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Biography / trivia

# Tom Cruise birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV and he was born on 3rd July 1962 in Syracuse, New York, U.S. His father Thomas Cruise Mapother III was an electrical engineer and his mothe Mary Lee was a teacher.

# Tom’s childhood was not bed of roses, he was brought up in a poor family. His father was a bully and used to beat Tom for silly reasons. He spend part of his childhood in Canada.

# During his school days he was a sportsman, he was playing hockey every day and he even lost his front tooth & hurt his knee badly during the games.

# Before coming to films Tom was involved in drama, his first play was “IT”. He attended Franciscan seminary and wanted to become a Catholic priest but destiny had something else for him. His first film was Endless Love in 1981.

# Tom dated many celebrities before his marriage. Cruise dated co-star Rebecca De Mornay, Singer Cher before his marrying Mimi Roger in May 1987 but the marriage ended soon. He married Nicole Kidman on 24th Dec 1990 and they broke up in Feb 2001. After breaking up with Nicole Kidman he dated Penélope Cruz for a short time. Later in 2005 he started to date Katie Holmes and On 18th Nov 2006 the got married and they have a daughter Suri born in April 2006. On 29th June 2012, it was announced that Holmes had filed divorce petition in court seeking custody of child as well.

# When his first marriage was ended in divorce there were many gossips that he was a gay, Tom successfully sued Daily Express and Chad Slater, porn star for such a defamatory statements.

# In 2006 Forbes ranked him as the world’s most powerful celebrity.

# Its interesting to know that there is “Tom Cruise Day” in Japan!! Yes its true October 10, 2006 was declared as “Tom Cruise Day” by Japan Memorial Day Association and the reason they gave was his visits to Japan were more than any other Hollywood celebrities.

# Cruise is a staunch follower of the Church of Scientology and it was during his realtionship with Mimi Rogers in 1990s that he got involved with Scientology.


“I don’t hide from cameras or anything. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t seek our press for the women I’m dating, but if it finds me, it finds me.”

“I’ve never agreed with psychiatry, ever. Before I was a Scientologist I never agreed with psychiatry. And when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn’t believe in psychology.”

“I want a world without war, a world without insanity. I want to see people do well. I don’t even think it’s as much as what I want for myself. It’s more what I want for the people around me.”

“I was very frustrated. I didn’t have a lot of friends. The closest people around me were my family. I think they felt a little nervous about me because I had a lot of energy and I couldn’t stick to one thing.”

Filmography / all movies list

Year Movie Director Co-stars
1981 Endless Love Franco Zeffirelli Brooke Shields,Shirley Knight,Martin Hewitt,Richard Kiley
Taps Harold Becker George C. Scott,Ronny Cox,Timothy Hutton
1983 The Outsiders F Ford Coppola Matt Dillon,C.Thomas Howell,Ralph Macchio
Losin’ It Curtis Hanson John Stockwell,Jackie Earle Haley,Shelley Long
Risky Business Paul Brickman Joe Pantoliano,Rebecca De Mornay,Bronson Pinchot
All the Right Moves Michael Chapman Lea Thompson,Craig T. Nelson,Gary Graham
1985 Legend Ridley Scott Tim Curry,Mia Sara,David Bennent,Billy Barty
1986 Top Gun Tony Scott Val Kilmer,Kelly McGillis,Anthony Edwards
The Color of Money Martin Scorsese Paul Newman,M E Mastrantonio,John Turturro
1988 Cocktail Roger Donaldson Elisabeth Shue,Bryan Brown,Laurence Luckinbill
Young Guns Christopher Cain Emilio Estevez,Lou Diamond Phillips,Kiefer Sutherland
Rain Man Barry Levinson Dustin Hoffman,Valeria Golino,Jack Murdock
1989 Born on theFourth of July Oliver Stone Caroline Kava,Raymond J. Barry,Jamie Talisman
1990 Days of Thunder Tony Scott Nicole Kidman,Robert Duvall,Cary Elwes
1992 Far and Away Ron Howard Thomas Gibson,Nicole Kidman,Barbara Babcock
A Few Good Men Rob Reiner Demi Moore,Jack Nicholson,Kiefer Sutherland
1993 The Firm Sydney Pollack Gene Hackman,Jeanne Tripplehorn,Hal Holbrook
1994 Interview with the Vampire Neil Jordan Brad Pitt,Virginia McCollam,Christian Slater
1996 Mission Impossible Brian De Palma Emmanuelle Béart,Jon Voight,Jean Reno
Jerry Maguire Cameron Crowe Renée Zellweger,Cuba Gooding Jr.,Jerry O’Connell
1998 3rd Rock from the Sun Terry Hughes John Lithgow,French Stewart,Kristen Johnston
1999 Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick Madison Eginton,Nicole Kidman,Sydney Pollack
Magnolia P Thomas Anderson Julianne Moore,John C. Reilly,William H. Macy
2000 Mission: Impossible II John Woo Thandie Newton,Dougray Scott,Richard Roxburgh
2001 Vanilla Sky Cameron Crowe Cameron Diaz,Penélope Cruz,Kurt Russell
2002 Minority Report Steven Spielberg Steve Harris,Max von Sydow,Neal McDonough
Austin Powers in Gold member Jay Roach Mike Myers,Seth Green,Beyoncé Knowles
2003 The Last Samurai Edward Zwick Ken Watanabe,William Atherton,Ray Godshall Sr
2004 Collateral Michael Mann Jada Pinkett Smith,Jamie Foxx,Mark Ruffalo
2005 War of the Worlds Steven Spielberg Miranda Otto,Dakota Fanning,Justin Chatwin
2006 Mission Impossible III J.J. Abrams Ving Rhames,Philip Seymour Hoffman,Michelle Monaghan
2007 Lions for Lambs Robert Redford Robert Redford,Meryl Streep,Andrew Garfield
2008 Tropic Thunder Ben Stiller Jeff Kahn,Anthony Ruivivar,Robert Downey Jr
Valkyrie Bryan Singer David Bamber,Manfred-Anton Algrang,Stephen Fry
2010 Knight and Day James Mangold Cameron Diaz,Maggie Grace,Paul Dano
2011 Mission Impossible IV Brad Bird Jeremy Renner,Paula Patton,Simon Pegg
2012 Rock of Ages Adam Shankman Diego Boneta,Julianne Hough,Catherine Zeta Jones,Alec Baldwin
Jack Reacher C McQuarrie Rosamund Pike,Werner Herzog,Robert Duvall
2013 Oblivion Joseph Kosinski Olga Kurylenko,Morgan Freeman,Andrea Riseborough

