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Kajol and Ajay Devgan wedding

Couple wedding

No doubt that Kajol and Ajay Devgan are one among the cute perfect couples. They fell in love and married without much gossips..!!  Ajay Devgan & Kajol dated for few years even before marriage. But there were not any great controversies or gossips, everything was fine between them.

Kajol daughter of actress Tanuja and film producer Shomu Mukherjee married the bollywood actor Ajay Devgan on 24th February 1999. Mehndi ceremony was also held at Kajol’s apartment in Bombay a day before the wedding. It was a simple marriage ceremony attended by few close friends and relatives. The wedding ceremony was held at Ajay’s residence Varsha, in Juhu. The ceremonies were performed in the late evening at 7 pm.

The newly wedded couples went to Europe, Egypt, and Australia for their honeymoon. It was reported that Kajol will continue to act in films even after their marriage. Ajay Devgan said that its left to her and he has nothing to decide. He gave full freedom to his wife to decide.

Ajay Devgan quotes about Kajol

“I’ve sent a legal notice to the columnist who’s written that Kajol and I are breaking up. Either she tenders a written apology or prepares to face the consequences. It’s the giddy limit. Kajol and I know each other inside out so nothing can instigate us. Even if there was an iota of truth in the rumours, I’d have kept quiet. But totally baseless accusations can’t be taken lying down.” (Filmfare, Dec. 2001)

“I do not want to comment on my personal affairs. People talk too much — it’s really irritating me now. They jump to conclusions for no reason, without sufficient proof. I never talk about my personal life. After these rumours, I definitely do not want to comment on anything.” [About personal life]

Kajol quotes about Ajay Devgan and Marriage life

“There is no secret at all. It has worked because both of us wanted it to work and we have tremendous love plus respect for one another. You need to work on a relationship and that is what we do in our own little ways every single day. The feeling of caring must be there in both the partners and this does not begin or end with those three words ‘I love you.’ It is true that I am possessive about him in the same way that I am possessive about Nysa. But we also realise that we need to give some space to each other to grow individually, as a married couple and as Nysa’s parents. It is not that we do not have fights or arguments. But these are the things that add spice to a marriage, don’t they?” [About secret of happy marriage]

“A woman should trust her husband , only then will she be able to win him over , I’ve been born and brought up in this industry and know that here smoke can be conjured up without a fire . I trust my husband more than the rumours . I married him because I love him.”

“He was my husband at home and was the ruthlessly dominating boss on the sets and he told me to accept this change in the equation much before shooting began. After all, I have been an actress for too long to forget my professionalism on the sets and in front of the camera. Not that it did not disturb me at times, but I learnt to cope with it when I understood that he needed to cope with the changed equation as much as I did. He was so well organized that he left no scope at all for discussion, debate or argument.” [About Ajay as director of "U, Me aur Hum" ]

Kajol Movies after marriage

After her marriage the film industry believed that she won’t come back again to the movies thus ending her career with her “Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi”. She didin’t even gave any interviews to the media thus adding more doubts about her come back. It was reported that her in laws are expecting her to stay home and pay more attention to family. kajol neither admitted nor denied tha gossips. She gave a shock with her come back in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham which was a blackbuster of the year.

Kajol said:  ” As a Devgan daughter-in-law  and a member on the Board of Directors of the family’s company , I won’t be able to devote all my time to acting . I’ve thus decided to do one film at a time”

Kajol states ” I don’t believe this at all .It depends on the image of the heroine .If there is depth in her acting and if she is an actress to reckon within then marriage does not make any difference . But if she is only a Sex symbol or decorative doll , then marriage does make a difference . The careers of Hema Malini , Raakhee and Sharmila Tagore survived marriage. They were in the limelight  for years after their marriage . A lot of planning has gone into the selection of my films . I’ve never taken the shortcut to fame i.e. via sex and glamour , nor have i ever worked with incompetent directors . Even earlier I didn’t accept many films and now with responsibilities of the home and the company , I do not have much time to devote to acting.”

Her movies after marriage includes many hits like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Fanaa.


  1. I love watching kajol act.I was unable 2 keep it to myself after watching series of her movies.So i decided to know more of and try have her picture as my screensaver

    -> By Akinyemi Olajide

  2. u r both a cute couple love u a lot kajol

    -> By anushka

  3. love u lot kajol

    -> By anushka

  4. luv u lot kajol
    I luv ur smile in kuch kuch hota hi ur acting was marvelous I am everlasting fan of urs luv u kajol luv u so much I luv ur action If i meet u once in mylife hope so………….

