Malayalam Actors Height – How Tall

List of all Malayalam actors height

Asif Ali Height. 5 ft 7 in / 170.18 cms
Babu Antony Height. 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Bala Height. 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Captain Raju Height. 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Dileep / Dilip Height. 5 ft 7 in / 170.18 cms
Jayaram Height 6 ft 0 in / 182.88 cms
Jayasuriya Height 5 ft 8 in / 172.72 cms
Keerikkadan Jose Height 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Kunchako Boban Height 5 ft 7 in / 170.18 cms
Mammootty Height 5 ft 11 in / 180.34 cms
Mohanlal Height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Mukesh Height 5 ft 10 in / 177.80 cms
Prithiviraj Height 6 ft 0 in / 182.88 cms
Siddique Height 5 ft 8 in / 172.72 cms
Sphadikam George Height 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Sreenivasan Height 5 ft 4 in / 162.56 cms
Suresh Gopi Height 6 ft 1 in / 185.42 cms
Suresh Krishna Height 6 ft 2 in / 187.96 cms
Vineeth Sreenivasan Height 5 ft 5 in / 165.10 cms

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Height matters sometimes

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  1. I am a 16 yrs old girl..And i have a height of 164 cm. is it good/bad..?please reply guys..

  2. I am a 16 year old girl..and I’ve a height of 164 it good/bad..? please reply guys…

  3. guy’s dont measure their heights, it’s not a matter to prove themself, because , you can see sachin. he prove himeself that he is good in cricket playing

  4. Somethings are wrong….. me & ma fav..handsome hunk prithvi was same height…. am 183cm long… I mean it just 6.1 feet… bt prithvi is taller than me…. how this possible….

  5. im about 6.2 feet tall and 16 years old .i like being tall . My friends like my height.

  6. Hey u man (who created this chart!!!) u r increasing each actor by 2 to 3 inches expect suresh gopi,babu anthony,prithviraj,mamooty,major ravsi,reenivasan and his son!!! How much u got doing this????

  7. hey guys,
    i’m 6ft tall and medium built(70 kgs)
    i’m 21 years old. Is my height and weight are healthy???

  8. Hei Guys…,
    Whts Unni Mukundan’s Height..???
    am 172 CM.. Is there any medicine to improve my height.??? My Age is 26….

  9. I’m 5’10”, I’m live in the Unites States and I want to act in Malayalam Movies

    Phone #: 847-912-9763

  10. i have seen many tall actors who failed to put a mark in the industry….height does not matter but wat matters more is talent….want the proof …..gin nus pakroo….saying that ur taller than an actor does not mean u r better than them….it just shows that u envy them.


  12. This is the real heights : Mammootty – 5’11, Mohanlal – 5’9, Suresh Gopi – 6’1, Prithviraj – 6, Jayaram – 6, Mukesh – 5’10, Dileep – 5’7, Kunchako Boban – 5’7, Siddique – 5’8, Jayasurya – 5’8, Babu Antony – 6’3, Sphadikam George – 6’2.5, Keerikkadan Jose – 6’3.5, Captain Raju – 6’3, Suresh Krishna – 6’2, Bala – 5’10,

  13. i am taller than mammootty. i am 6 feet height and 72 kg weight.i think this is good

  14. my name is mohammad yasar araftah i am 6.2 height.,i feel my height is my identity .,

  15. I am 6’4″ height and 100Kgs weight. Because this size I am getting difficulty to find a bride.

  16. yeah… taller dan dileep,jayasuriya,sreenivasan nd vineeth sreenivasan….my height is 172.5cms…. well who is dat athulya joseph?????? she is showng soo much of attitude…. nd i think smeone else also commented abt her… anywayzz nyc 2 knw all deir heights…… nd interesting comments when readng…. tc:)

  17. Mr. Ajmal,

    Never be badly proud of yourself. It will cause your own destruction. Have you heard the story of the rabbit and tortoise?

  18. i knw dat prithvi is 179.5cm.then..asif ali is 172.6cm.i knw people wont believ in asif’s case bt u shuld as he have cmee 2 my house and is 2cm taller than me.

  19. Hight, glamour, colour ithonnumalla oru nadanaavan venda yogyatha.
    athinulla yogyatha enthanennu cinepremikalk nannayi ariyam…

  20. There were many ugly actors, who became great actors through their talent. So, talent is their real height.

  21. Sorry, I am just 5.7′, an inch taller than my father (5.6′) and seven inches taller than my mother (5.0′)…

  22. How dare you say that Mohanlal is not a super star! He is a mega star now! Also, talent is the real height. By that way, all the three you mentioned are tall. Please note that.

  23. mohanlal,sreenivasan, dileep – they are short compared to other actors. if they had got more height they would not have become super stars !

  24. Sreenivasan, his son Vineeth Sreenivasan and Dileep are now shorter than me and I am even taller than my parents. I am 5.8′, which is a huge height.

