Shamar Moore biodata & best movies list


Name Shamar Moore / Shemar Moore
Birth Name Shemar Franklin Moore
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 20th, 1970
Birthplace Oakland, California, USA
Nationality American
Height 6’1″
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
School Days Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto, California, USA
College Days Santa Clara University
Favorite Sports Baseball
Awards won
Emmy Award, NAACP Image Awards, for “The Young and the Restless”, 2000
Profession Model , Actor
Debut Tv credits
The Young and the Restless [for 8 years]
Claim to fame_______ The Young and the Restless (1994-2002, 2004-2005). TV Series

Biography / trivia

#   There was a big controversy arround him stating that he is a Gay. Even the media added to it finally the actor only had to clarify the issue. He said: “I’ll say it right now: I’m not gay. I love women. Women are God’s greatest creation. But I have no problem with people who are gay.”

#  Shamar Moore was sentenced to 38 months probation and 80 hours of community service after pleading no contest for his June 1, 2007 speeding and driving under the influence charge.

#   He was a very good baseball player. But unfortunately his baseball career ended due to shoulder injury. Shamar Moore would have been a baseball player if he weren’t an actor. That was his dream before coming to acting.

#  Shamar Moore was one of People Magazine’s  Sexiest Men Alive for 2007.

#  He didn’t learn English until he was about five. His mother only spoke Dutch to him as a child.

# Shamar Moore has been romantically linked to Halle Berry and Toni Braxton.

#  Before The Young and the Restless he was doing modeling to make both the ends meet.

#  He hosted Miss USA Pageant, 1999.

#  Shamar Moore graduated from Santa Clara University with communications as major.

#  Shamar Moore’s mother is Irish-French Canadian and his father is African-American.

#  His mother is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, which is commonly known as MS. He and his cast members from ‘Criminal Minds’ compete in the “MS Bike Tour” every year to help raise money for research in MS.


#   “You know, I don’t play the race card a lot. I’m half-black, half-white, and I’m proud of – my skin is brown. The world sees me as a black man, but my mother didn’t raise me as a black man. She didn’t raise me as a white guy. She raised me as Shemar Franklin Moore.”

#  “When females find out you love your mother, they get excited because the way a man treats his mama is a good barometer of how he’s going to treat his woman.”

#   “I’m a drama guy. I mean, I like to have a good time, too. But, you know, I’m not Will Smith. I’m not Jamie Foxx. I’m not Martin Lawrence. I’m not those guys. I mean, they do that well. There’s something in their blood. But I definitely want to get out there.”

#  “I admire Brad Pitt, honestly, just because of how he started and the obstacles he had to overcome to have the career that he’s had. Now at this point in his career he’s getting the credibility that I think he deserved a long time ago, but you had to get through that shell that he has.”

Best movies list

  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman , 2005
  • The Seat Filler , 2004
  • The Brothers , 2001

Best TV series

  • Birds of Prey , 2002 – 2003
  • Criminal Minds , 2005 –
  • Soul Train , 1971 – 2006
  • The Young and the Restless [1994-2002, 2004-2005]

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  2. Hi Shemar, I know there’s lots of people who. Adore your for your looks. I think your a handsome man, however, I adore you for all you do you find a cure for MS. My sister, who is my best friend has MS. I come from a very close family and this hit us hard.At first I would pray for God to take it from her body and give it to me.Then I would get mad have my savior becausehe would’nt answer my prayers. I have had to except that he has a plan. I just don’t want his plan to be me living without my sister!!! So, I wanted to say “Thank you to you, the criminal minds staff and anyone else who help raise money for the scientist to find a cure for MS.” I do not know you personally but you have to be a good person to love you mother so. May God bless you for all you do for others. Always be yourself and please you and Reed can never leave criminal minds!!! LOL

  3. After following your success Shemar, there’s no reason to look any further, you are the perfect example of what I need.If your ever in my neck of the woods look me up!

  4. when i said cotton i meant cotton candy peace pay your tithe 10% on all our money peace a friend loveth at all time a wifey does too just had to stick that one in

  5. love u just want to say god bless u god is good like the people in church would say all the time im really proud of u i told u before if u happy im happy still got much love for ya lay your head on my pillow ha ha all jokes aside for papers enough about me i will always respect u on what ever u decide to do but always know i kept it 100 with u and my love is real my hero im scare of spiders but i will get in your web spider man lookin good on the mag and in it too paint every thing red tell them i said it just kiddin u look good sweet like cotton melting in my o.k let me stop iam in the church but u look good and did good and it shows

  6. I’m absolutely thrown back by this female that as nothing more to do in life than be in a world of illusion!

    Shemar, God bless you and thank you for showing respect to ALL of your heritage…it is a true breath of fresh air when people acknowledge ALL of their ancestors from which they came. Peace to you and your mother and thank you and Criminal Minds for supporting the MS Foundation. My cousin has this horrible disease.

