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Biography / trivia

*    Rachel Weisz was born on 7th March 1970 in Westminster, London, United Kingdom to George Weisz, an inventor and Edith Ruth a teacher from Austria.

*    She has a sister, Minnie, a photographer.

*    Her original name is Rachel Hannah Weisz.

*    Her father George Weisz is a Jewish and hence her family fled to England during the World War II to escape from Hitler’s Nazis group.

*    Weisz has dual citizenship, British by birth and naturalized American citizenship.

*    Weisz’s parents got divorce when she was young.

*    Her mother was a Roman Catholic but in later days she started to follow Judaism according to Vogue.

*    Weisz admitted in one of her interviews that she was not a good student until English teacher inspired her when she was 16.

*    Weisz attended North London Collegiate School, Benenden School, St Paul’s Girls School and Trinity Hall.

*    She has a Bachelor degree in English.

*    She started her modeling career when she was just 14 years old. Its interesting to know that in 1984, she turned down an offer to work alongside Richard Gere in ‘King David’.

*    Her acting career started in 1992 with TV film Advocates II as Sarah Thompson. Her first film was Death Machine in 1994.

*    In 1990 decade she appeared in the blockbuster hit ‘The Mummy’ in 1999 alongside Brendan Fraser, John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo. The movie was huge commercial and critical success. Weisz earned nomination for ‘Empire Award for Best British Actress‘ and ‘Saturn Award for Best Actress’ for her role in the film.

*    In 2000 decade Weisz worked for several commercial successful films like Enemy at the Gates in 2001 alongside Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes, The Mummy Returns in 2001 with Brendan Fraser and John Hannah, About a Boy in 2002 opposite Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult, Confidence in 2003, Runaway Jury in 2003 with John Cusack, Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman, Constantine in 2005 with Keanu Reeves, Shia LaBeouf and Tilda Swinton, The Constant Gardener in 2005 for which she won ‘Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress’, Fred Claus in 2007, My Blueberry Nights in 2007, Definitely, Maybe in 2008 with Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher and Elizabeth Banks, The Lovely Bones in 2009 opposite Mark Wahlberg.

*    In 2010 decade she appeared in major successful films including blockbuster The Bourne Legacy in 2012 alongside Jeremy Renner, Joan Allen and Edward Norton.

*    Weisz started dating filmmaker Darren Aronofsky in 2001 and the couple were engaged in 2005. She gave birth to a son Henry Chance in New York City in 2006. In 2010 the couple announced their break up publicly and parted in good terms to bring up their son.

*    After breaking up with Aronofsky she started to date Daniel Craig in Dec 2010 and the couple got married on 22nd June 2011 in strictly private ceremony with just four guests including Rachel Weisz‘s son Henry Chance and Daniel Craig’s daughter.

Interview excerpts

“As a child I was the best tree climber in our neighborhood, I was like a little monkey. I’ve never been afraid of hurting myself or a little physical discomfort.”

“I suppose I’ll take myself back to the theatre, I started out there and I think I can always go back and be an old lady on the stage. It’s so much more forgiving about wrinkles. It’s more forgiving in general. Hollywood is hard. I think it’s very much an old boys’ club. There aren’t enough female directors telling stories from a woman’s point of view.”

“I think being a mum and having a child has completely grounded me. It’s amazing, and I’ve never been happier in my life. Being a mum is just delicious, and Henry is so scrumptious I could just eat him up.”

“I’m not brilliant at being on my own – I don’t have a hobby. I don’t play guitar or knit. I’m better with people. My son and I hang out, take trips, go to the park.”


Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 1995 Death Machine Stephen Norrington Brad Dourif,Ely Pouget
2 1996 Chain Reaction Andrew Davis Keanu Reeves,Morgan Freeman
3 1996 Stealing Beauty Bernardo Bertolucci Liv Tyler,Joseph Fiennes
4 1997 Bent Sean Mathias Clive Owen,Lothaire Bluteau
5 1997 Going All the Way Mark Pellington Jeremy Davies,Ben Affleck
6 1997 Swept from the Sea Beeban Kidron Vincent Pérez,Ian McKellen
7 1997 I Want You M Winterbottom Alessandro Nivola,Luke Petrusic
8 1998 My Summer with Des Simon Curtis Neil Morrissey,Des Lynam
9 1998 The Land Girls David Leland Catherine McCormack,Anna Friel
10 1999 The Mummy Stephen Sommers Brendan Fraser,John Hannah
11 1999 Sunshine István Szabó Ralph Fiennes,Rosemary Harris
12 1999 Tube Tales Gaby Dellal Joao Costa Menezes,Doña Croll
13 2000 Beautiful Creatures Bill Eagles Susan Lynch,Iain Glen
14 2000 This Is Not an Exit Gerald Fox Dechen Thurman,Jason Bushman
15 2001 Enemy at the Gates J J Annaud Joseph Fiennes,Jude Law
16 2001 The Mummy Returns Stephen Sommers Brendan Fraser,John Hannah
17 2002 About a Boy Chris Weitz Hugh Grant,Nicholas Hoult
18 2003 Confidence James Foley Edward Burns,Andy García
19 2003 The Shape of Things Neil LaBute Paul Rudd,Gretchen Mol
20 2003 Runaway Jury Gary Fleder John Cusack,Gene Hackman
21 2004 Envy Barry Levinson Ben Stiller,Jack Black
22 2005 Constantine Francis Lawrence Keanu Reeves,Shia LaBeouf
23 2005 The Constant Gardener Fernando Meirelles Ralph Fiennes,Hubert Koundé
24 2006 The Fountain Darren Aronofsky Hugh Jackman,Sean Patrick Thomas
25 2007 Fred Claus David Dobkin Vince Vaughn,Paul Giamatti
26 2007 My Blueberry Nights Wong Kar Wai Norah Jones,Jude Law
27 2008 Definitely, Maybe Adam Brooks Ryan Reynolds,Isla Fisher
28 2009 The Brothers Bloom Rian Johnson Adrien Brody,Mark Ruffalo
29 2009 The Lovely Bones Peter Jackson Mark Wahlberg,Susan Sarandon
30 2009 Agora AlejandroAmenábar Max Minghella,Oscar Isaac
31 2010 The Whistleblower Larysa Kondracki Vanessa Redgrave,Benedict Cumberbatch
32 2011 Page Eight David Hare Bill Nighy,Michael Gambon
33 2011 Dream House Jim Sheridan Daniel Craig,Naomi Watts
34 2011 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Davies Tom Hiddleston,Simon Russell Beale
35 2012 360 Fernando Meirelles Anthony Hopkins,Jude Law
36 2012 The Bourne Legacy Tony Gilroy Jeremy Renner,Edward Norton
37 2013 Oz: The Great and Powerful Sam Raimi James Franco,Mila Kunis

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