Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan wedding

Hrithik Suzanne wedding

#  Bollywood young heartthrob Hrithik Roshan atlast married his childhood sweetheart Suzanne Khan, daughter of Sanjay Khan on 20 Dec 2000. The wedding ceremony taken place at heavily guarded Golden Palms Resort and Spa, around 22 kms away on the Bangalore-Pune highway. The bride’s father Sanjay Khan owns the above said resort hence it was easy for them to keep the wedding ceremony a mystery till last minute..!!

#   According to the Muslim traditions Sanjay Khan arranged a horse for his son-in-law. Hrithik Roshan followed by his baraat, rode
the horse around the resort for a while.

#  On the wedding day Hrithik was dressed in white jodhpuri and sehra. Suzane the bride was wearing maroon lehenga-choli & a gold Tarun Tahiliani dupatta .

#  The marriage ceremony was done according to Hindu and Muslim rituals. The marriage was a unique blend of two religions. Sanjay Khan the bride’s father said that the marriage ceremonies observing both Hindu and Muslim rites were a reflection of the amity between the two communities. “Does love have any religion,” he asked. Religion is no bar to true love, he added, recalling how Hrithik’s love for Suzanne had blossomed from his boyhood.

#   The wedding again proved the old saying “Love is Blind”. It was a private ceromany restricted to very few invited guests which just includes their relatives and closest friends of two families. After the ceromonies the marriage was officially registered in sub-registrar’s office in Bangalore North.

#  The chanting of mantras and the alam continued on the sides. When Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne had been pronounced man and wife, fireworks erupted into the sky in celebration.

#  Belly dancing, a musical performance by Sukhbir and a special array of Indian food with kebabs were the hallmarks of the marriage evening.

What Hrithik said to his fans

#  “I don’t think they are heartbroken. I think they are happy for me and wish me well.” [ When Hrithik Roshan was asked about breaking the hearts of millions of his fans]

#  Hrithik Roshan even requested his fans not to breakheart over him and bless the newly wedded couples with love..!!

Invitees of Hrithik Marriage

The wedding was a private ceromany restricted to very few invited guests which just includes their relatives and closest friends of two families. Among them were Rishi Kapoor Randhir Kapoor, Jeetendra, Dimple Kapadia with daughter Rinke, Yukta Mookhey, the Soorna brothers,Yash Chopra’s son Uday Chopra , Adarsh Gill, Kunal Kapoor, designer Anna Singh, Farah Khan and others. The Bachchans were invited but they could not make it. The Big B was in London.

Chief Minister of Karnataka SM Krishna, Revenue Minister HC Srikantiah, Minister of Industries RV Deshpande, Minister of Medical Education Nafees Fazal, Dharam Singh and  Roshan Baig were among the politicos who were invited to bless the couples.

Crazy Fans couldn’t see him..!!

The security was very tight on the wedding day due to Mumbai Mafia. Mumbai police had already informed the Karnataka police that Rakesh was top on the “hit list” of the Mumbai mafia. Hence the fans of Hrithik were not even allowed to have a look..!! Here are few examples:

  • “I came to see my hero with so much expectation. These securitymen don’t understand how a fan feels. Am I going to cause any security problem for my hero?”   Anasuya Sen, a 20 year-old, student of NIIT, B’lore.
  • “We want to see Hrithik. We want to see Hrithik. We even bluffed that we were schoolmates of Hrithik, but it didn’t work.” [Screaming]  Pratipal Singh and Bunty teenagers.
  • “Believe me, even I have not been invited.”  Superintendent of police S. Ramakrishna, who was supervising the security arrangements there.

The list is too big to publish…!! But its true that the fans were utterly disappointed…!! Broken heart for two reasons…!!??

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  1. A very fine example of religious amity. What an example of LOVE which conquers everything. Best wishes to both Families!

  2. you tuch my heart i wish heartly your always be happy i am waiting for your replay your small sister

  3. I am hrithik’s fan bt i believe on him as my Idol. he married to his beautiful childhood love suzanne yet he got superstar. Both looking divine n beautiful pair. Its one of his achievement n quality for what i believe in hrithik.


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