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Name Kavya Madhavan
Nick Name Minu
Date of Birth September 19, 1984
Birth Place Nileshwaram,Kasargod, Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Kavya Madhavan Height 5′ 4″
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Black
Father P. Madhavan
Mother Shyamala Madhavan
Brother Mithun
Schoool Days Nileswaram Rajas High School
Favourite actress Manju warrier
Favourite actor Sreenivasan
Profession Actress, Model
First movie Pookkalam Varavayi [1991]

Biography / trivia

# The malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan declined to act with Malayalam megastar Mammootty as she was unhappy about sharing screen space with another heroine.

# She was honoured with Best actress Award in 2004 for her film Perumazhakkalam.

# She established a charitable institution namely Kavya Madhavan Foundation.

# The malayalam actress belongs to the Saliya community who are traditionally engaged in weaving.

# The malayalam actress hails from the remote village of Neeleswaram in Kasargod district, Kerala, India.

# She won the title “kalathilakam”. (A title bestowed to the artist during a Sub District youth festival.)

# She made her debut when she was 7 years old thgrough the film Pookalam Varavayi released in 1991.

# She gained recognition when she did the childhood part of the heroine character in Azhakiya Ravanan (1996).

# Kavya Madhavan studied Humanities at the Open University, as she couldn’t pursue education through regular courses.

# The malayalam actress won Kerala Film Audience Award 2003 for for (Oomapenninu Uriyadapayan).


# “Besides, in my village, it’s tuition, classes and home. We never bunked classes and went to the movies like city folks.”

# “Let more and more heroines come. This something good and not a threat at all. There are new heroes also. When there are more teenage heroes we girls also will get our chances. The talented one will survive. Others will strive to excel. It will be a healthy competition.”

Best movie list

  • Chandranudhikkunna Dikkil [ Dileep , Kavya Madhavan ]
  • Runway [ Dileep , Indrajeet , Kavya Madhavan , Hari sree asokan ]
  • Lion [ Dileep , Kavya Madhavan ]
  • Meesha Madhavan [ Dileep , Kavya Madhavan , Jagathi Sreekumar , Indrajith , Cochin Haneefa ]
  • Thenkasi Pattanam [ Suresh Gopi , Lal , Dileep , Kavya Madhavan ]
  • Thillakkam [ Dileep , Kavya Madhavan , Jagathy , Nedumudi Venu , K.P.A.C Lalitha , Oduvil Unnikrishnan ]
  • Oomapenninu Uriyadapayan [Jayasurya ,Mala Aravindan ,Rajan.P.Dev , Kavya Madhavan ]
  • Greetings [ Jayasurya, Kavya ,Innocent , Geetha , Siddique , Salim Kumar ]
  • Mizhi Randilum [ Dileep , Indrajith , Kavya Madhavan ]
  • Classmates [ Prithviraj, Indrajith, Kavya Madhavan]
  • Twenty:20 [ Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi ]
  • Madambi [Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan, KPAC Lalitha]

Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1991 Pookkalam Varavayi Kamal Jayaram,Shamili
2 1994 Pavam IA Ivachan R P. Thomas Indrans,Innocent,Jagadish
3 The President P Venu Innocent
4 Parassala PachanPayyannur Paramu P Venu Sreenivasan
5 1996 Azhakiya Ravanan Kamal Mammootty,Bhanupriya
6 1997 Oral Mathram S Anthikkad Mammootty,Sreenivasan
7 Snehasindooram K Munnaddu Shankar,Ambika
8 Bhoothakkannadi Lohithadas Mammootty,Cherthala Lalitha
9 IrattakuttikaludeAchan S Anthikkad Jayaram
10 KrishnagudiyilOru Pranayakalathu Kamal Jayaram,Manju Warrier,Biju Menon
11 1998 Kattathoru Penpoovu MohanKupplery Murali,Sangeetha
12 Jeevan Masai Gopakumar NedumudiVenu
13 1999 ChandranudikkunnaDikhil Lal Jose Dileep,Lal,Biju Menon
14 2000 Madhuranombarakattu Kamal Biju Menon,Samyuktha Varma
15 Darling Darling Rajasenan Dileep,Vineeth
16 Kochu KochuSanthoshangal S Anthikkad Jayaram,Lakshmi G
17 2001 Thenkasipattanam Rafi Mecartin SureshGopi,Lal,Dileep
18 Rakshasa Rajavu Vinayan Mammootty,Dileep,Meena
19 SahayathrikakkuSnehapoorvam M. Shankar Kunchacko Boban
20 Dhosth Thulasidas Kunchacko Boban,Dileep
21 Mazhameghapravukal Pradeep Krishna,Shiju
22 2002 Onnaman Kannanthanam Mohanlal,Ramya Krishnan
23 OomappenninuUriyadappayyan Vinayan Jayasurya,Indrajith
24 Kasi Vinayan Vikram,Kaveri
25 Meesa Madhavan Lal Jose Dileep,Jagathy Sreekumar
26 En Mana Vaanil Vinayan Jayasurya,Vadivelu
27 2003 Thilakkam Jayaraj Dileep,Bhavana
28 SadanandanteSamayam Akku Akbar Dileep,Cochin Haneefa
29 Katha Sundardas Prithviraj,Abbas
30 Vellithira Bhadran Prithviraj Sukumaran,Navya Nair
31 Mizhi Randilum Ranjith Indrajith,Dileep
32 Pulival Kalyanam Shafi Jayasurya,Lal,Lalu Alex
33 Gowrisankaram N Pushparaj Munna
34 2004 Runway Joshiy Dileep,Indrajith,Murali
35 Two Wheeler Jayasurya
36 Aparichithan SanjevSivan Mammootty,Karthika
37 Greetings ShajoonKaryal Jayasurya,Innocent,Abbas
38 Perumazhakkalam Kamal Dileep,Meera Jasmine
39 2005 IruvattamManavatti Sanal Kunchacko Boban
40 Annorikkal S Wayanad Narain,Kalabhavan Mani
41 Kochi Rajavu Johny Antony Dileep,Rambha
42 Ananthabhadram Santosh Sivan Prithviraj Sukumaran,Manoj K Jayan
43 Seelabathi R. Sarath Narain,Urmila Unni
44 2006 Lion Joshiy Dileep,Kalashala Babu
45 Vadakkumnadhan Shajoon Kariyal Mohanlal,Padmapriya
46 Classmates Lal Jose Prithviraj,Narain
47 Chakkara Muthu Lohithadas Dileep,Saikumar
48 Vasthavam Padmakumar Prithviraj,Murali
49 Arunam Vinod Mankara Vineeth Kumar
50 KilukkamKilukilukkam Sandhya Mohan Jayasurya,Kunchacko Boban
51 2007 Inspector Garud Johny Antony Dileep,Vijayaraghavan
52 Athisayan Vinayan Master Devadas,Jackie Shroff
53 NadiyaKollappettaRathri K. Madhu Suresh Gopi,Rajan P. Dev
54 Naalu Pennungal Gopalakrishnan Padmapriya,Nandita Das
55 Kangaroo Raj Babu Prithviraj Sukumaran,Jayasurya
56 2008 Twenty:20 Joshi Mammooty,Mohanlal
57 Sadhu Miranda Siddique Prasanna,Abbas
58 Madampi Unnikrishnan Mohanlal,KPAC Lalitha
59 2009 Banaras N Pushparaj Vineeth,Navya Nair
60 Ee PattanathilBhootham Johny Antony Mammootty,Innocent
61 2010 Paappi Appacha Mamas Chandran Dileep,Innocent
62 2011 Khaddama Kamal Sreenivasan,Biju Menon
63 Christian Brothers Joshiy Mohanlal,Suresh Gopi
64 Chinatown Rafi Mecartin Mohanlal,Jayaram
65 Bhaktha JanangaludeSradhakku Priyanandanan Irshad,Vanitha
66 Venicile Vyaapari Shafi Mammootty,Poonam Bajwa
67 VellaripravinteChangathi Akku Akbar Dileep,Manoj K Jayan
68 2012 Thambi Durai Muthu Kumar Prasanna
69 ValayarParamesivam Joshiy Dileep
70 BreakingNews Live S Ambalapadu Vineeth
71 First Bench N Valiyaveettil Kunchacko Boban,Indrajith
72 Vazhave Mayam Shajun Karyal Kunchacko Boban,Lal
73 Ente Amma Anil Kunjappan Biju Menon

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