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  42. hello Cruise
    i like ur Knight and Day and Mission Impossible movie..which i have seen a lot of time…now m waiting for mission impossible iv .. So all the best for ur upcoming movies and for ur successful future…
    and one more thing ur daughter Suri is so sweet..i have a lots of pics of her..

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    Please try to make more movie in one year you are spending lots of time only in one movie in year and The last Samurai is best movie i ever seen

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  49. Tom,is a great actor and person.
    Tom,your work is different from other actor.Best wishes for MI4 movies.
    God bless you.

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  52. Hiiiiiiii Tom! 😀

    Firstly, I Am Your Biggest Fan in The Whole Wide World!

    Secondly, Let me Congratulate You On Having Such A Beautiful Little Daughter.
    God Bless You All :) <3 xx

    I Have Seen Every One Of Your Films!
    And every One of Them Was Worth The Effort! :*
    I Love Your Movies!
    Cant Miss Them!

    You Are My Best Actor..!
    No One can Replace You!
    You Are the Best!
    one In A Million.


    And please Attend the Oscars!

    Live Long tom Cruise And Keep Making Good movies.
    i Love Cocktail The Most. :*

    Bye Tom.
    God Bless You And Your Family Mate. :)

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    Tom Cruise is Legend.

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  63. hey guys..
    In one of his remarkable movies, he used to stop crime.

    Yeah he does it all the time, but this was a special kind of crime & thus a special force.
    Can you spot that one!

  64. i inspire from ur movies ,i like u very much & i want to copy u ,i try it many times but fails because i am not tom &i am waiting from ur next mi film says:


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    Dearest Tom,,
    Hope you’ll be fine.
    I just came here to say
    You r a great actor n my favorite too….!
    Take Care…..

  70. first i love u so much that if i would in hollywood industry i would definitely marry you at any cost. but unfotunately i m only 16 yrs old. your pictures are awesome, flawless. i m always dying to see your movies.

  71. I love tom cuise movies especially Mission impossible series…
    Please can someone tell me the other ACTION movies of tom cruise like mission impossible???

  72. Hi, Tom brother ,i like ur movie very much, u r very handsome one, when u will come 2 India next time, i really want 2 meet u.I wish each and every success of ur life,and I’ll pray 4 u


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  75. If you are really The Great Tom Cruise then I have watched almost all your movies, I always put a collection of your movies in my laptop. You are the best actor of hollywood, many time my unconcious mind copies you, I mean your expression. When I use to see your movie I use to forget that its only movie not reality. Your movie M i 3 inspired ma so much, and revived my faith in Love, i am thankfull for that. You are greatest greatest greatest in everything, by the way my height is same as yours.