    Again, thank you for your talent and beauty…inside and out.

  7. You are a kind and caring soul.. Your energy shines in your eyes. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, and If I ever get a chance to meet you a wonderful meal will be here waiting for you, My kids say I can cook lol. Keep being you and be blessed

  8. WOW….you should beef up your security, you have an obsessed fan who seems to be delusional & in need of professional help! Anyways, love your work & you seem like a genuinely nice guy. Sounds like you have an awesome mama!

  9. Shemar know that God has blessed you in every area of your life use it well.. Always remember to treat others the way you would want to be treated and in everything you do please put God first. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to finally meet you.
    Sending lots of love from the TCI..

  10. Baby I do love u I was asking why but I know
    Why I love u I still know u got some good in u be good

  11. I just want to know why I really do love u happy one year don’t think I’m easy just in love I for give u u the man baby please let that be the last trick if u learn that trick from the guy u work with on the show u learn the wrong trick forget that one please I love u so much

  12. I think Shemar Mooore is a very intelligent,handsome,strong,and caring man from what I have read about. I love watching him in Diary of a mad black woman because he did such an excellent job. I love the way that you take care of your mother and have love for her. It shows just how wonderful, lovable, and courageous you are. Stay sweet I hope you mother gets better each and everyday I will pray for her and I wish you even more success in life.

  13. i find you to be a very attractive man . you could say that im head over heals for you. i tell everyone that one of my dreams is to meet you in person. also are you married? if you are always looking for a friend

  14. I Shemar is intriguing,the man I would like as a PARTNER. His truth is in his EYES..

    You have my HEART….

  15. Hi Shemar! I am glad for all you do for MS. I am glad you love your Mama! You are so sweet and I love your voice! Keep up the good work! And whats really cool, Is my Birthday is May 21, 1970! We are the same age!! Take care and God Bless!!

  16. criminal minds is my favorite show. GREAT cast. Cohesive group on the show; great chemistry. haven’t been online looking at videos but found some for my grandbaby and that initiated my looking a bit for info on my fav actors/show.Firstly, Shamar, good man taking care of your mother. How cool of a mom she must be speaking only Dutch til you were 5 and how great you have the privilege of caring for her. I hesitated to write anything after glancing at some of the rather crazy writings but just wanted to say thanks for all the great shows and on God bless you and yours.

  17. Hi Shamar,

    You remember me? I am very proud of you not because who you are as an actor but because who you are as a person, still the sweet and nice boy I met in 1983 when your mom use to work for hp wish you the best and say hi to your mom.



  19. I have been a fan of Shemar’s acting for years. He is well educated and very fit. I watch Criminal Minds and I watch Young and the Restless and yes Soul Train. No matter what he does he is sucessful. I wish him the best in the future.

  20. Shemar, I thought your charater on Diary of a Mad Black Woman as Orlando, protrayed to person I have heard and learned of you. You was great and onward to something greater. Much respect for you youngman. You proved who you are and acted the way we should be. Man if I could meet my favorite movie stars you would lead the list.

  21. This artical was not a surprise to me Shemar you are an amazing man both on and off screen. The first time I say you was on Criminal minds and fell in love with you instantly. If you are ever in canada please look me up.
    You are the hottest man on earth. Yummy Yummy Yummy.


  23. baby the computer acting up just wanted to let u know that no body gonna love u like iam love baby and im not trying to go into the world just like that song god bless from angie kemp tell mom i say hello love her peace

  24. i love shamar moore he is awesome looking man and can act.He makes my pants wanna get up and dance.I hope he is married [NOT REALLY] but has some beautiful babies out there with his looks,iloves his loves scenes on the young and the restless and then now i watch him on criminal minds…just beautiful

  25. I love the comment paraphrased “My Mom didn’t was me black or white…she raised me as Shamer. I wish everyone was like that! Shamer, how lucky are you to have the Mom you have!!!!

