Shahrukh Khan Gauri Khan Wedding

A real Love story and Wedding

You people will be surprised to know that the movie “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge” is something similar to Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Love story…!! Strange but true..!! He claims those scenes were very much close to his own life story. It may be his own experience which made him to look so naturally in the movie..!!

Now come to the real love story, Shahrukh Khan fell in love with his next door girl Gauri in 1984, from then the legendry Love story begins..!! As you all know its not going to be so easy to marry a girl of our choice in India, so was in the love story. It was not just love marriage it was a inter-religion marriage..!! just imagine the seriousness of this great love story during times of 1980′s, even today we see many problems in love marriages though in same caste or same religion, then what about Hindu-Muslim marriage..? that too in 1980′s..!!! There was actually no hope of marriage, but our king khan had a hope..!!

Gauri parents opposed the marriage. They even made it clear to Shahrukh Khan. Even Gauri mother had threatened to commit suicide. It was really a tough time for Shah Rukh Khan. Despite of these hurdles they carried their love story for six long years clandestinely. Shahrukh started to convince all her relatives one by one. It took many years to do so and gradually everyone started liking him and even assured that her parents will also agree soon..!!

But that didn’t happen Gauri was locked up at home. She used to tell Shahrukh: “Shah Rukh, you don’t know my parents.. you take things so lightly” ..!! But Shahrukh never lost hope he just used to convince her, saying that they will be laughing at these things after few years. And thats what happened but in a different way..!!

Sharukh was too possessive about Gauri he was objecting whenever she used to wear swimsuit at the pool or even if she left her hair loose. He didn’t want other boys to see her beauty..!! But he was insanely possessive and it made her feel uncomfortable for sometime. All of a sudden she came to Mumbai with her friends without telling Shahrukh. He was extremely missing her. He told everything to his mother and she told him to bring his lovely girl home. Shahrukh and his friends left to Mumbai to search Gauri..!! You may not beleive this that he didnt even know the address or any details. But he knew only onething that Gauri loves beaches..!!

After few days he run out of money but didn’t get any clues of her whereabouts. He searched many beaches but didnt get to her. At last one rickshaw driver took them to a private beach. Gauri was there..!!  She was standing in the water, wearing a T-shirt. She came over and hugged, and cried. It was then that Shahrukh realised how unreasonably possessive he was. He also realised that no one could ever love Gauri like him.

Shahrukh Khan & Gauri Marriage

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri married under strangest circumstances. They told Gauri parents that they already married. All of a sudden their family members started crying and the whole atmosphere was changed as if mourning. They never wanted to go against the wishes of their parents but they were helpless despite of seven long years of efforts he couldn’t convince her parents. They never thought of eloping. At last their parents had to accept it. Shahrukh had both registered and Hindu customary marriage on August 26th 1991 and on October 25, 1991 respectively.

As per law when a person wants to marry under Special Marrige Act ie registered marrige the name of both bride and groom will be put on notice board for one month. Hence the marriage efforts of Shahrukh and Gauri were no longer in secrecy. It was something strange to know that  some Muslim organizations were doing protests before his house, against his marriage with a non-muslim. You must know that his mother being a social worker arranged many intercaste marriages earlier..!!

After the register marriage he had to undergo customary marriage rituals according to hindu tradition. On the wedding day Shahrukh had to pick her up from the house as the booked car didn’t come. During the ceremony he had the fun of riding a horse and elephant..!! The whole marriage ritual went on for hours. And finally Gauri becomes part of Khan’s life officially..!!

Wedding guests from bollywood

Then Shahrukh wasn’t well a established actor hence very few guests came from the film industry – Rajiv Mehra, Vivek Vaswani, Aziz Mirza and G.P. Sippy.

Shahrukh Khan words about Gauri:

“I love Gaurima because she is so honest and she complements me. Gauri teaches me how to be diplomatic. She keeps telling me that I say too many things and that I should not. Because people don’t know me well enough and then they completely misconstrue what I’ve said. So, it’s better to keep shut. She had taught me to switch the lights off before going to bed, To have dinner at the proper place, to put my clothes in the proper place, she has taught me how to dress up well too. She has turned me from an animal to a man. She spoils me a lot. She is the stabilizing factor in my life. I would go haywire because I am an extremist. And its not my achievements, for which she respects or likes me. She likes me because I make her laugh.”

The love story doesn’t end here, it BEGINS..!!!

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  300. oommieningi :

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  301. hinja :

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  302. pagli :

    srk is respectable 4 watevr he does n specially 4 d nerve he had 2 get his luv... n am sure evn ma paagal is gonna hav d nerve 2 get dis pagli...luv u more dan u luv me paagal...


    really guruji i like it and i always get inspired from this

  304. ambuj :

    you are a great person bcz apni life main itna uppar uth jaane k baad bhi aapna gauri ka sath nahi chodha. all the best 4 ur life.

  305. Paagal :

    Yeah... Srk's simply the best... ! His style his character.. N much above all stands his true luv... lik my luv for pagli.. ! Pagli i luv you so much... !

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  307. Qaja Mohiddin :

    hi all, belive me, i am some wht similar to SRK when it comes to possessiveness and that stupid behaviour. belive me, i have learnt a lesson in life from my role model SRK never give up :) And boss ur article is just too good

  308. raj kumar :

    happy boss im very happy to read your story.god blessed you all the way

  309. mukesh ranjan behera :

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  310. SRK u r not only great, but you are the best... i appreciate that you have succeeded in getting your love.... this is a true love which people doesnt understand.... :


  311. sheziha & shehala :

    srk is definitely king khan in his real life as well as in bollywood.......SRK rock guyz..we luv u SRK.......muah.............



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