Michael Jackson Death : Died At 50 After Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest

Michael Jackson, the sensational star, crowned as the “King of Pop” is no more on June 26, 2009. He was just 50 when died of cardiac arrest. There was none to give complete authenticated statements about his death. Circumstances were unclear for sometime people even thought it to be a rumor. But unfortunately it was true.

It was reported that Michael Jackson was not breathing when admitted to hospital.  People gathered outside the hospital as news of his death spread. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him at his home for nearly three-quarters of an hour, then rushed him to the hospital, where doctors continued to work on him.

An autopsy was planned for Friday, though results weren’t likely to be final until toxicology tests could be completed. However, if a cause can be determined by the autopsy, they will announce the results, said Los Angeles County Coroner Investigator Jerry McKibben. It was reported that Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing, his breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped.

Jackson’s death brought a tragic end to his sensational career. He was worshipped as the God of Pop for a longtime, his career was at peak in the 1980s. He was the first to break the race barrier on MTV and he dominated the media and music for more than a decade.

His “Thriller” album which released in 1982 was a blockbuster. The greatest hits of all the time includes “Thriller”, “Beat It”, ”Billie Jean” which were sold more than 50 million copies. He was a little kid when entered the pop world, he was a spinning lead singer of the “Jackson 5”.  The “ Jackson 5” was a singing group formed with his four older brothers. Among their No. 1 hits were “I Want You Back,” “ABC” and “I’ll Be There.”

He was the most stunning pop star of his time, it was his crotch-grabbing dance moves and his high-pitched voice which stole millions of heart over a time. He is the biggest pop sensations of all time.

Unfortunately he had been accused of plying the boy with alcohol. But later he was cleared of all the charges. In a TV documentary, he acknowledged sharing his bed with children, a practice he described as sweet and not at all sexual. That was a black mark in his legendry career, he  was in serious financial trouble during 2000’s. Later days he avoided the public appearances and preferred to be alone with his pet chimpanzee named Bubbles.

Michael Jackson was preparing for his greatest comeback recently. He was scheduled for an unprecedented 50 shows at a London arena, with the first set for July 13. He was in rehearsals in Los Angeles for the concert. Jackson had been spending many hours with his team of dancers for the performance. The pop world was expecting his come back with the great force.

After the news of his death MTV switched its programming to play videos from Jackson’s hits, Radio stations played his all time hits.

At the height of his fame, he was among the world’s most beloved figures. Heads of state clamored to meet him, screen legends like Elizabeth Taylor were his close friends. Simply the mention of his name could make people do the moonwalk. The New York Times once accurately described him as one of the six most famous people on the planet.


“I will be mourning my friend, brother, mentor and inspiration, He gave me and my family hope. I would never have been me without him.” -MC Hammer

“It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known.” Jermaine [his brother]

“For Michael to be taken away from us so suddenly at such a young age, I just don’t have the words, he was the consummate entertainer and his contributions and legacy will be felt upon the world forever. I’ve lost my little brother today, and part of my soul has gone with him.” Quincy Jones, producer of “Thriller.”

“No joke. King of Pop is no more. It’s like when Kennedy was assassinated. I will always remember being in Times Square when Michael Jackson died.” Michael Harris

“I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible, I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.” Lisa Marie Presley

“The world just lost the biggest pop star in history, no matter how you cut it. He’s literally the king of pop. He was on the eve of potentially redeeming his career a little bit. People might have started to think of him again in a different light.” Bill Werde, Billboard magazine

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