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Name Meghna Naidu
Nick Name Meghna
Date of Birth 19th Sep 1980
Birth Place Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Height 5’4″
Hair colour
Eye colour Light Brown
Languages known English , Hindi, Telugu
Hobbies Watching movies
Favourite Dress Jeans, T-Shirt
Hindi First movie
Hawas [2004]
Tamil First movie
Saravana (2006)
Telugu First movie
Vikramarkudu (2006)
Profession Actress, Model

Biography / trivia

# Meghna Naidu is bold enough to say that she doesn’t feel shy off her clothes in front of 20 or 30 unit members, she continued that she has no problems if she has to go nude and she won’t hesitate to shed all her clothes in front of the camera if the story really demands.

# It was reported that some youngsters were peeping through the curtains of green room while she was applying make-up and dressing herself for next shot. She immediately complained to the manager about it. She claims it to be an embarassing situation as their real life is something different from what they do in movies.

# Her father works for Air India and he is also a tennis coach. Her mother was a schoolteacher and left the job to accompany Meghna in shootings and travellings.
She has a sister also who is now settled in abroad.

# Her childhood dream was to become an “Air Hostess”.

# The actress was a very good tennis player during her childhood days and she was also a tennis coach for 4 years in USA.

# Meghna Naidu came to lime light after the release of famous music video “Kaliyon Ka Chaman”.

# The tamil and telugu actress Meghna Naidu so far worked in Hindi, Tamil , Telugu and Malayalam movies.


# “If someone refers to me as the sexiest girl in the film industry, I take immense pleasure in it. I have no problems if I have to go nude. I am ready to strip completely before the camera in case the role demands something like that. I know we have a Censor Board and it would probably never allow such a shot to be aired, but I would do it nonetheless.”

# “Even in functions and parties we are expected to behave like we do in our films and songs. This is something that hurts me deeply. We portray a character on screen and therefore have to dress and act in a certain way. If we expose, it is because the script demands so. But why should that make anyone jump to the conclusion we enjoy doing the same in real life too?”

# “But off screen I am a very homely girl as in I prefer to stay home and be my own self in chudidars and salwars. I do wear mini skirts and tight tops but those are limited just to parties. Otherwise you would find me in a simple salwar at home with my parents.”

# “I am actually proud that I am being called a sex symbol, and that people admire me. But the problem was that the first film that I did dealt with a extra marital affair and soon after that people started calling me a sex symbol.”

# “I don’t want to strip for the sake of stripping. It has to be for the role, to which I attach the maximum importance. If I look sexy and can sell my assets, then that is what I want to do. There are actresses who are sexy but they can’t sell themselves on screen. I have an advantage over them – not only am I sexy, I can sell myself as well. If my fans come to see me because they think I am sexy, then that’s certainly an achievement.”

# “There are a number of bold scenes in “Bad Friend”. I have already made it clear that have no problems giving such shots. I am a complete professional. I don’t feel shy taking off my clothes in front of 20 or 30 unit members.”

Best movie list

  • Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule [ Venkatesh , Trisha Krishnan , Sriram , Meghna Naidu , Kota Srinivasa Rao , Suman Shetty ]
  • Jambhavan [ Prashanth, Nila , Vivek , Meghna Naidu ]
  • Vikramarkudu [ Ravi Teja , Anushka Shetty , Ajay , Brahmanandam , Meghna Naidu ]
  • Hawas [ Meghna Naidu , Tarun Arora , Shawar Ali ]

Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 2002 Prudhvi Narayana P Vasu Vijayalakshmi,Srihari
2 2002 Vendi Mabbulu Aditya Kumar Pulakit,Mitika
3 2004 Hawas Karan Razdan Tarun Arora,Shawar Ali
4 2004 AK 47 Raam Shetty Ashish Vidyarthi,Om Puri
5 2004 Coolie Swapan Saha Abhishek Chatterjee,Mithun Chakraborty
6 2004 Satruvu PA Arun Prasad Navneet Kaur,Naveen
7 2005 Jackpot – The Money Game Sameer L Baadkar Sayaji Shinde,Himanshu Malik
8 2005 Classic Dance of Love Babbar Subhash Rajesh Khanna,Mithun Chakraborty
9 2005 Mashooka Afzal Ahmad Vidya Malvade,Aditya Bal
10 2005 Bhama Kalapam KVV Satyanarayana Pooja Bharati,Aditya Om
11 2005 Rain: The Terror Within Amol Shetge Panne Chatterjee,Himanshu Malik
12 2005 Bad Friend Aditya Om Pooja Bharathi,Shweta Menon
13 2005 Kasak Rajeev Babbar Meera,Lucky Ali
14 2006 Saravana K. S. Ravikumar Jyothika,Silambarasan
15 2006 Eight: The Power of Shani Karan Razdan Gulshan Grover,Raj Tara
16 2006 Vikramarkudu S. S. Rajamouli Anushka Shetty,Ravi Teja
17 2006 Jambhavan Nandhakumar Nila, Prashanth
18 2006 Bada Dosth Viji Thamby Jyothirmayi,Suresh Gopi
19 2007 Aadavari MatalakuArdhalu Verule Selvaraghavan Trisha Krishnan,Venkatesh
20 2007 Veerasamy T. Rajender Mumtaj,T. Rajender
21 2008 Vaitheeswaran M. L. Raja Santhanam,Sarath Kumar
22 2008 Pandurangadu K. Raghavendra Rao Tabu,Sneha
23 2009 Kutty Mithran Jawahar Shriya Saran,Dhanush
24 2009 Vaadaa A. Venkatesh Sheryll Brindo,Sundar C
25 2011 Siruthai Siva Tamanna,Karthi
26 2011 100% Love Sukumar Tamanna,Naga Chaitanya
27 2011 Rivaaz Ashok Nanda Reema Lagoo,Deepti Naval
28 2011 Puli Vesham P. Vasu Sada,Karthik
29 2011 Vellore Maavattam R. N. R. Manohar Poorna,Nandha
30 2011 Pilla Zamindar G. Ashok Haripriya,Nani
31 2012 Love at First Sight  –
32 2012 Ishq Deewana Husain Baloch Shahwar Ali,Rufy Khan
33 2012 Sikkapatte Ishta Patte Hari Rajan Kiran Rathod,Namitha
34 2012 Parari K M Chaitanya Shubha Poonja,Shravanth Rao

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