Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar Wedding

Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar Wedding ceremony

Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu and farmer Miss India Namrata Shirodkar are married at last! Their relationship was much discussed in media. It was about six years relation which ended in Marriage.The couple got married on Feb 10th 2005 at Marriott Hotel in Mumbai. It ended all speculations of their relationship because some newspapers reported that Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar broke up due to personal differences. But now it seems the couple are happy with each other.

The marriage was very simple ceremony. It was reported that Mahesh Babu was too busy with his shooting “Athadu”. He couldn’t give much time for the marriage due to his earlier commitments. He couldn’t be free for few days earlier and came a day before marriage. Later in the 9th night, he flew to Mumbai with his sister Manjula & Padma. The wedding was a very private affair limited to only close relatives and friends.

The couple fell in love during the shooting of Padmalaya produced film “Vamsi”. There were rumours about their love story for six years and even of break up..!! It was even reported that Mahesh Babu parents weren’t happy with the love story. But later all issues have been sorted out. At last the actor has finally tied the nuptial knot.

Namrata Shirodkar said after the that her husband is her top priority and her career comes second. In an interview she said that she was looking forward to live with Mahesh Babu in Hyderabad and didn’t mind taking a break from her career.

Namrata Shirodkar about marriage and Mahesh Babu

“The wedding was to happen any time this year. But his family wanted it immediately. He has a really busy time ahead and wanted to get married before his new crop of movies started. But I am not complaining. It turned out beautifully for me, touchwood.”

“The wedding was a very private affair. There were only 25 people. We had decided on the date, Feb 10 – we didn’t want a clichéd Valentine’s Day marriage – one month ago. We wanted it really small and private. Mahesh wanted it that way.”

“Mahesh is the best thing to have happened to me. Yes, he has a huge female fan following. But I feel really, really secure with him. The females are crazy about him. They call on my number asking if they could talk to him. I’ve stopped answering strange numbers. His latest film is the biggest rage. But no temple for Mahesh. That’s a very Tamil and not Telugu thing.”

“We did a Telugu movie “Vamsi” together. But we began seeing each other about a year after the film. In the past year I’ve been shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad. I had started doing far less work so I could spend time with Mahesh.”

“I’ve put on weight. I was never career-driven. Now when I’m married to a superstar I’m just happy being part of my husband’s success. Whoever says marriage is scary doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Marriage has sobered me down. Not that I was ever wild.”

“Mahesh is Very, very level headed. Not at all a ‘star’. I’ve been first-hand witness to how real he can be. He’s very, very loving, caring and understanding. He believes in family values as strongly as I do. He’s very shy. We clicked together because in many ways he’s quite like me. And he’s very, very good looking.”

“I was fond of my work. But I’m so happy in my new life that I don’t miss acting. But yes, I do have a lot of time on hand. Mahesh has been really busy. But for the past week he has been home. So I got some precious time with him. He has been working really hard.”

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  21. I’m happy to write dat the Telugu industry got such a nice actor as you . . You have got a huge fan following. . Maheshgaru you r lucky to b born as superstar krishna’s son . . May God bless u with the bliss

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    so pls act in tamil films tooo
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    m also marathi spaeking family…….bye


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    love u dear! good luck!

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