  26. hi babe just want give a shout out to my favorite guy in the world beside my dad son grandson uncles and guy cousins and brothers just wanted to let u know that all is well and im leaving 4am my plane leaves 8am hope to see u soon hope too god bless u ai will be in ontario CA love u i got church at 2pm today our church is new life deliverance hope someday u come be bless in jesus name love u from your gal angie

  27. hi mr moore hope u are great im doing great well i have decide to come out to cal this month hoping to see u hopefully ill be 1 hour away from la with my cousin george palmer for the holiday hopefully i really want to come and really will like to meet u im planning to come out hopefully that tuesday or wednesday before thanksgiving hope to see u soon oh ya our church is going to tampa fl today at 8:0clock in the morning wish u was there have a bless day and many many moore and try some ben gay on your leg good for your leg love the 3rd leg very pretty god blessed

  28. i think Shemar is the greatest. I love him very much :d I’m from Roumania and I can say that here too is very loved. I warched every episode from Criminal Minds just to see him, of corse I like the show as well. He was right when he said that women loves him so much because he loves very much his mom. Is true, he’s unique, there aren’t many men who loves their mom as much as he does, so that’s why he’s so special. My biggest dream is to meet him or to have his e-mail afrees and talk to him. I never liked an actor as much I like him. He’s just special.

  29. hello babe hope you got lots of rest we suppose to go to tampa nov 14 09 i sorry i told u the wrong date didnt mean too to u from me my love dont cost a thang believe it love dreams come true love u alway and forever take time and smell a flower and remember me pick a pretty and sweet and remember me mean it from the top and bottom of my heart with love bless u love from angie k moore

  30. baby who ever trying to be me is very crazy very cause i know what jesus told me about any boby that try to come agaist me is like coming agaist his hand who ever it is need to stop cause i know who iam im chosen by jesus just like moses in jesus name now they cant say they dont know now play with it love good man of mines all mines and who ever is trying to send a re peat im hip god bless love uin jesus mighty name love angela kemp wintherhaven see ya when i see u peace

  31. hey babe just want to give a shout out to my #1 only baby hope you are doing well cause i know that you are fine very well want to say moore but i know what time it is god bless u with love your wifey i love u so much tell mom i said hello and p.s our grandkids are doing fined and our kids are too love u peace

  32. I admire this guy, he looks up to people and respects them for what they truely had to overcome to get where they are… These things and such people inspire me in my business and re-fresh my drive for success. God Bless you Shemar. Mani, (London, UK)

  33. shamar i heard that u broke your leg honey i hope it feels better shamar the only person on my mind right now is you and hope to keep you and people dear to me close in my heart always i hope you are not to tired i hope you are not sore or tired today just enjoying i like sparkling water walmart has some great flavors i would love to come to la and to newyork i never been i would love for me and my family to come hopely so i hope very soon

  34. i love u shamar i remember u on the news in 1999 you were in tampa i wish i could come i didn,t know that you were coming i wish i could have come to see u some girl on the news said that you look alright she crazy sharmar u are the finest for real some moore enjoying

  35. e-mail me back its been a long time coming hope to hear from u soon its 207 am i know its early im in winterhaven florida hope to see u soon angie k

  36. i know god answeres prayers of those of a good heart thats people that know jesus heals so look for improvement in your mom each day and know that god did it jesus god bless u and your family and friends and love ones and protected and keep u all cover in jesus blood and best wishes on and with your career many more blessing and thats for being who you are a very strong man just believe and great things will happen just believe god bless from angela lanette kemp

  37. god bless you mr moore back in 2001 i told my child deshala robinson to write you for me my birthday was around well the month of 9/11 so i didnot hear from you but still has great love for u god bless u in jesus mighty and i hope and believe that the lord answere prayer and i believe the love you have for your mom god sees and respect and will bless your mom turn your back to the wall and ask jesus to add more years to your moms life and bless her life in jesus mighty god bless you in jesus mighty name always pray in jesus mighty name with love from angie kemp

  38. shamar moore is first of all one of the finest men i have eva heart and prayer goes out to his mom for her condition.but shamar keep being the good man your mom raised u to be. and i hope i get the opportunity to meet u one day

  39. i think shamar is an excellent actor, and if he works hard at it he could be oscar bound he needs a real good movie to show case his acting ability. i wiuld like to see him in another tyler movie. he has the prettiest eyes, they tell the truth. ms vicki

  40. it took me too long before finding out what his name…I really like him…i love the skin….and he’s really good…and knowing how much he loves his mother its awesome:D



  42. Shamar Moore is a fine and brilliant actor and gives many great pleasure I think Shamar should be considered for a role equivalent to that of the British Agent James Bond.. All one hopes Sharama never plays a role of a bad guy it would not be appropriate to his nature

    Well Done Sharama x

  43. I have always admired Shamar, from his acting to his charisma. His character is verylaid back and thats what makes him unique. I used to always here that Shamar could be my brother because. I found that cute but interesting. But he is a cool guy, I just know he is.