  25. i taller (182),dancer (like hrithik), sharper(weight-65), glamour(like mammootty), singer(like yeshudas), jumber. boost and horlick’s is the secret of my all these energies.
    no body in mollywood, bollywood, kolywood can callenge me

  26. everybody thinks that a malayali can reach a maximum height of 6 feet or 6’1 and rated suresh gopi as the maximum or captain raju… yes… it is talent thaat matters, not the physical height!!! for ur kind information, men’s height have reached much greater than 6 feet. please undrstand.!!! i am going to give u the details of some of the actors in malayalam film industry… and i bet their height is NOT going to b LESS than what i say… i guarentee.. trust me

    increasing order..
    innocent- 5’6.5
    kochin haneefa-5’7.5
    kunchako boban- 5’7
    jayasurya- 5’9.5
    sarath kumar-5’11
    salim kumar-6
    biju menon-6
    manoj k jayan-6’0.5
    suresh gopi-6’3
    babu antony-6’4
    sphadikam george-6’4
    captain raju-6’4
    keerikkaadan jose- 6’4.5(the tallest in malayalam)

  27. Height is not compared with their talents.. Talent is the real “height”… So don’t waste time in comparing heights, instead compare their talents..
    Please close this discussion
    Best of luck.

  28. Malayalam actors might generally be shorter than telugu actors, but height has nothing to say.

    Malayalam actors are better looking and better at acting.

    Lets take Allu arjun as Example: Have you noticed how he acts? ==> same expression even if he is happy or crying. Now thats bad acting! Can’t understand why ppl like him.

  29. Iam taller than dilip, jayasurya, kunchako, mohanlal i have 172 cms. Malyalam stars are very short people but telugu stars are very tall

  30. Suresh gopi 6’1
    Jayaram 6
    Prithviraj 5’11
    Mammootty 5’10
    Mohanlal 5’8
    Jayasurya 5’7
    Dileep 5’6
    Sreenivasan 5’5
    Vineeth Sreenivasan 5’5
    Mukesh 5’11
    Jagadish 5’7
    Salim Kumar 5’8
    Kalabhavan Mani 5’8
    Kailash 6
    Jagathy Sreekumar 5’7
    Innocent 5’5
    Siddique 5’8
    Ashokan 5’9
    Harisree Ashokan 5’6
    Nedumudy Venu 5’5
    Cochin Haneefa 5’6
    Janardanan 6
    Indrajith 5’8
    Bijukkuttan 5’4
    Rajan P. Dev 5’7
    Kunchacko Boban 5’6
    Sudheesh 5’6
    Vineeth 5’7
    Lalu Alex 5’7
    Captain Raju 6’1
    Lal 6
    Mamukoya 5’6
    Sai Kumar 5’9
    Maniyanpilla Raju 5’6
    Kuthiravattom Pappu 5’6
    Murali 5’7
    Manoj K. Jayan 6
    Bheeman Raghu 5’7
    Sphadikam George 6
    Babu Antony 6’1
    Prem Kumar 5’6
    Kalashala Babu 5’6
    Manikkuttan 5’7
    Vijayaraghavan 5’7
    Augustin 5’8
    T.P Madhavan 5’6
    Kollam Thulasi 5’7
    Ganesh 5’7
    Bala 5’10
    Shammy Thilakan 5’9
    Babu Namboothiri 5’6
    Vinayakan 5’7
    Kochu Preman 5’4
    Oduvil Unnikrishnan 5’11
    Biju Menon 5’10
    Suraj Venjaramood 5’7
    Allu Arjun 5’11
    Johny 5’11
    Shankar 5’10
    M.G Soman 5’8
    Madhu 6
    Karamana Janardanan Nair 5’6
    Ratheesh 5’9
    Rizabawa 5’10
    Baiju 5’7
    Naren 5’8
    Anoop Chandran 5’5

  31. Most of the malayalam actors are not seeing glamour in height. All are trying to become fat. Am i Right?

  32. the actors have to lift their head down based on the height they reached with their talent,otherwise there is of no use

  33. Wow, the comments are hilarious. Especially the ones by Tittumon and Dundumon, very Malayaly-ish, loved those comments…

    By the way, I think the heights given are fairly accurate. Tho’ maybe Dileep is a bit shorter than 5’6″…

  34. Most malayalam actors ive met are tall(in barefoot and in shoes) and they are all like 5’10 and above.

  35. sureshgopi -6 foot

    jayaram -5’11


    prithviraj-6 foot




    sachinTENDULKAR -5’5”
    virendar SEHWAG – 5’8″
    Ms DHONI – 5’9″
    yuvraj SING – 6’1
    VIRAT KHOLI- 5’11
    ASHISH NEHRA- 6’3″
    S SREESANTH- 5’11”

  37. Azharuddin-6,0
    Dravid -6,0
    Yousuf -6,3
    Irfaan -6,2
    Zahir -6,2
    Shastri -6,4
    Sreesanth – 6,2
    Aby Kuruvilla-6,6
    Tinu Yohanan-6,4
    Kaif -6,0
    Siddu -6,2
    Jaffer -6,2
    Dhoni -5,9
    Laxman -6,2
    kumble -6,2
    Prasad -6,4
    sreenath -6,4
    Ganguly -5,11.5
    Vengsarkar -6,2
    Binny -6,1
    Amarnath -6,1
    Kapil -6,1

  38. Suresh Gopi may be 5’11’, Jayasurya may be 5’7″, Vineeth Srinivasan may be 5’5″, Prithviraj may be 5’10.5″ & Dilip may be 5’7″.

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