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Biography / trivia

#  Lindsay Lohan was born on 2nd Jul 1986 in New York City, U.S. to Michael Lohan, a Wall Street trader and Dina Lohan,a television personality. She has two brothers, Michael Jr., Dakota Cody and a sister Aliana Ali.

#  Lohan’s parents married in 1985 but started to live separately in 2005 and their marriage ended in divorce in 2007. Dina Lohan took the custody of children. In 2007 she stated that she has lost all contact with his due to his unpredictable nature.

#  However, in 2007, 2008 and again in 2009 she said that she was no longer in contact with him, describing his unpredictable behavior as hard to deal with

#  She attended “Cold Spring Harbor High School” and had grat interest in science & mathematics. But after grade 11 she started to take home classes as she was busy with her film schedule.

#  Since her mother was in television it was easy for her to get into films. She entered modeling when she was just three years old. Her Hollywood debut was in 1998 with “The Parent Trap” and the was a huge hit. Her initial movies like “Freaky Friday”, “Mean Girls” were also commercial hits and helped her to establish her career strongly.

#  She did her album debut as a recording artist with “Speak” In 2004, after the success of “Speak” she did another album “A Little More Personal (Raw)” in 2005 which also turned to be commercial hit.

#  In 2007 her car met with a small accident and she charged of “driving under the influence” of alcohol. Lohan stayed at “Promises Treatment Center rehabilitation facility” for 45 days before her release. After few weeks Lohan was again charged of “driving under the influence” and possession of cocaine. Her driving license was suspended later. Due to these incidents she lost several projects as the producers found her inconsistent and not reliable. In 2011 she was charged with the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store and She was given 120 days sentence.

#  In 2008 US presidential election Lohan supported Barack Obama and on MySpace blogs she urged voters to support Obama, severely criticized Sarah Palin.

#  She started to date Samantha Ronson in 2008 but the couple broke up in 2009.


“I feel like a second parent in the sense that I helped raise my family…I was put between my mother and father a lot.”

“I’ve always been interested in singing and I’ve always been singing and dancing since I was little.”

“I write a lot of lyrics and I’m involved in the producing process, because it’s like, if I’m singing it, I want it to be something that I can relate to.”

Filmography / all movies list

Year Movie
Director Co-stars
1998 The Parent Trap Nancy Meyers Dennis Quaid,Natasha Richardson,isa Ann Walter
2000 Life-Size Mark Rosman Jere Burns,Tyra Banks,Garwin Sanford
2002 Get a Clue Maggie Greenwald Ian Gomez,Brenda Song,Bug Hall
2003 Freaky Friday Mark Waters Jamie Lee Curtis,Chad Michael Murray,Harold Gould
2004 Confessions of aTeenage Drama Queen Sara Sugarman Glenne Headly,Adam Garcia,Eli Marienthal
- Mean Girls Mark Waters Lacey Chabert,Rachel McAdams,Amanda Seyfried
2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded Angela Robinson Breckin Meyer,Justin Long,Michael Keaton
- My Scene Goes Hollywood Eric Fogel Kelly Sheridan,Danielle Judovits,Ashleigh Ball
2006 Just My Luck Donald Petrie Chris Pine,Jaqueline Fleming,Bree Turner
- A Prairie Home Companion Robert Altman Garrison Keillor,Lily Tomlin,Meryl Streep
- Bobby Emilio Estevez Harry Belafonte,Nick Cannon,Joy Bryant
2007 Chapter 27 J. P. Schaefer Jared Leto,Ursula Abbott,George Bryant II
- Georgia Rule Garry Marshall Jane Fonda,Felicity Huffman,Cary Elwes
- I Know Who Killed Me Chris Sivertson Neal McDonough,Julia Ormond,Brian Geraghty
2009 Labor Pains Lara Shapiro Cheryl Hines,Luke Kirby,Kevin Covais
2010 Machete Robert Rodriguez Danny Trejo,Cheech Marin
2012 InAPPropriate Comedy Vince Offer Rob Schneider,Michelle Rodriguez
- Liz & Dick Lloyd Kramer Grant Bowler,David Hunt,Tanya Franks
2013 The Canyons Paul Schrader James Deen,Gus Van Sant,Nolan Gerard Funk

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    lindsay lohan is a rockstar... she rockx the world...

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    She is totally talented on acting, all her movies were great. And surely, really all outnon act :)

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    nice actor, sweet girl. yeah i love lindsay's movies. but Unfortunately i heard that she was lift from acting in "the other side" movie because that she have no time, acting in "mechite"

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    i love the way you act.i love the movie i know who killed me cuz it scary and i love scary movies.i also love mean girls,perant trap,feacky friday,herbie fully loaded and just my luck.

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    Nice Person/Actor Wish I COuld Be In A MOvie WIth Her Lemme Know I'm A Unknown Actor I Live In Curacao

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