  44. well i agree with everyones coments i have loved shamar moore for years so glad his done so well in life and thank you for being you love you Mel from australia

  45. Wow! I knew that Shamar was an incredible man, and have been extremely anxious to find out more about him, and I think he must be from heaven!! What a man!

  46. I think Shamar Moore is a beautiful and intelligent person too. Of course nowadays we know that with beauty comes intelligence.

  47. Now why dont we ever see someone as pleasing on the eye as Shamar, in our every day lives – hmmmmm!!!! Life is so unfair :)

  48. I just watched Diary of A Mad black for about the 4th or 5th time.
    thank you Shamar for your portrayal of Orlando. Alo thanks for your character of Derek on Criminal Minds. Not only are you nice looking but you also have a nice beautiful side to you. Thanks Laurie

  49. As an african american and indian mixed- i also must say- it doesn’t matter what you are mixed with. If, there’s black in you- the world sees you as black. If. he’s gay so what-straight so what- i’m sick of hearing about it. it’s like my dad says- what you eat doesn’t make me sh__. what you fu__ doesn’t make me c__. Peace

  50. Shamar, yes is really nice on the eyes, and wonderful to watch on Criminal minds, (my favorite show)…but I just wanted to say Thanks for being involved in raising awareness for the fight against MS… I too have MS and know the ups and thanks for your involvement and also the cast of Criminal minds!!
    God bless you and your mother!!

  51. hey i understand what shamar moore goes through,with race my mom is black and and indiana and my dad is write. but i look black and indain but when go out like to school stuff i get the looks from indian women and guys. so you can tell by what i write my looks are very exocite. i like the way you treat you and love your mom you don’t see many guys like that. so good luck with your career and what not.
    much love from brittany roberson

  52. To Shemar, 12-28-08 4:18pm
    I know you’ve been through some rough times.You can move mountains just like “Usher”.If uoy need someone to talk to and have dinner with just email me and come to philly. I’ll be waiting. I’m one of your big fans. I watch you on ,”Dairy of a mad black woman”,every night. Stay strong,Jamel loves you.

  53. I just have to say that Shemar Moore, played a hell of a part in “Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”. I loved his role in that movie. By the comments, I see that he’s like his character in the movie. I hope to meet Shamar Moore, someday, especially by us both being Aries. He’s the FINEST man I’ve ever seen.

  54. I feel people need to notice Shemar is more than a pretty face. This note is coming from another male, who is not sometimes taken seriously because of his looks.
    Keep up the good work Shemar, I know you have an emmy…But, let us see you get an Oscar one day!

  55. Hello we are tryin to get intouch with Shemar for our
    “Soul train christmas party”
    please forward him my contact info. Thanks a million

  56. I have followed Shamar Moore’s career for years and recently saw him on Ellen. I’m always impressed with his intelligence and great sense of humor, not to mention his fabulous dancing… wow!

    The seemingly endless controversy surrounding the fact that he may or may not be gay is immaterial. Who cares? As a gay man myself, I would of course welcome him into our LGBT family with open arms, but if he’s straight, as he says he is, and yet still accepting and respectful of gay people, that’s good enough for me.

    Shamar is one of the best looking, nicest, and most talented actors we have. His family must be very proud of him. His his parents especially should be proud that they raised such a fine young man.

    Thank you for who you are Shamar – keep up the great work!

  57. This article on Shemar Moore is great. I loved this article to find out more about him. He seems like a great all around guy. Someone who is great loyal friend. Thanks for the article. It sure would be great to meet him and pick his brain with lots of questions. I wish him continued success in life. Seems as if he is well grounded in life and will go far personally and professionally.

    Best wishes.

  58. Shemar Moore is a beautiful person inside and out. I met him a few times and found him to be gracious. He is intelligent and talented.People forget that he has an Emmy award.

    I think some people thought just because he’s beautiful that he wasn’t smart. I can’t tell you how many friends who know I adore Shemar and watch “Criminal Minds”, tell me how impressed with him they are because his character is multifaceted. He’s not just beautiful.

    Shemar also has a serious work ethic. Back in 2001, Shemar was on “Young & the Restless” during the day. He hosted “Soul Train”. Then, he traveled around the country with a play on the weekends. Plus, it is good that he loves his mom. He takes good care of her.

    In conclusion, Shemar Franklin Moore is a good man. God bless him.

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