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Name Lisa Ray
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth April 4, 1972
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Star Sign Aries
Lisa Ray Height 5′ 5
Eye colour Green
Hair color Dark hair
Father Bengali father
Mother Polish mother
Schoool Days Canada
College Days Graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts
Hobbies Exercising, eating, walking
Languages Hindi, English
Started Modelling At age 16
Profession Actress, Model
First movie ________________ Kasoor


Biography / trivia  

*    Lisa Rani Ray was born on 4th April 1972 in Toronto, Canada to a Bengali Indian father & a Polish mother. Her mother passed away in 2008 due to health problems.

*    She was a very good student with great academic records, she attended “Etobicoke Collegiate Institute” Etobicoke, “Richview Collegiate Institute” Etobicoke & “Silverthorn Collegiate Institute” Toronto.

*    The actress wanted to be a novelist.

*    She was grown up in Toronto.

*    She started her modeling career at the age of 16 and a talent agent found her while she was in India during a family vacation.

*    Her first ad campaign was for Bombay Dyeing in 1997 after which she went to Canada to pursue her studies but after her mother was badly injured in a car accident she came back to India to pursue her modeling career seriously.

*    After much success in modeling world she made her film debut with Tamil film Nethaji in 1994 alongside Sarath Kumar.

*    She made her Bollywood debut with Kasoor in 2001 alongside Aftab Shivdasani wherein her voice was dubbed by Divya Dutta since her Hindi was not that great.

*    After her debut film Kasoor, Lisa Ray seems to have lost her interest in films. She said “I realised that that world was not for me. It demands dedication…”

*    The actress speaks many languages including Hindi though not brought up in India.

*    She worked as an ambassador for Rado watches in India.

*    After doing several movies she took acting seriously and went to London to study acting, she attended ‘Central School of Speech and Drama’, ‘The Desmond Jones school of Physical Theatre’, ‘The London Centre for Theatre Studies’ , ‘BADA’ and ‘Academy of Live and Recorded Arts’. She completed her masters degree in acting in 2004.

*    In 2009 Lisa Ray was diagnosed with rare type of cancer known as ‘multiple myeloma’ where white blood cells are severely affected. Ray had “stem cell transplantation” in 2009 to treat her cancer. In 2010, Ray announced that she was completely cured after stem cell transplant.

*    Lisa Ray practices yoga everyday despite of busy schedule.

*    Ray was engaged to management consultant Jason Dehni in February 2012 and the couple got married on 20th Oct 2012 in California.


“The story of my so-called affair with Sanjay Dutt came as a shock to me. I couldn’t handle it, so I ran away to Canada.”

“I have no home. I’m kind of placed in London, but Paris is where my boyfriend is. My parents are in Toronto and I work in New York and India a lot. That makes me a bit of a chameleon, and frankly, I like that.”

“A lot of models are going into films hats off to them. It’s a difficult life and unfortunately people expect too much from them. They probably work their butts off. I’m just much lazier, I guess.”

‘I think I’m completely flexible. I can be made to look very different every time – that’s my special contribution to any project. I can look young and innocent, or do a great vamp look; very, very foreign or absolutely Indian.’

“Every role that I’ve done is totally different. All About You is comedy; I’m the comic relief in that . Civil Brand is drama; I’m the lead in that. Everything is totally different. I’m doing exactly what I want to do.”

“I believe in destiny.”

“When ever I’m stressed I love getting away and going home to Toronto.”

“India is such a strong movie-going culture. Watching a film in a cinema there is radically different from watching one anywhere else. It’s not just about watching the film. The entire family socializes while watching the movie.”

“I do feel that I’m equally at ease in Paris as I am in a village in India as I am in a cafe in Montreal or on Queen Street in Toronto. I like that. It work for my acting process as well.”

“In the past, whenever I have seen myself on screen, I have felt uncomfortable so often, wondering why I reacted in a particular way in one scene, or why I didn’t react in a particular way in another.” [2006]

“Even before the film was released, we knew it would be wrong to think that Water is only about widows in a holy city in India. And Canadian audiences knew that instantly. Some people have come out of the theater, telling us that Water made them think a lot about their own communities. A Greek woman told me, ‘I never realized it, but we did similar things to our widows.'” [About film Water, 2005]

“I worked in one film in Bollywood but I am here, and I look forward to films being made here. I have nothing against good Bollywood films. Many are very camp and very over the top — those films are not for me. I have lived in India for some years and am very proud of my Indian heritage.” [ About future in Bollywood]

“I believe it can be cured, that’s the Dirty Realist in me… I’m getting better. My prognosis, given my ‘junior’ status and stage of disease, is very good. I’m aiming for full remission.”

Best movie list

  • Kasoor ( Aftab Shivdasani , Lisa Ray )
  • Takkari Donga ( Mahesh Babu , Bipasha Basu , Lisa Ray )
  • Bollywood Hollywood ( Rahul Khanna , Lisa Rai , Jessica Pare , Moushmi Chatterjee )
  • Water ( Seema Biswas , Lisa Rai , John Abraham )
  • Ball and Chain ( Sunil Malhotra , Lisa Rai , G. Asrani , Kal Penn )

Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Music Co-stars Producer
1 1994 Hanste Khelte Bharat Rangachary Jatin Lalit Rahul Roy, Nandini Singh Firoz Nadiadwala
2 1996 Nethaji Murthy Krishna Vidyasagar Sarath Kumar, Manivannan G. Ramesh
3 2001 Kasoor Vikram Bhatt Nadeem-Shravan Aftab Shivdasani, Divya Dutta Mukesh Bhatt
4 2002 Takkari Donga Jayanth C. Paranjee Mani Sharma Mahesh Babu, Bipasha Basu Jayanth C. Paranjee
5 2002 Bollywood/Hollywood Deepa Mehta Sandeep Chowta Rahul Khanna, Moushumi Chatterjee David Hamilton
6 2004 Ball & Chain Shiraz Jafri Deane Ogden Sunil Malhotra, Kal Penn A.V.T. Shankardass
7 2004 Yuvaraja Puri Jagannadh Ramana Gogula Shivaraj Kumar, Srinath Srinivas
8 2005 Water Deepa Mehta A. R. Rahman Seema Biswas, John Abraham David Hamilton
9 2005 Seeking Fear
10 2006 The Flowerman
11 2006 Quarter Life Crisis
12 2006 A Stone’s Throw
13 2007 I Can’t Think Straight Shamim Sarif Raiomond Mirza Sheetal Sheth Hanan Kattan
14 2007 The World Unseen Shamim Sarif Richard Blackford Sheetal Sheth Hanan Kattan
15 2007 All Hat Leonard Farlinger Bill Frisell Luke Kirby, Stephen McHattie Jennifer Jonas
16 2008 Kill Kill Faster Faster G M Roberts Mike Benn Gil Bellows, Esai Morales Gil Bellows
17 2008 Toronto Stories Sook-Yin Lee E.C. Woodley Carly Pope, Gil Bellows Daniel Bekerman
18 2009 Somnolence
19 2009 Defendor Peter Stebbings John Rowley Woody Harrelson, Elias Koteas Nicholas Tabarrok
20 2009 Cooking with Stella Dilip Mehta Mychael Danna Seema Biswas, Don McKellar David Hamilton
21 2009 Let the Game Begin Amit Gupta Ralph Rieckermann Adam Rodriguez, Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen Bruno Rosato
22 2010 Trader Games
23 2010 1 a Minute Namrata Singh Gujral Jay Ferguson Olivia Newton-John, Jaclyn Smith Nayomi Cooper
24 2011 Patch Town

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