    -> By manu

  5. I love Kajol very much. When i was in India i use to see her all the movies even though it was not hit. But since i am in USA it is really hard for me to watch her movies, but i do buy her movies and watch. She is so pretty and hope she could come back in movies. Kajol please do come back in movies, we all need you. love.


    -> By Rita ( USA )

  6. I like ajay devgan hair style &action all movie i like .ajay like old hair style

    -> By Arvind k.

  7. i luv everthing about u kajol,ur smile,style,hair,d way u act.u’re d best.i’ve findout dat ajay is ur husband.iluv his firms alot n also his style he is so different.kajol,mujhse dosti karoge.iwant ur reply pls.

    -> By besty

  8. a like ajay old hair style.

    -> By MEHUL

  9. hi kajol.. im ur fan ever since i started watching hindi movies… u r the best in b’wood… pls do more movies especially with SRK… all the movies with srk r blockbusters ony b’coz ur screen chemistry with srk..

    -> By raheem

  10. hai i like kajol

    -> By a.rahman

  11. Hi dear,i’ve always liked you and everything about you right from the time of kuchi kuchi hota hai.You are just sweet,cute and crazy.Pls do act more movies.Funny enough,we were born in the same month but myn’s on the 13th.I am a Nigerian and i am 23yrs old.I wish you the best in life.I love you!

    -> By Sadeeya

  12. kajol i like u so so so much you are indispensible to me and pls pls do more movies mai tumehare har ek movie ke lie wait karte hoo

    -> By ritu

  13. i have a dream that some day i could direct films only to extract kajols powerhouse talent

    -> By ritu

  14. hi this is my wish to find a girl like u kajol l’m not indian l’m from lran anyone likes to know me more id at yahoo is afshin_benvidi wish u luck kajol

    -> By afshin

  15. hi ajay m realy a huge fan of urs evn frm my childhood…i like kajol oly coz she is ur wyf…m jst crazy abt u i luv ur screen nd nw u do lot of comedy muves its simply mind blowing to c u make ppl laugh….i hope u read ds take care ajay bhaiya ur bro afaque…

    -> By afaque

  16. kajol u r so sweet

    -> By farhat

  17. kajol u r really so sweet.i like all of ur are so attractive.i really like your acting.u r a loving and decent couple of bollywood.

    -> By anum

  18. i love ajay devgons acting beacouse he is a true man that shows by his eyes ajay ji is greatest actor of universe nobody can challange his acting in the industry his every act is great shahrukh salman unki acting ke 1/100 hisse ke barabar bhi nahi h

    -> By satish mann

  19. i m living in gurgaon sec-23, an simple JAT boy of haryana want to meet with mr. ajay devgon his eyes are like god eyes i like his all movies but omkara bhagat singh ful aur kate m aisa hi hu kal jakhm are realy worlds greatest movie kajol is also an true actoress that is the region she is with the god of acting mr. ajay devgon

    -> By satish mann

  20. if u r fan of ajay devgon then please contact me to collect his best collections my no. 9899937927

    -> By satish mann


    -> By satish mann

  22. Hai kajol&Ajay,i love ur acting,really i am so happy ur marriage life.i wish ur life always happy.i am ur fan,that’s time i live in UK.but i watching ur old &new movies after free time.u know uk life is so busy and hard.u r great and cute couple in this world.i love both………….

    -> By AMAN UPPAL

  23. u r make each other.

    -> By prince

  24. hi ajay devgan i love you. i meet drim one day i have only one time meet you. i know. you are very bizz man. i hoop that we will meet me. my drim. my frivrate hero you only for you dasion action hero ajay devgan iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love youuuuuuuu please you are meet me.

    -> By vineet singh

  25. hi, i love kajol when she is witj ajay lookin dashin this couple is nice and cute cople in film industry .most beautiful thing i like in this couple thah both are caring to each other. I pray they live long life and all the best fr their married life.I also want my husband is look like just
    Ajay .
    At last “ALL THE BEST FR future”.

    -> By hi,ajay and kajol u are the cute coup;e in this film industry.I also want husband like u...........

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