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SRK and Kajol The Hottest Screen couples of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol..!! the names themselves sound too romantic..! isn’t it..? Believe it or not , Shahrukh Khan and Kajol are the best bollywood hot on screen couples. Shahrukh Khan is happily settled with his wife Gauri and Kajol is happy with Ajay Devgan but yet this married couples have the capacity to set the silver screen on fire with their romance in their films. Usually after the marriage the celebrities will lose their demand in the bollywood film industry but there are some rare exceptions like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol..!!

Their super hit movie “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” which broke all the records of bollywood film industry has completed 600 weeks of continuous run in Indian theatres..!! And entered the Guinness Book of Records..!! The film had long broken the Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay record of running for five consecutive years, which was the only film creating such arecord earlier to DDLJ..!!

Their love story in DDLJ became eternal with the success of the film and people still feel them as the real hot couples in life. It is interesting to know that though they gave five consecutive blockbusters there were no gossips or any controversies..!! In fact Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are the only popular on screen couples who are known as good friends without any gossips.

Kajol quotes about SRK and movies

“I enjoy working with Shah Rukh, he gives absolutely superb attention to every detail in a scene. He is totally professional. His input improves every action. What is more, he hones emotional moments till each one is an artistic achievement. He includes the heroine in this effort and takes her through the scenes to achieve perfection. My style of working fits in perfectly with his. Our work ethic, style and attitude are the same. That’s why we can create magic on the screen.”

“K3G is a beautiful film, It gave me a perfect canvas to do a ‘romantic woman’ role rather than a mini-skirted, love-smitten nymphet’s role. The song “Suraj Hua Madham” lent a rare sensitivity to my screen romance with Shah Rukh. As choreographer Farah Khan said, this was a man-woman romance; not a girl-boy fascination. Our screen relationship had great depth and many dimensions. I had the pleasure of being the tomboy lover girl in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge with Shah Rukh and that too was fun.”

“I am thrilled that DDLJ has beaten all records, Shah Rukh Khan and I share a close friendship that translates onto the screen. We have such fun working together. Shah Rukh has a great sense of humour. He invests incredible energy into his acting. He reads a lot. I share all these with him. I love books. I love his style of working and abundant refinement. I love him to death and would like to work with him again.”

SRK quotes about Kajol

“We did not even know each other when we shot for DDLJ, At the first day’s shoot, we almost disliked each other. But we are the best of friends now and our relationship of respect, dignity, humour and support creates a rare chemistry on the screen.”

“She is open minded and does not mind discussing her work till she has perfected every move. She is open to learning from others. That is a great quality in a senior and acclaimed actor like her. She is great as a co-star and as a friend. Today, she is not working in films. But we still are close friends and exchange tips on parenting. Our friendship is priceless because it allows for many disagreements and a variety of opinions. We both are married and have our families. There is a beautiful clarity in our relationship yet, there is a great deal of mutual admiration and we share a wonderful bond of support and love.”

Other popular Screen couples of bollywood

The on screen chemistry is very rare in film industry and people cann’t just accept the couples so easily. There are very few good on screen couples like Raj Kapoor and Nargis, Dilip Kumar and Madhubala , Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit, Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla, Govinda and Karishma Kapoor, Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon etc and at present Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol..!! Probably the hottest couples bollywood ever known..!!

“My Name is Khan” Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together..!!

It is again director Karan Johar who is bringing the hottest on screen couples together again after Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. “My Name is Khan” is aiming for a 2009 release. It is expected to make another record like DDLJ..!! It is said that the story is a real life story, and hence the fans are very much curious about the movie. It was reported that My Name Is Khan will show the plight of the Muslim community after the September 11 attack. “My Name Is Khan” will be a comeback for Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol after seven years since Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, 2001.

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol hit movies

  • Baazigar
  • Karan Arjun
  • Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
  • Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham

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131 Responses

  1. laaaamx :

    ohhhh i lov,lov,loooooov srk & kajol best actor,actress,.and the besssst evr and evrrrr imgng chmstry,..plz karan johar star mkng anothr movie fr thm again plzzzzzz

  2. kmeee :

    lov u sharuk kajol,.i really still wish u two wre real couple in offsceen too, .not only onsceen.,,♥u both prft jodi ever in bollywood

  3. nilima :

    srkajol love on and off screen was jst amazing and fabulous..jst want their movie more 2gether..muaahh

  4. bheem yadav :

    i like you shahrukh with kajol

  5. nataliah abby :

    jus get married kajol n sharukh

  6. fatima :

    srk is the best actor whole India because he acts well when he makes the films but he is better when he acts with kajol mukhrajee both of them i love and i support long live srk and kjlm. both of u

  7. Amaal :

    Hi SRK and Kajol i love u than all my life i like to spend my time watching ur films ur films i wish u have good time with each other. Srk i love u because u r mslm actor if we r mslms we proud u very much

  8. uzma :

    they are amazing cute funtastic gorgeous awesome together

  9. :

    I wish they were real couple....coz they have a spark that no other pair has..not even amithab n rekha..!!luv them together...!!!