  76. Hi Tom….just tom — just to place some reality on this website, you’re a wacko…totally…scientology if for wacko’s. And besides that, your acting skills are lame at best.

  77. Hi Tom,How are you? I am a student,You would be so glad to know that i have seen ur almost all the movies.Top Gun and Cocktail are one of the best movies and i like to see these movies again and again.I like your personality in Top Gun,I like the way u talk ,walk and smile. So Tom when are you coming here(India)for ur next film? I am waiting for your answer

  78. i wish i could jut see u or meet u physically in my life at least once….. u will always be my dream man.

  79. hey,
    Dear Tom i dont know wat to say it feels like i m really talking to u and i never knew that i wud be able to send any of my msg to u, i jus want to say that i love u sooo much since the age of 15. U r the first person of my life who made me feel like a girl coz when i saw jerry maguire i felt a different kind ogf attraction towards you. i will always love u.

  80. HI TOM,i m a student n hav watched a lot of ur films. i like every film u do n i like ur song ‘where is my mind’ from vannila sky. i hope u r well. plz mail me at . i hv read ur biography in internet. hope 2 see a blockbuster from u in 2010. we can be frens if u wish. KEEP FLYING HIGH.



  82. Thanks to all for your great wishes for me
    It is so difficult for me to reply to you all
    sorry julie as i have not call ur Abhijeet as if i do then wt outcome will come you know that
    And pleaze dont leave your cell no. here but instead of that your email address would work
    its really great for for having fans like madhu shravika etc
    And if i got any chance to come INDIA i would like to meet all guys
    thanks again

  83. hi TOM you simply rock on all the movies i have watched most of the movies you are the man of a perfect fit you Cruise all the hearts of people.

  84. Hi tom, you are a big inspiration to us here in Norway! We love your movies and your flawless acting. Luck in life!

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  87. hi Tom…….
    when i heard that there is one actor whose name is “Tom Crusie”.i say ok i think he will be just like Nicole Kidman hero type actually i dont watch hollywood movie but when i saw ur Misson Impossible II i just luv that film and u r work.After that i was eagerly waiting u r movie MI-I&MI-III i luv all the films so much i think i watch this flms around 30-35 times…….
    God bless u

  88. Tom I forgot to tell u that im from India. I belong to the City of Joy and that is Kolkata where the Famous Criketer Saurav Gangully was born. I hope now u can track my Native Land. Tom U can mail me at
    Don’t com now to india becoz Swine flu is affecting Many people, people are dying of this flu. Pls take care of ur self. U r master in action but love to see u getting award for romantic movie. Sweeet dreamzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  89. Tom thanks for Ur sweet reply and Happy Independence Day to you in advance. Tom I know is not possible for me to get your snap with an autograph. Please this christmas i would love to get your snap as a remembrance. I know u would not break my heart coz u r a great person. My Hubby”s Number is 09999966717 (Delhi). Tom wish u all the good luck in life . My prayers are always with you. See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  90. Dear TOM,

    Your r really fantastic actor,
    i like u very much.
    I mostly wait for your movies,
    Some body say that my face is looks like you some thing -2
    But i think, i can’t be like U. Because u r the great one..

    I like u so much this is my mail Id where u can touch with me and u can see my picture on orkut.

    I hope u will reply me.


  91. Hi Tom Cruise…

    You and ur movies r sooooooooo good that i wait to see ur movies on the releasing day itself. Keep up ur good work and God bless.


  92. thanx to all my fabulous fans..
    majid u know its quite difficult for me to work outside my schedule..u keep doing hard work.i will definately call u someday..
    and julie thanx for the compliment i”ll definately tell your husband that u love him so much only if i manage to meet him…he he
    thanx again

  93. Hi Tom I just want to say that my husband sometime looks like you. I have never told him that but i really miss him. I’m alone here in Kolkata just to see his face. Hey Tom could u do me a favour can u tell him that i still love and i will wait for him forever….Pls I need yuor help. I go to your movie becoz your hardwork show in the flim. Love u and see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My Hubby name is Abhijeet Rai…………

  94. hi tom buddy how r u
    i am sure u r good becouse 24 hrs i can prayer to GOD save your hand tom
    ican feel tom you have positive mind i can observe buddy
    i see your picture
    u r different person so simple and your eyes is same night moon . i hope tom send mail on mail id
    i have write one picture
    cost : tom cruise. and jennifer lipez : and angelina jolie.
    this movie is so romantic
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    please in futhure u contact me
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    ok by tom
    GOD Bless you
    my prayer and Good help with tom no worry
    be happy…
    from: majid ali.

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