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Biography / trivia 

#  Ileana D’Cruz was born on 1st November 1987 in Mumbai, India to Ronaldo and Samira. She has two sisters and a brother, her elder sister is Farrah, younger brother is Rhys & youngest sister is Eileen. Though born in Mumbai she was brought up in Goa.

#  She started her modeling career reluctantly. In 2003 she started to take modeling seriously her mother’s friend was able to get her an appointment with Marc Robinson. But she calls her first portfolio a “disaster”. Later she did some photo shoots and ramp shows, subsequently she worked for Electrolux, Fair and Lovely and Emami Talc.

#  Rakesh Roshan played a major role in moulding her career. After working with him she gained great confidence and flooded with offers from film producers.

#  She made her film debut in “Devadasu” in 2006. Her debut movie was a hit and she strongly established herself in the industry after her blockbusters like Pokiri, Jalsa, Kick etc. Her Kollywood debut was with “Kedi” in 2006 and her bollywood debut was with “Barfi!” in 2012.

#  Her favourite movie is “Amar Akbar Anthony” and she started to watch it when she was a kid and still watches it whenever she gets free time.

#  She is able to maintain her perfect shape despite neither working out at gyms nor following a special diet.

#  She is fluent in English but initially had problems in Hindi and put great efforts to improve her accent during the filming of “Barfee”.


“I’ve gone with a pure gut instinct in all the films I’ve chose to work in, whether it’s the co-stars, my director, and big budget or small, it could be anything. The script is the soul of the film and I go with the flow when I read it. If it takes me by surprise, I do the film or else I leave it.”

“As an actor I am supposed to do justice to the role and the film I am doing. I don’t know if I am the highest paid female star or not.”

“I am quite a foodie and love to binge on biryani, sweets — the works, but my constitution is such that I don’t put on weight.”

Filmography / all movies list

Year Movie Director Co-stars
2006 Devadasu Y.V.S Chowdary Ram,Sayaji Shinde
Pokiri Puri Jagannadh Mahesh Babu,Sayaji Shinde
Kedi Jyothi Krishna Ravi Krishna,Ramesh Khanna
Khatarnak Amma Rajasekhar Ravi Teja,Ali
2007 Rakhi Krishna Vamsi Jr. NTR,Suhasini,Charmme Kaur
Munna Vamsi Paidipally Prabhas,Kota Srinivasa Rao
Aata V.N. Aditya Siddharth Narayan
2008 Jalsaa Trivikram Srinivas Pawan Kalyan,Parvati Melton
Bhale Dongalu Vijaya Bhaskar Tarun Kumar,Jagapati Babu
2009 Kick Surender Reddy Ravi Teja,Shaam
Rechipo Parachuri Murali Nitin
Saleem YVS Chowdary Vishnu Manchu,Mohan Babu
2011 Shakti Meher Ramesh Jr. NTR,Manjari Phadnis
Nenu Naa Rakshasi Puri Jagannadh Rana Daggubati,Abhimanyu Singh
2012 Nanban Shankar Vijay,Jiiva,Srikanth
Barfee Anurag Basu Ranbir Kapoor,Priyanka Chopra
Julayi Trivikram Srinivas Allu Arjun,Rajendra Prasad
Devudu ChesinaManushulu Puri Jagannadh Ravi Teja,Prakash Raj

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