  10. amyat :

    Happy Birthday Kajol! We were happy finding out that we have the same birthdate.

  11. Ashfaq :

    i love srk & Kajol not only in films but in real life also i have great respect for them

  12. amyat :

    I wish they will read it. Thanks

  13. Umur :

    Damn... best couple i ever have seen...Long live SRK & Kajol!..:D....i want more movies of you are amazing..!

  14. nimo :

    before i thing kajol your first love shahrukh khan but is not but i thing thy love each other because i see my name is khan they love each other

  15. bhumika :

    srkajol...cheepak gaya..hee

  16. soso :

    ilove charo and kajol cople marieé

  17. witness :

    your couple is the best of the best love you guys. love you srk love you kajol please in your next life get married to each other.

  18. bichoos :

    I LOVE YOU SRK, WILL U MARRY ME............?

  19. sarira :

    OMG, I can't explain how much I love their pair. great, nice they are just wow! their couple is to die for I'm not indian. I miss them, waiting for a new movie with their legandry pair

  20. anjali :

    srk and kajol make great pair(german ich liebe euch beiden für immer und ewig.)we loveeeeee youuuuuu shahrukh khan and kajol devgan.

  21. akshay kylkarni :

    srk is best actor in bollywood

  22. yasaman :

    Love === Srk+kajol

  23. DANA :


  24. Sabnoor :

    Lv u both(SRK and KAJOL) u r de hottest couples on screen evr, hope karan johar will make another film 4 both of u 2gether soon, if he will am sure it will break de world's record. We r expecting u both soon, karan johar dnt let us dwn plz

  25. nadeem khan :

    love u both

  26. nadeem khan :

    this is the hottest screen couple ever been on the big screen. they gave unbeaten box office movie, which yet a landmark for any couple i love to wath them on screen chemistry....... love you both because you both are unbelievable......

  27. Mrs Lee-Samsiah :

    I love SRK and Kajol films. They make a great pair. I hope Karan Johar can make another film for both of them again.

  28. Tariqkhan2650 :

    I love booth . Srk and kajol , sipcile kajol i love u.

  29. beatriz :

    srk y kajol sigan haciendo mas peliculas para forever

  30. Ethel :

    I am a Greatest fan of this two on screen couple (SRK and Kajol) They are both the greatest actor/actress I have ever seen..I truly love their movies..I wish to see more of their movies in the years to come...Truly the best..Love you both!!

  31. santosh :


  32. ASHLYN and angel :

    We love you both. You and shah rukh Khan make great pair. you two make it look like it's real. We loveeee youuuu Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. <3 Loveeeee youuu <3

  33. danielle :

    am a black but i lv india movies especially shah rukh khan n kajol movies u guyz rock. But u guyz can still get married bcoz lv is timeless. Lv u pls keep up n i would lv to marry india if i get 1.

  34. shravni :

    I love Sharukh and kajol is awesome................Why not they both marry,,,,,,,,,,if Sharukh wants to marry a Hindu girl, Kajol is also a Hindu.One suggestion for kajol and Sharukh:Leave your husband and wife,,,,,,marry each other and do other romantic movie than 'Ddlh',,,,,,,,,,[Just kidding]

  35. Mahmood ul haq :

    srk and kajol my beat of heart



  37. munira suleiman :

    i dnt even knw were 2 start from bt firstly,tank u karan johar 4 bringin back srk & kajol on the screen.every1 has already commented on their love & romance with contrast 2 reality.they ar ol ryt.i jst wished they ar both married.srk loves kajol so mch bt d problem is he married early & let me tell u ol y they both look so real & der perfomance is awesome,wel dats bcz dey both love each oda & cant control it even in front of d camera.its late nw bt with distress i wish u d best

  38. ani joseph :

    i'm a great fan of srk-kajol jodi..

