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Biography & trivia

*    Michael Douglas was born on 25th September 1944 in New Brunswick, U.S.A.

*    His birth name is Michael Kirk Douglas and he prefers to use Michael Douglas in short for his film credits.

*    His father Kirk Douglas is an actor, producer & author, his mother Diana Dill is an actress. Michael Douglas is the eldest among the four children. Joel Douglas is his younger brother, Peter Douglas & Eric Douglas are his half-brothers from stepmom Anne Buydens.

*    He has dual citizenship, U.S. citizenship by birth and Bermudian citizenship through his mother.

*    Michael Douglas attended ‘The Allen-Stevenson School’, New York City, ‘The Choate Preparatory School’ Wallingford, ‘University of California’ Santa Barbara and ‘The American Place Theatre’ New York City.

*    He has a Bachelors degree in drama from University of California.

*    He started his acting career with ‘Cast a Giant Shadow’ in 1966, he later appeared in Hail, Hero!, Summer tree etc. But he gained popularity after the TV show “The Streets of San Francisco” during 1972-1976. His next venture The China Syndrome in 1979 opposite Jane Fonda & Jack Lemmon was a huge hit.

*    In 1980 decade he appeared in several blockbuster hits like ‘Romancing the Stone’ in 1984 with Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, Fatal Attraction in 1987 opposite Glenn Close, Wall Street in 1987 alongside Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah for which he won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and National Board of Review Award, The War of the Roses in 1989 alongside Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, Black Rain in 1989 alongside Andy García and Ken Takakura.

*    In 1990 decade Douglas worked for hits like Basic Instinct in 1992 opposite Sharon Stone for which he earned nomination for ‘MTV Movie Award – Best Performance’, Disclosure in 1994 opposite Demi Moore, Falling Down in 1993, The American President in 1995, The Ghost and the Darkness in 1996, The Game in 1997, A Perfect Murder in 1998 with Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen.

*    In 2000 decade Douglas delivered few hits including Traffic in 2000 Don Cheadle and Benicio del Toro, Wonder Boys in 2000 with Tobey Maguire and Frances McDormand, Don’t Say a Word in 2001 opposite Sean Bean and Brittany Murphy, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps in 2010 did above average business with mixed reviews all over the world, the film could not meet the expectations like Wall Street 1987 movie, Douglas earned nomination for ‘Golden Globe Award – Best Supporting Actor’.

*    In 1971 he started dating actress Brenda Vaccaro and their relationship lasted after six years, in 1977 he married Diandra Luker, the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, the couple have a son Cameron, born in 1978, the couple got divorce in 1995. Later Douglas started to date Catherine Zeta-Jones and married her on 18th November 2000, both of them are born on 25th September but 25 years apart, the couple have two children, Dylan Michael born in 2000 & Carys Zeta born in 2003.

*    In 1997 while playing golf Douglas hit New York caddie James Parker in the groin and James Parker lost a testicle, he sued Douglas for $25 million later the matter was settled out of court.

*    Douglas & Zeta-Jones were harassed stalker Dawnette Knight and a police case was registered against her and she was imprisoned for three years in 2004.

*    From 2010 Douglas is suffering from ‘throat cancer’ resulted from heavy smoking & he is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


Interview excerpts

“I was fortunate to grow up and watch how my father behaved – how Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, and Frank Sinatra where at the house all the time. You see stars with their insecurities and how they conduct themselves, so I think that’s kept me level. But I am really impressed with watching Matt Damon, Clooney, Brad and all of these guys and how they deal with all this.”

“My priorities have completely changed, my marriage and my families come certainly before my career.”

“‘I’m the kind of person when they’re sick, I just curl up, I don’t like a lot of fuss and no attention. I just like to get on with it. So I got on with it.”

“Everybody’s private life has been exposed ever since tabloid journalism began. I’ve never had a problem with it. But paying people to spy, that’s really tasteless.”


Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1969 Hail, Hero! David Miller Peter Strauss,Arthur Kennedy
2 1970 Adam at Six A.M Robert Scheerer Lee Purcell,Joe Don Baker
3 1971 Summer tree Anthony Newley Jack Warden,Rob Reiner
4 1972 Napoleon andSamantha Bernard McEveety Jodie Foster,Johnny Whitaker
5 1975 One Flew Overthe Cuckoo’s Nest Miloš Forman Louise Fletcher,William Redfield
6 1978 Coma Michael Crichton Geneviève Bujold,Elizabeth Ashley
7 1979 Running Steven HilliardStern Susan Anspach,Eugene Levy
8 1979 The China Syndrome James Bridges Jane Fonda,Jack Lemmon
9 1980 It’s My Turn Claudia Weill Jill Clayburgh,Charles Grodin
10 1983 The Star Chamber Peter Hyams Hal Holbrook,Yaphet Kotto
11 1984 Romancing the Stone Robert Zemeckis Kathleen Turner,Danny DeVito
12 1985 A Chorus Line R Attenborough Terrence Mann,Michael Blevins
13 1985 The Jewel of the Nile Lewis Teague Kathleen Turner,Danny DeVito
14 1987 Fatal Attraction Adrian Lyne Glenn Close,Anne Archer
15 1987 Wall Street Oliver Stone Charlie Sheen,Daryl Hannah
16 1989 The War of the Roses Danny DeVito Kathleen Turner,Danny DeVito
17 1989 Black Rain Ridley Scott Andy García,Ken Takakura
18 1992 Basic Instinct Paul Verhoeven Sharon Stone,George Dzundza
19 1992 Shining Through David Seltzer Melanie Griffith,Liam Neeson
20 1993 Falling Down Joel Schumacher Robert Duvall,Barbara Hershey
21 1994 Disclosure Barry Levinson Demi Moore,Donald Sutherland
22 1995 The American President Rob Reiner Annette Bening,Martin Sheen
23 1996 The Ghost andthe Darkness Stephen Hopkins Val Kilmer,John Kani
24 1997 The Game David Fincher Sean Penn,Deborah Kara Unger
25 1998 A Perfect Murder Andrew Davis Gwyneth Paltrow,Viggo Mortensen
26 2000 Wonder Boys Curtis Hanson Tobey Maguire,Robert Downey, Jr.
27 2000 Traffic S Soderbergh Don Cheadle,Benicio del Toro
28 2001 Don’t Say a Word Gary Fleder Brittany Murphy,Sean Bean
29 2001 One Night at McCool’s Harald Zwart Liv Tyler,Matt Dillon
30 2003 The In-Laws Andrew Fleming Albert Brooks,Ryan Reynolds
31 2003 It Runs in the Family Fred Schepisi Kirk Douglas,Cameron Douglas
32 2006 You, Me and Dupree Anthony Russo Matt Dillon,Owen Wilson
33 2006 The Sentinel Clark Johnson Kiefer Sutherland,Eva Longoria
34 2007 King of California Mike Cahill Evan Rachel Wood,Willis Burks II
35 2009 Ghosts ofGirlfriends Past Mark Waters M McConaughey,Jennifer Garner
36 2009 Beyond aReasonable Doubt Peter Hyams Jesse Metcalfe,Amber Tamblyn
37 2009 Solitary Man Brian Koppelman Jenna Fischer,Jesse Eisenberg
38 2010 Wall Street: 2 Oliver Stone Shia LaBeouf,Josh Brolin
39 2012 Haywire StevenSoderbergh Gina Carano,Michael Fassbender
40 2013 Last Vegas Jon Turteltaub Robert De Niro,Christopher Walken

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