profiles, forums and other reliable sources.

Height matters sometimes


32 thoughts on “Celebrities Height – How Tall”

  1. iam 5.3\” i hav a very inferiarity complex .but iam but that i look cute and handsome.but my height is little dissapointing.can any body help

  2. I’m the same height as bond. Works fine for me.
    Easy to find nice clothes that fit!

  3. I’m between 5’8-9 16 years old and I’m an aspiring actor but I always thought I was too short. Now that I see this I don’t feel to discouraged haha

  4. im 6’3 and feel really self-conscious about my height. i’ve wanted to be 6’2 for years, can anyone help?

  5. salman is at 1 no. no body can beat him because he is the man who brought the bollywood at very high place.

  6. hi everyone..this is tia and i am from india. my boyfriend who is a british,is 19 years old and is 5.10 and i am 5.3. do u guys think we will look perfect together? or is he still short?

  7. I’m 20 and standing between 5 foot 9 and 10.
    I work out a lot, bigger than most people my age (even if they are giants to me), so I’m okay with being average height.

  8. i am a 17yrs old indian girl & am only 5.4ft.It’s so embarrasing.Can i grow a few more inches by exercising.

  9. Are you all so insecure about your own mediocre lives that you feel a dominance in your life due to your height difference with actors who know the definition of hard work equals results. Congratulations on showing how sad your upbringing must have been. Say you are taller than one of these but are those 3 inches going to afford you a house in beverly hills hahaha

  10. well…i’m a 19 years old GIRL from an ASIAN country and guess what…i’m 1.77 m which means i’m around 5 ft 9.5 inch.. to tell the truth, I FEEL GOOD looking at this list..hah

  11. hmmm….

    good post, but i still have doubt on height of few actors ….like daniel readcliffe,christian bale and matt damon….

  12. well mostly the actors heights are correct but leonardo dicaprio is not taller than matt demon that i am confirmed abt he is more like mark wahlberg so his height is 5ft 9 in
    and also vin diesel is not taller than stallone so he must be 5ft 10

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