  39. sushmita :

    shahrukh ,u r my super hero. ,u know what? u and kajol make a great pair, i wish u both to do romantic films like u were doing in kuch luch ho ta hai , i loved ur my name is khan ,not only the story ,just because u and kajol are together onscreen after seven years .i think i should not tell you but i have no other choice i hope,u both don't mind , i wish you i mean sharukh khan the superstar and kajol the cute doll and tomboy u both could have married each other .DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE .

  40. Suku :

    SHah Rukh, u are not Tom Cruize of Bollywood. Tom Cruize is the SRK of HOLLYWOOD!!

  41. yasir jalal :

    i love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so k much ma chata ho k ma sharukh ko choodo or kajol mujy dakte rahy

  42. danny :

    their chemistry was absolutely amazing, Kajol is always great great great… hope to see srk n kajol on screen one or two movies a year.....

  43. SUKU :

    Shah Rukh, you are not Tom Cruize of India.Tom Cruize is the SRK of HOLLYWOOD!

  44. Suku :

    Hi, SRK and Kajol! Your love is a very good example in the entire world of bloodshed!

  45. Suku :

    Shah Rukh, u are not Tom Cruiz of India. tom Cruiz is the Shah Rukh Khan of Hollywood!

  46. brindha :

    sharukh n kajol r very cute to c.cute couple i love them

  47. Josy :

    I'm from Nigeria, I recently watched My Name is Khan, it touched me so much, it made me cry. Presently obsessed with the film, got all it's sound track, listen to them everyday. Kajol is wonderful, she's got extreme expression. I look out for more movies from the screen couples. Really hope to meet them both someday

  48. nimmi :

    i think they are awesome when they are on i just love srk..............hpe gauri dnt mind!!!!!!!

  49. jon s. :

    its amazing that kajol and srk can make magic in the big screen,you will be inspired and will really feel the story as if its real...hoping to see more of these couples together especially their big hits...thank you

  50. Tareba Raza :

    SRK N KAJOL u r awesommm.luv u both.i love all ur movies.among them 2 r ddlj n k3g

  51. shalini :

    srk and kajol are the cutest couple ,,,, i love them

  52. kanchisabita :

    srkajol are extremely good pair And we are eagerly waiting to see you guys onscreen again

  53. Vijay :

    they are made for each other, their chemistry was absolutely amazing, Kajol is always great great great...

  54. Pooja :

    Sharukh & Kajol are Xtremely guuuuud pair And we are eagerly waiting to see you guys onscreen again..

  55. eqahsweet :

    pleezz get them(kajol n srk)2gether in any movies again..i love them so much..n i know,all de world will love it too..

  56. Chingu! :

    I LOVE THEM!! <3

  57. suresh :

    no doudbt. sharukh and kajol are the best couple in the whole world. come on kajol, do more movies with him as we want to see u guys together.

  58. putta :

    srk and kajol are best actors and they will remain as best forever.... i like them both..

  59. cinehour :

    I have seen all of movies in which shahrukh and Kajol have acted.........among them I love Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and Dil wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

  60. amynah msaphiri :

    srk and kajol ilove u sooo much because u look gud 2gether

  61. Nure Nabi :

    Salam, shah is the best hero of the world. Srk&kajol pair is the best.

  62. maryam :

    shahrukh khan is my best actor and his acting us superb and he so handsome i love shahrukh khan u r thje best

  63. maryam :

    everlasting couple of shahrukh kahn and kajol which is the best in the world

  64. Mylar Rao :

    SRK and Kajol you both will make perfect romantic jodi in hindi cinema as i have been watching till date. Your chemistry on screen is not comparable to any one else in the industry. You are the best. I Love u both that I cannot express in words. You are the best. Best of luck to both you in onscreen and personnel life. Take care.

  65. khadija :

    i luv srk and kajol they r my fave couples in the world i will do any ting to meet them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. malavika sivan :

    i luv u much.....u r the """"""""BEST"""""""......":")

  67. Raha :

    I like SRK and Kajol. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is an amazing movie!

  68. berteen :

    thanks srk , you taught me what is love through your films. My favorate is DDLJ and i like you with kajol. I love to see more film of you two together....

  69. salma na :

    be lated HAPPY BIRTH DAY

  70. salma na :

    shahrukh jab shadi kisi hindu larki se he karni thi to kajol se kar lety na yar, i like ghuri but i love to see u n kajol together.

  71. hansul :

    hi badshah of bollywood,king khan!ur the only king who has been ruling bollywood for 20 years!pliz make more movies with kajol,juhi,rani and preity.i luv ur new movie MNIK-great performance ever!

