Silk Smitha biodata & best mallu movies list


Name Silk Smitha
Birth Name Vijayalakshimi
Date of Birth December 2, 1960
Birth Place Eluru, Andhra Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Date of death September 23, 1996
Place of death Madras/ chennai, India
Eye colour Brown
Height 5’6″
Profession Actress
Tamil First movie Vandi Chakkaram [1979]

Biography / trivia

# It was her poverty that forced her to leave school after fourth standard and join film industry at the very early age.

# Silk Smitha at point of time expressed her disappointment for not being recognised as an actress. Though she was an actress with acting talent and beauty she was always limited to skin shows and was never offered a good role where she could exhibit her acting talent.

# She lost all her money in film productions, it was said that her economic crisis led her to commit suicide by hanging herself in 1996 while in Madras.She was under acute depression when she committed suicide.

# Silk Smitha’s birth name was Vijayalakshimi.

# It was after her tamil debut Vandi Chakkaram in 1979 that Smitha assumed name “Silk” after her character’s name in the movie.

# Silk Smitha acted in more than 200 movies which includes Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and a few Hindi films.

# The hot mallu actress’ item numbers and bold performances in films made her a symbol of sex in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and kannada cinema industry.

Best mallu movies list

  • Alaigal Ooivathilai (1981)
  • YamaKinkarudu (1982)
  • Sadma (1983)
  • Paayum Puli (1983)
  • Moondru Mugham (1983)
  • Attakkalasam (1983)
  • Jeet Hamaari (1983)
  • Khaidi (1983)
  • Shri Datta Darshanam (1985)
  • Pataal Bhairavi (1985)
  • Aaj Ka Dada (1985)
  • Adharvam (1989)
  • Miss Pamela (1989)
  • Avasara Police 100 (1990)
  • Aditya 369 (1991)
  • Halli Mestru (1992)
  • Mazhavilkoodaram (1995)
  • Sphadikam (1995)

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  1. RAJESH :

    I like your powerful eye's, no one equal to you my dear... I pray for you your soul rest in peace.....

  2. rahul :

    hie, this is world, life that nobody kknows u in time as happended with Late SILK. SO please from now know the humanity and give the opportunity to someone to become a good human

  3. Kakade sandesh :

    She is very sweet

  4. Gopi,s :

    Very god actor & i like your movie Laggere banglore

  5. naveen raturi :

    silk you leave in our heart.

  6. mukesh from jhalda :

    At first when i m seeing the Dirty Picture movie. I thougt u r a dirty girl. But after seeing the movie. I feel ur character. Than i seemed to know more abt u. U r so sweet. Alway u will live in my heart.. I love u so much Vijayalaxmi but after my namrata.

  7. Besarat :

    A real stuggler and a real heroin with her super sense,,,,,,god bless u......

  8. yaswanth :

    you r super acting in dhoom 2

  9. sp :

    really hats off to her ...still need to know yr history and kick those people...

  10. Sheetal :

    You will always live in our hearts:).....always unforgotten and always appreciated..:)

  11. Brijesh sony :

    How sweet

  12. neelesh :

    i dont know about u when i knew about u i think u r a best actress in film industries and real i m ur big fan.....

  13. Naveen gupta :

    I really like u when i came to know abt ur story i feel very sad may her soul RIP LOVE U

  14. Srinivas A :

    I like her so much,she is my favourate film star.we lost her so much.

  15. Guptasunil :

    I watch the movie dirty picture.and sad beacause a star is no more.

  16. san :

    dirty picture waked you up come on rock on silver screen again

  17. Nikhil :

    My own hot..u r still living in my heart

  18. Ashu :

    My dream girl i luv u so much....u r so talented and beautiful

  19. rambo :

    really very beautiful heroine!!! it was realy sad that she dead in depression....

  20. jenis thomas :

    silksmitha she have amazing acting sense .and she have wonderful eyes i love every single movement of silksmitha .vijayalakshmi i miss u

  21. jenis thomas :

    she have amazing eyes .i love every single movement of silku smitha

  22. guddu :

    we miss u silk smitha

  23. biju :

    She was my child hood dream girl .sad life story of her.

  24. Silk Lover :

    silk Smitha was hot very hot very very hot

  25. mumtajhuma :

    i love u silk u are still alive in our heart

  26. Ramesh :

    I love Smitha...On & Only Beautiful Girl Which shows All The Things with out any Cost

  27. anand patil :

    she was good& talented actress. we lost most powerful indian idol,talented, good minded,most beautiful charming & sharp acting eye per.lady....salam india.

  28. Nourhad :

    Silk you are sweet I love you

  29. vinay :

    i like very much in world any other person god bless her

  30. sony :

    she will be rocking star in heaven and will be gods to fall at her feet with her beauty

  31. sony :

    she will be rocking star in swarg

  32. Jacob :

    she acted in a malayalam movie with captain raju. if any body knows the name of that movie please let me know;

  33. jack :

    sad life story of her. no women should have her life style.

  34. srianth :

    i love so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh silksmitha

  35. srianth :

    i love Vijayalakshimi

  36. jeyaram :

    she was my child hood dream girl

  37. saju :

    I like her

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