Nikki Reed biodata & best movies list


Name Nikki Reed
Nick Name Nik
Original Name Nicole Houston Reed
Gender Female
Date of Birth 17th, May , 1988
Birth Place West Los Angeles, California, in USA
Nationality United States
Star Sign / Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5’8″
Eye colour Light Brown
Hair colour Light Brown
Father Name Seth Reed
Mother Name Cheryl Houston
Brother Name Nathan [Elder]
School Days Palms Middle School
Education High school diploma [Home schooled]
Profession Screenwriter, Film actress
Hollywood debut At the age of 14 years
Debut as Executive Producer
Invincible , 2003
Debut As screenwriter Thirteen , 2003
Debut As Actress
Thirteen , 2003

Biography / trivia

#  Nikki’s mother Cheryl Houston is a hair dresser. Her mother is of Cherokee and Italian descent.

#  Her father Seth Reed is a Jewish and a art director in many films.

#   Her parents got divorce when Nikki was just 2 years old. She grew up with her mother Cheryl Houston after divorce. At the age of fourteen, Nikki Reed moved out and began living on her own.

#  Nikki has an elder brother named Nathan.

#  She had no dream to become an hollywood actress.

#  She loves horse riding very much.

#  She came to lime light after the release of “Thirteen” which was written and directed by herself.

#  Nikki Reed and Catherine Hardwicke wrote the script for “Thirteen” which is in just six days. Its one among the shortest periods taken in Hollywood to prepare film script.

#  The film “Thirteen” is partially an autobiographical film of Nikki Reed which tries to depict the rebellious life as a thirteen year old girl.

#  Nikki Reed was asked by the Producers to play a role in “Thirteen” as they couldnot get any young actresses for such an “uncomfortable” role.

#  After the success of film “Thirteen” Nikki Reed returned to her high school in Los Angeles to pursue her studies, but dropped out again after a year.

#  Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood, “Thirteen” co-star are good friends in real life..!!

#  Nikki Reed hosted many award shows including Young Hollywood Awards (2003), Independent Spirits Awards Nomination Show 2004 and West Independent Spirits Awards 2004.

#  She was an Executive Producer for the movie Invincible in 2003.


#  “I had hoped that girls all over the world would relate to Thirteen. But I had no idea that girls I was sitting next to went through the same-things I did.”

#  “I didn’t know when I finished Thirteen that I wanted to be an actress. I went back to high school, and then I realized I missed it. I had fallen in love with being on the set.”

#  “I was raised by my mom. It was definitely a struggle competing with my brother who is only one year older than me. He wanted to be my older brother but I looked older than him. We were competing for my mom’s attention. There was so much tension between us that my mom backed away from us. It was so emotionally out of control.”

#   “I definitely think that females have a harder time. It’s a lot harder to be a girl because you’re always in your head. I’ve heard my brother go and take it out on the football as he says. Whereas girls would rather sit down and over think things. Guys just punch a wall and I think that could be easier because that’s instant release instead of letting it build it up. But a lot of people say guys just hold it in as well.”

#  “I think my mother is my biggest influence. There are so many things I hate about her but at the same time I’m thankful for her. All I know is that when I’m a parent I want to be just like my mom. I can talk to my mom more than any of my friends could talk to their parents.”

#   “The number-one rule of writing is write what you know or something like that. So I wrote about my experiences.”

#  “I’m doing extremes right now,. I’m doing what I love by doing independent films and writing constantly, but I’m also doing television that’s very PG and so I’m doing both ends. I’d love to do find a studio film that has independent edge and pays, which would be all three at once, but I may be asking for too much too soon.”

Best movies list

As actress

  • American Gun , 2006
  • Lords of Dogtown , 2005
  • Mini’s First Time , 2005
  • Thirteen , 2003

As screenwriter

  • Thirteen , 2003

Best TV serials

  • The O.C , [2003-2007]

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