  72. kajol-srk hard core fan :

    shahrukh ur da great actor ever!u can play any role n u fit well.i luv u 2 death and am waiting 4 ur new movies with ur kajol!kajol and srk are da only bollywood on screen couples who are married with their own families but can make u blv they are really in luv.Luv u kajosharukh!

  73. kajol-srk hard core fan :

    shahrukh ur da best actor ever!u can play any role n u fit well.i luv u 2 death and am waiting 4 ur new movies with ur kajol!

  74. daliah :

    hi srk n kajol!Am from dubai. Ur the best n finest bollywood actors da world has ever seen!Ur the true king and queen of bollywood!Plz kajol do more movies with srk!I luv u so muuch!

  75. habiba suleiman :

    hey shah rukh n kajol, am from tanzania! i am really in luv with u guyz, i never get bored in watching ur movies, i repeat them again and again...u guyz r the best of all time, i just wish to keep seeing u more n more, its a shame that u have ur own families, i wud v really luvd if u gat married! pliz karan do us a favour...make great movies for them pliz, i wish to see them 2gthr again! luv u kajol!

  76. mera name tuaib kamran hai :

    i love shahruhk khan me pakistn se hu.mer bahoot shuq hai k me shahruhk khan k saat mel jawo liken mere ps kuc bi nahi hai.k me us k ps cahla jawo baaaaas mere dil par yehi arman hai mrne tak.I LOVE YOU SRK

  77. pushpa :

    hai every one this is pushpa and my fvr jodi is srk n kajol i just love them

  78. asha :

    ur pair is awesome

  79. zohal :

    everything happens for a reason.luv u srk &it would hav been great if they were mairred n real life but god knows the best and it might not hav been successful and we might hav not even got 2 c them on screen so thats y i always say everything happens for a reason.

  80. arif :

    i like both of them on screen couple..i hope it continues again in a great great movies..peace! :)

  81. vijay sachdeva :

    excellent and very very good

  82. viajy sachdeva :

    excellent and very good

  83. mounika :

    i like the song thuje deka tho ye song nice music

  84. Kittu :

    they r d hotes....but still kooooooolllllllllest coupl in bolywood !!!! no1cn beat thm....I jst love thm both !!!

  85. sophie :

    i love srkajol did they act both in 6 movies only if any others, please tell me the names please thank you

  86. mr.haha :

    srk is the best actor in the world, he even exceed famous western actor like tom hanks or leonardo di caprio,and he and kajol look good together and i like kuch kuch hota hai because i feel so touch everytime i watch it=)and i hope both of you guys can make a new movie together again=>

  87. Ayyu :

    Ho...I like them so much. I watched all of their movies and I hope that I can get all of their DVD. It's difficult for now. Anybody want to help?? But really I like them together. Waiting for your two new movie.

  88. jaai :

    i luv u srk & kajol.

  89. fatima :

    kajol and shahruk wen u shoot 2gether is olwayz boom

  90. fatima :

    shahruk han u rock

  91. thila :

    i loooove shrukh kajol

  92. Ahminah :

    you two are awsome ad there is some chemistry love uuu!! :)

  93. Aish :

    kya yaar kaisi baat hai...dono jodiya bahot pasand lagti hai...gr8888 couples

  94. ishi :

    wow!!! cool. srk and kajol makes a lovely couple. They are really nice ,sweet. I love all the films of them. They are sooooooooooo romantic and meaningful. Their acting is high professional. No one can take their place.

  95. Vishal :

    Hi,shahrukh and kajol i love you

  96. sophia :

    hi every one my name is sagal and i love khahrukh khan and kojal i just love them i don't know why everytime i watch them they are so romice together and my family love u but u guys are so look together like two people love in real life but isn't that right anyway guys no body love u how much i do i love uuuuuuu guyssss come bee great i wiish i just enjoy u guys in the futher love uuuuuuuuuuuu

  97. mas :

    i love to see shahrukh and kajol. their chemistry is awesome. there is something between them that we cannot explain. i notice that the way shahrukh looks at kajol is different compared to other actresses. that look just for kajol which sometime we feel that he really in love with kajol. i read in somewhere that shahrukh said he propably fall in love with kajol in reality if he didn't meet gauri first. but we know that it will not happen and we pray for both happiness with their own family. hope to see them again in many films in future.

  98. Karishma.S :

    KAJOL U REALLY ROX..........!!

