Nayanthara Simbu Kiss scandal

 Love, Gossips and Kiss scandal

#  The whole tamil film industry was watching this hot couples when both of them declared themselves to be in love with each other. It was Nayanthara whose first admitted to be love with him. There relationship got strengthened during the shooting of ‘Vallavan’, it was then that the couple fell in love..!!

#  Simbu simply didn’t accept it so easily. At last he said: “What should I say about my heroines? Everyone has been co-operative and kind. Trisha was a good friend to me and so was Jyothika and Rakshitha. But there is something special about Nayan. We vibe well and she speaks my mind. Whenever I see her, my heart jumps. I don’t know whether this is friendship or something beyond it. Surely, it must be beyond friendship because I have never felt this way any time in my life with other girls.”

#  He didnt even accepted the relation openly he said: “If I were in love with her, I would have told you. I am a transparent guy and I don’t believe in hiding things. I would have told my father too. At home, I have no problems. If I show a girl to my daddy and say I want to marry her, my daddy would be the first person to say yes. We are more like friends than father and son.”

#  But they were filling the gossip columns of local tabloids for months together..!! It was a open secret known to the whole film industry that they were in love, though Simbu didnt confirmed it in plain words.

Break Up

#  Nayanthara made the entire world know that she was in love with Simbu and she did the same when she was severing all her ties with Simbu, she was bold enough to declare that she broke up with Simbu once for all.

#  It was said that their relation was deteriorating during the shooting of Vallavan. It was reported that Simbu started giving more importence (!!) to his another co-star Reemasen. Which was unbearable for Nayanthara and she decided to break break their relation.

#  When lovers break up, they usually drown in misery for a few months. But it is completely different as far as Simbu and Nayantara is concerned. It was reported that on her birthday Nayantara was shooting in Hyderabad for a Telugu film and during the birth day celebration she said: “My breaking off with Simbu is the best birthday gift for me. I will put my relationship with him behind me as a bad dream and start a new life. That’s why I want to celebrate grandly.”

Kiss Scandal and Gossips

#  After few days of their separation many websites have publishe some intimate kissing photos of the couple which were taken using a camera with self-timer. These photos seem to be very private and taken when the pair was going strong in their relationship. Initially the images were just limited to websites and emails but all of a sudden a leading Tamil daily released those intimate pictures and the news paper were sold out in no time..!!

#  Nayantara reacted immediately and said: ‘I am sure Simbu has a hand in releasing those pictures to the media. Simbu has shown his true colors without even considering that I am a girl and have a future. He had taken quite a few pictures of mine while we were dating and claimed that he had deleted them.’

#  Simbu didnt utter a word about it and was reportedly busy with his next project. His mobile was switched off and his father stated that the images are morphed and it was not his son. Even Simbu friends were unaware of his whereabouts..!!

#  In the interest of both the stars it will be good if the pictures like this do not spread in future. Both the stars have very good future in film industry and lets hope that they dont spoil it by doing such unwanted controversies.

After Simbu and Nayanthara Broke Up

#  It was reported that Simbu was trying to make amends to the broken relation but Nayantara was rock-solid in her decision and was not ready for any sort of compromise…!!  Recently, during the hunger-strike organized by the film associations of Tamil Nadu, Nayantara did not even spoke a word to him when Simbu came and sat near her.

#  It was said that when she was in love with Simbu, she used to talk to him on her mobile for hours together and She was also often late for her shots. But, after the split, she has been very punctual and cordial with her co-stars. She has been concentrating on her career and has almost become the number-one Tamil actress. It was said that she crossed Rs 1 crore  mark in remuneration..!!!

Simbu and Nayantara Patch Up..!!

#  Both Simbu and Nayanthara hit the headlines for a long time and for wrong reasons also. After much gossips of their love and alleged break-up the couple seems to have one more special news to give. Its said that Simbu and Nayanthara are now in a patch-up mood..!!!

#  According to sources, both Simbu and Nayanthara met in a party at a star hotel in Chennai. It was also said that Vishal and Trisha have significant role in their patch-up..!!

#  It may be recalled that in a recent hunger strike conducted by the Tamil cinema industry, Simbu and Nayanthara did not speak a word with each other though they were seated next to each other.

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    hiii simbu m a grt fan of urs i just love ur attitude ur style etc its good dat u left nayan coz shes a dum chick shes not fit to be your life partner all the best for ur up coming movies macha u rock....

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  72. Aruna :

    This is called "kiss and tell".A ploy guys have been using for centuries to make sure they get to kiss and get intimate with a pretty girl yet,not carry it on till marriage and then,when the girl says bye bye due to broken heart,the guy goes off telling the world abt the past.Such a cheap guy!

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    I just love simbhu! He is like a kiss to your face! What can i say about Nayanthara! She just fell in love with him, And i feel happy for both of them. Theyre like love birds!

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