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Biography / trivia

#  Jai was born on 6th April 1985 Chennai, India.

#  Jai has many relatives in film industry. He is nephew of music director Deva & Srikanth Deva is his cousin.

#  Tamil actor Silambarasan and Ajith Kumar are his close friends.

#  He made his acting debut with “Bhagavathi” in 2002 alongside Vijay and Reemma Sen.

# Jai later appeared in successful movies like Chennai 600028, Subramaniapuram, Engeyum Eppodhum etc.

#  He was in controversy when he made a statement about his films future box office results in 2009. He was working for several films at a time namely Vaamanan, Adhe Neram Adhe Idam, Aval Peyar Thamizharasi and Arjunan Kadhali, he gave a public statement that only “Vaamanan” will succeed in box office and others will fail box office.

#  Film producers protested against him for making such damaging statement. They even went to the extent of banning him in Tamil film industry but Soundarya Rajinikanth intervened & put an end to the dispute.


“When stories are being narrated to me, I would look for some kind of flaws in it. If it does not have any, then I would see if I had done such a story earlier and whether it would suit me. If I am satisfied with these parameters, then I give the go ahead immediately.”

“It is only because of Ajith’s blessings that I got a film like Subramaniapuram”

“I’m someone who does not hesitate to state facts. For instance, just as I say Vamanan will do well, I know for a fact that two of my future projects will flop. One will not last for more than a week in the theatres, while the other won’t last for more than a fortnight. People tell me not to say such things about my own projects. But then, whether I state it or not, what is bound to happen will happen.”

“I wanted to become a music director. I learnt to play the keyboard for nearly six years and was training in the studios with music director Deva and his son Srikanth Deva during my leisure time.”

Filmography / all movies list

Sl Year Movie Director Co-stars
1 2002 Bhagavathi A. Venkatesh Vijay,Reemma Sen
2 2007 Chennai 600028 Venkat Prabhu Shiva,Nithin Sathya
3 2008 Subramaniapuram Sasikumar Swathi,Sasikumar
4 2009 Vaamanan Ahmed Rahman,Priya Anand
5 2009 Adhe NeramAdhe Idam M. Prabhu Vijayalakshmi,Nizhalgal Ravi
6 2010 Goa Venkat Prabhu Vaibhav Reddy,Aravind Akash
7 2010 Aval PeyarThamizharasi Meera Kathiravan Nandhagi,Dhiyana
8 2010 Kanimozhi S Rangasamy Shazahn Padamsee,Vijay Vasanth
9 2011 Engeyum Eppodhum M. Saravanan Anjali,Ananya
10 2012 Arjunan Kadhali Parthy Baskar Poorna,Susan George
11 2012 Vettai Mannan Nelson Silambarasan,Hansika Motwani

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