  99. Pooja Sood :

    I jUst want to thank Karan Johar for bringing Srk and kajol together again.They look really best togehter.

  100. tisa :

    you both are the best couple in the world

  101. greates couple on screen :

    No couple in the world better than you&kajol,i hope you together again in the next movie after 8 years vacum

  102. ilyaas :

    hi every1 ma namez ilyaas nd am frm somalia i really luv watching kajol's movies only whn she z with mr khan i think they both in love srk and kajol.they’re d best!none can replace them cos they beat any on and off screen couples i know of in d world… all i can say guys keep doing ur friendship nd ur respect 4 each other even thou i wanted both of u 2 get married unfortunately there z a mistake error

  103. linna :

    srk love kajol forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. linna :

    i love srkajol.i hope they have feeling love each other. i m from malaysia. i love you srkajol

  105. simran :

    i love you kajol

  106. julia :

    shahrukh!you look great with any actress...but i think better SRK & kajol compare btween.

  107. feroze shah afridi :

    shahrukh khan and kajol is one of best indian actor and actoress espically the dulhanya lay jay gay.kuch kuch hota ha .kabi khusi kabi gam so good work by both and plz come with new sroty all films are so good

  108. yemirooney :

    i'm not indian but these adorable 'lovers' make d word 'romance' meaningful...KKHH is my best film and can wait to see both together...drooling already...

  109. yemirooney :

    if i had a magic wand, i would... SHARUKHJOL!!!

  110. yemirooney :

    i love srk and kajol.they're d best!none can replace them cos they beat any on and off screen couples i know of in d world...

  111. adnan saleem :

    ha king u r a true king and hero of bollywood i love u

  112. Konul Gurbanova :


  113. ujwala :

    kajol and shahrukh are true stars. their onscreen magic defines 'eternal love'. k-srk is adorable couple and i want to see their loadzz of movies in future. best of luck k-srk for my name is khan.

  114. ranita pangambam :

    love SRK and KAJOl together too much... they rock the film industry......

  115. gloria :

    hi kajol and shah rukh. u guys are cute couple i love u guys and i am not india i just u are movies and say hello to u are children!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye

  116. ruhi :

    sharukh u rock i love u n kajol on d screen u both rock i love u shahrukh

  117. azizah :

    srk and kajol you're very nice,I love you. I hope they are making film again.I like film srk and kajol,I hope meet srk and kajol;

  118. hinja :

    shahrukh!you look great with any actress.In my view,shahrukh have good chemistry with his wife gauri,because the person feels KING OF THE WORLDwhen his loved one always with're lucky!shahrukh!.I am from A.P.,i want to see you with ASIN,TRISHA,PRIYANKA CHOPRA,SONUM KAPOOR.SHARUKH!I LOVE MY COUNTRY,INDIA. by SRK's FAN

  119. Marjam :

    Sharukh and Kajol should have marry in real life:) They look good together.

  120. kajol :

    kajol is the best of the world YOU ARE MY STAR I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

  121. ati_kajol :

    kajol and shahrukh they are the best for ever ever ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them

  122. kajol :

    kajol is the best of the world kajol kajol and only kajol she is the best than everyone else i love her so much she is NUMBER 1

  123. ces :

    i am from philippines. i enjoyed watching shahrukh khan movies (with english subtitles) especially with his love team kajol..and i can't wait to see them together again..

  124. kajol :

    kajol you and shahrukh khan are the best i love you two very much because you are the best couple of the world LOVEEE YOUUU

  125. albiana :

    you are the best kajol i love you very much

  126. Bollywood News :

    Shahrukh Khan and Kajol make one of the hottest romantic on-screens couples of bollywood. They have given some blockbuster hits together like "Dilwale...", "Kuch Kuch..." and we just love to see them perform...

  127. menaga :

    hai sharuk i am from tamilnadu. i don't know Hindi, but i like u so much. recently i saw rab nee bana di jodi film it's superb. i want to see your next film sharuk. ur very handsome.

  128. Oline :

    SRK... You are the best

  129. sophia :

    YEAH!!! shahrukh/kajol! lmao yeah id jump out of a plane to save them too :P:P

  130. maryama :

    hey shah rukh khan i love you you are the best actor in my life so keep it up i don't like the movie called kal ho na hoo becuase i don't want to see shah rukh khan dying but i love all your movie and give you love from my side love thanx

  131. maryama :

    this is amazing i love shah rikh khan the best but kajol and srk the love each other forever not just the films but i love them

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