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Name John Abraham
Birth Name Farhan
Date of Birth 17 December 1972
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Star Sign Sagittarius
John Abraham Height 6’1″
Nationality Indian
Father Marthomite Christian architect, from Kerala
Mother Phiroza Irani
Brother Alan
Schoool Days Bombay Scottish School
College Days Jai Hind College
Profession Actor, Model
First movie__________ Jism

Biography / trivia

# John Abraham was threatened by some Hindu fundamentalists while filming “Water” as it had some controversial issues. [2005]

# The hot actor  works out in the gym for about two hours daily to keep his body fit and healthy.

# He had much interest in sports and he was, captaining the college football team during his college days.

# Bollywood celebrities like John Abraham and Dilip Kumar have joined hands with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to petition chief ministers for safety of elephants in urban areas. [2007]

# Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham endorsed “Pepsi My Can”. Two big stars promoting a brand together is very rare in bollywood.

# “After working with John I realised what a wonderful human being he is. He just brings so much positive energy to the location. And he’s so willing to learn and participate. John was my first and last choice for Luna. If I have my way and if he fits in I’ll cast him in all my films,”- Deepa Mehta

# The actor / model entered modelling through a firm called Time & Space Media Entertainment Promotions Ltd.

# He is half South Indian and half Persian.

# His father is a Christian from Kerala and his mother belongs to India’s Parsee community.

# His real name is Farhan. His father changed it later.

# He won the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 1999.

# The actor / model won second place in Manhunt International contest held in Singapore.

# He is currently dating Indian actress Bipasha Basu. They have been dating for the last five years. Bipasha described how John proposed on TV talk show “Koffee with Karan”.

# “People can say what they like. They do that anyway, no matter what explanations we give. John and I are not answerable to anyone.” [Bipasha Basu]

# Though he appears in films John Abraham loves modeling.

# He earned an MBA degree from MET.

# The model made his film debut with “Jism” in 2003. It was a controversial movie and did well at box office.

# John is the brand ambassador for Castrol Power 1.

# He is also the brand ambassador for the Yamaha marque.


# “I don’t have a problem being labeled a sex symbol though I personally don’t feel very sexy about myself. There’s no harm in my creating a niche for myself in a certain bracket.”

# “Love is limitless and it is giving. There should be no expectations in love”.

# “I was slightly disheartened when three of my films didn’t work at the box-office.But the silver lining is that people did appreciate my work in those films. Had my performance gone unnoticed, I would’ve been in big trouble then”.

# “My greatest strength as an actor is that I follow my director’s brief completely. The film is always the director’s visual baby.”

# “I have no inhibitions when it comes to showing off my physique, but appearing nude on screen is out of the question. I don’t need to resort to it and definitely not at this stage of my career.”

# “it’s a fantastic industry with the nicest people.” [ About modelling]

Best movies list

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  1. muzhda yousafzai :

    hi john i am your big friend. i am form kabul afghanisatan

  2. Parul :

    Hi john I really like your modesty. Never seen a man like you with such great ethics and morals. You inspire us all. Thanks for being an idol. I am a struggling makeup artist and designer Doing freelance work here and there. Hats off to you. May god give you all the deserved happiness. Really appreciate your hardwork and humanity

  3. Nithin :

    I'm great fan u... i wish all the success coming ur projects.. awaithing..

  4. sajan jose :


  5. sajan jose :

    u r among best actors,,,u r kerala's pride...why dnt u act in a Malayalam movie

  6. hii this is raj i am urs bigest fan. :

    hi its me raj and i am big fan of yours.

  7. TABREZ :

    You r to good john dam smart.. And cool.

  8. jitendra tank :

    hi performance in 'dhoom' all d best 4 ur career.

  9. jitendra tank :

    well done jhon in dhoom. Wish u all d best 4 ur next films. U r a good example of non-secularism. Ppl must learn 4m ur life n should not fight with other religion's ppl. May god help u.

  10. aiswarya :

    hi, john u are my fav

  11. :

    Hi john, this is tanu sharma from mathura u.p. I m nt only ur fan bt i also lyk u a lot. May ur swt dimpls b d same 4evr

  12. Rajesh ainala :

    Hai.........john. May ra mam rajesh. i lake your movies. plese call me 9492554220 plz call me........... plz call me....... plz call me.....

  13. isuru dilshan :

    hi john u are my only fauvorite actor, my name is isuru dilshan from in srilanka.i like u!

  14. lovena teeluck :

    hi john u are my only fauvorite actor n i can tell u that my am the most big fan of urs

  15. waheed :

    my name is waheed from Afghanistan i like your each film you are the best

  16. bishnoi :

    hi jon i like you tere ma ke c

  17. bishnoi :

    hi jon i like you

  18. Preeti :

    Hi farhan, u look very cute and smart in short hair cut and i wish u all the best and always keep that sweet smile on your face, i like you very much. khuda hafiz and goodbye

  19. Danny john :

    Hi john.iam huge fan of u.u r first indian christian male hero rocks in the best for ur future dude.

  20. marowa :

    hi u r nic but not more then my boyfrnd.

  21. Gajender :

    john my Favorite star hi john

  22. oussama :

    i like John very much you are the best

  23. arjun :

    hi john how r u i like ur every movies i am big fan of u love u just keep it up

  24. Sonali Thakur :

    I want you to be happy forever and always.. wish you all the good wishes.. God Bless!!

  25. Sonali Thakur :

    Its been always a pleasure to watch your movie.. I have seen all of them and really enjoyed myself...

  26. hawa khaled :

    hi farhan, ur so handsome..i like u

  27. waqas :

    hi john!! how are you?? i like you so much........................

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  29. ubaid khan :

    hey john its me ubaid khan mio all frndz says dat john iz jst lyk yew............

  30. akhil :

    best of luck dude

  31. gargi tyagi :

    hi john m a great fan of yours.i lov ur style of looking,style of dressing each and every style of urs.u seems to be a very innocent.i like u so much dear.....wish u luck.

  32. reshma :

    hi john... am a big fan of urs... just wanna say good luck and all the best for ur future... n dont leave bipasha... reshma

  33. Aysel :

    hi john.I'm from Azerbaijan.I love you.

  34. Basket :

    Hey john i m u r big fan nd cz sumthng in u ur side face is looking like ma bstfrnd ok take care

  35. VINOD MEV :

    Hi farhan i m ur very big fan in the world. my all friends says me ur look like a john.

  36. sanya :

    i like your films but you just need to leave your top on and dont have an AFFAIRS with katrina please or anyone else

  37. sanya :

    are you sure you pray

  38. amy :

    ask back for lina

  39. amy :

    you love fun

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    you love me and lina

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    do you love lina malik

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    are you a muslim?

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    you are a very naughty man JOHN ABRAHAM

  46. sanya :

    love your body

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    love you

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    i love you

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    i love you

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    Do you go to the mosque

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    are you a muslim

  59. lina :

    break up with Bipasha Basu NOW

  60. John (Farhan) Abraham :

    Hello John. u r just an incredible human being.... ur heart,ur thoughts, all the things u do outside ur acting and modelling is just priceless... all the more reason why i deserve to meet you personally. that would be my ultimate dream come true. my email address is : My father and mother are both very ill and i spend as much time as i can with them as i live away from them. i read about your dream to build hospitals all over india, understanding through your parents' health battles that they have inspired you to do this.

  61. riddhy :

    hye farhan i am your big friend before this i think that farhan is from kabul now i know he is from bombay i am your big f on the world. i want to design the cloth of john

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