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*    Nicolas Cage was born on 7th January 1964 in Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

*    His birth name is Nicolas Kim Coppola but at the early stage of his career he changed his name to Nicolas Cage partly inspired by comics superhero Luke Cage.

*    His mother Joy Vogelsang was a choreographer and his father August Floyd Coppola was a professor of literature, his parents got divorce in 1976.

*    Nicolas Cage has two brothers namely Marc Coppola & Christopher Coppola.

*    Cage attended ‘Beverly Hills High School’ California,he later joined “UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television”

*    Cage made his acting debut with Brubaker in 1980 alongside Robert Redford and Yaphet Kotto, it was an uncredited role as an extra. His biggest breakthrough came through Moonstruck in 1987 alongside Cher and Olympia Dukakis for which he earned nomination for “Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy”.

*    In 1990 decade Cage worked for several hits including Honeymoon in Vegas in 1992 opposite James Caan and Sarah Jessica Parker, Leaving Las Vegas in 1995 with Elisabeth Shue and Julian Sands for which he won ‘Academy Award for Best Actor’, The Rock in 1996 alongside Sean Connery and Ed Harris, Con Air in 1997 with John Cusack and John Malkovich, Face/Off in 1997 with John Travolta, City of Angels inn 1998 alongside Meg Ryan and Andre Braugher, Snake Eyes in 1998.

*    In 2000 decade Cage appeared in blockbusters like Gone in Sixty Seconds in 2000 opposite Angelina Jolie, Delroy Lindo and Giovanni Ribisi, The Family Man with Téa Leoni, Adaptation in 2002 alongside Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper for which he earned nomination for ‘Academy Award for Best Actor’, National Treasure in 2204 alongside Diane Kruger and Jon Voight, Ghost Rider in 2007 alongside Eva Mendes and Wes Bentley, 2007 film Next opposite Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel, Knowing in 2009 directed by Alex Proyas.

*    In 2010 decade Cage worked for major films like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in 2010 opposite Jay Baruchel, Season of the Witch in 2011 with Ron Perlman and Claire Foy,Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 2012 alongside Ciarán Hinds and Violante Placido.

*    Cage started dating Christina Fulton in 1988 and the couple had a son Weston Coppola Cage born in 1990. Cage later married actress Patricia Arquette in 1995 but the divorced in 2001, after the first divorce he married singer Lisa Marie Presley in August 2002 & filed for divorce in Nov 2002, Cage married former waitress Alice Kim on 30th July 2004 and the couple have a son Kal-El born on 3rd October 2005.

*    In 2009 Internal Revenue Service initiated proceedings against Cage for failing to pay federal taxes of over $6.2 million in 2007 financial year.


Interview excerpts

“Love is a very interesting emotion. It can make you crazy, it can make you happy, it can make you jealous, it can make you want to kill someone, it can make you want to cook for someone. It inspires all sorts of feelings. I’ve been drawn to romantic films which allow me to be free with the things that I do and also to purge some of the things that I feel. Love in general inspires me.”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for comic books. I learned to read from them. The words in them were so interesting.”


Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1980 Brubaker Stuart Rosenberg Robert Redford,Yaphet Kotto
2 1981 Best of Times Don Mischer Crispin Glover
3 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Amy Heckerling Sean Penn,Jennifer Jason Leigh
4 1983 The Outsiders F F Coppola Thomas Howell,Matt Dillon
5 1983 Valley Girl Martha Coolidge Deborah Foreman,Michelle Meyrink
6 1983 Rumble Fish F F Coppola Matt Dillon,Mickey Rourke
7 1984 Racing with the Moon Richard Benjamin Sean Penn,Elizabeth McGovern
8 1984 The Cotton Club F F Coppola Richard Gere,Gregory Hines
9 1984 Birdy Alan Parker Matthew Modine,John Harkins
10 1986 The Boy in Blue Charles Jarrott Christopher Plummer,Cynthia Dale
11 1986 Peggy Sue Got Married F F Coppola Kathleen Turner,Don Murray
12 1987 Raising Arizona Joel Coen Holly Hunter,Trey Wilson
13 1987 Moonstruck Norman Jewison Cher,Olympia Dukakis
14 1988 Never on Tuesday Adam Rifkin Claudia Christian,Andrew Lauer
15 1989 Vampire’s Kiss Robert Bierman María Conchita Alonso,Jennifer Beals
16 1990 Tempo di uccidere Giuliano Montaldo Ricky Tognazzi,Giancarlo Giannini
17 1990 Fire Birds David Green Tommy Lee Jones,Sean Young
18 1990 Wild at Heart David Lynch Laura Dern,Willem Dafoe
19 1990 Zandalee Sam Pillsbury Judge Reinhold,Erika Anderson
20 1992 Honeymoon in Vegas Andrew Bergman James Caan,Sarah Jessica Parker
21 1993 Amos & Andrew Max Frye Samuel L. Jackson,Dabney Coleman
22 1993 Deadfall Christopher Coppola Michael Biehn,Sarah Trigger
23 1994 A Centuryof Cinema Caroline Thomas Harrison Ford,Morgan Freeman
24 1994 Red Rock West John Dahl Dennis Hopper,Lara Flynn Boyle
25 1994 Guarding Tess Hugh Wilson Shirley MacLaine,Austin Pendleton
26 1994 It Could Happento You Andrew Bergman Bridget Fonda,Rosie Perez
27 1994 Trapped in Paradise George Gallo Jon Lovitz,Dana Carvey
28 1995 Kiss of Death Barbet Schroeder David Caruso,Samuel L. Jackson
29 1995 Leaving Las Vegas Mike Figgis Elisabeth Shue,Julian Sands
30 1996 The Rock Michael Bay Sean Connery,Ed Harris
31 1997 Con Air Simon West John Cusack,John Malkovich
32 1997 Face/Off John Woo John Travolta,Joan Allen
33 1998 City of Angels Brad Silberling Meg Ryan,Andre Braugher
34 1998 Snake Eyes Brian De Palma Gary Sinise,Carla Gugino
35 1999 8mm Joel Schumacher Joaquin Phoenix,James Gandolfini
36 1999 Bringing Out the Dead Martin Scorsese John Goodman,Ving Rhames
37 2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds Dominic Sena Angelina Jolie,Giovanni Ribisi
38 2000 The Family Man Brett Ratner Téa Leoni,Don Cheadle
39 2000 Welcome to Hollywood Tony Markes Tony Markes,Adam Rifkin
40 2001 Captain Corelli’s Mandolin John Madden Penélope Cruz,John Hurt
41 2002 Windtalkers John Woo Adam Beach,Mark Ruffalo
42 2002 Adaptation Spike Jonze Meryl Streep,Chris Cooper
43 2002 Sonny Nicolas Cage James Franco,Brenda Blethyn
44 2003 Matchstick Men Ridley Scott Sam Rockwell,Alison Lohman
45 2004 National Treasure Jon Turteltaub Diane Kruger,Justin Bartha
46 2005 Lord of War Andrew Niccol Jared Leto,Bridget Moynahan
47 2005 The Weather Man Gore Verbinski Michael Caine,Hope Davis
48 2006 The Wicker Man Neil LaBute Ellen Burstyn,Kate Beahan
49 2006 World Trade Center Oliver Stone Maria Bello,Michael Peña
50 2007 Ghost Rider M S Johnson Eva Mendes,Wes Bentley
51 2007 Grindhouse Robert Rodriguez Rose McGowan,Freddy Rodriguez
52 2007 Next Lee Tamahori Julianne Moore,Jessica Biel
53 2007 National Treasure 2 Jon Turteltaub Diane Kruger,Justin Bartha
54 2008 Bangkok Dangerous Pang Brothers Charlie Yeung,Chakrit Yamnam
55 2009 Knowing Alex Proyas Rose Byrne,Chandler Canterbury
56 2009 Bad Lieutenant Werner Herzog Eva Mendes,Jennifer Coolidge
57 2010 Kick-Ass Matthew Vaughn Aaron Johnson,Chloë Grace Moretz
58 2010 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Jon Turteltaub Jay Baruchel,Alfred Molina
59 2011 Season of the Witch Dominic Sena Ron Perlman,Claire Foy
60 2011 Drive Angry Patrick Lussier Amber Heard,William Fichtner
61 2011 Trespass Joel Schumacher Nicole Kidman,Liana Liberato
62 2011 Seeking Justice Roger Donaldson Guy Pearce,January Jones
63 2012 Ghost Rider 2 Neveldine/Taylor Fergus Riordan,Ciarán Hinds
64 2012 Stolen Simon West Malin Åkerman,Danny Huston
65 2012 The Frozen Ground Scott Walker John Cusack,50 Cent

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